Free poetry Kindle books for 12 Aug 14

Revelations of the Anonymous

by Stacey Marcus

After hiding in the garage on a dusty shelf for nearly 20 years, Stacey Marcus has finally found the courage to reveal her painful truth with the release of her first book of poetry, Revelations of the Anonymous. In transcendent, simple words, Stacey has found a way to tell the story of her dark journey through tragedy into triumph. Written over a twenty-five year period, this collection of poems and thoughts is the voice of one anonymous woman’s genuine power to stir, inspire and provoke one’s peace of mind.

Dreaming of Bliss

by Megan Shutt

A collection of love and dreamy poems crafted over a span of a year. As my passion of writing grew stronger the poems began to multiply. I share this collection with you to understand the meaning and message behind each poem. This collection holds a special place in my life, I hope it does for you as well.

Looking for Company: A collection of poetry

by Tony Broadwick

A collection of poetry. Some have called these love poems, others have celled them erotic. Yet others have labeled them as militant writings.

All in all, this a collection that evokes emotions in bright colors of fire, sunsets, rage, and desire. Other poems offer pastel shades of love, joy, sorrow, longing and suffering. When mixed and stirred together, these give us a glimpse of a poet’s imagination and struggle with words and life.

Speak: Poetic Imperfection, Vol. I

by Johnathan Williams

After the romantic, lyrical journey of Love’s Biggest Fan, Williams returns to the writing world, with Speak. In this collection of poetry, he takes his readers on a journey into the realms of a celestial world, illuminating the shadows of every corner with twenty-three poetic fantasies and echoing the resonance of southern storytelling that breaks the silence.

How Does Love Taste?

by Robert Johnston

If you like the taste of love?

Then Boy Howdy, Do I Have A Book For YOU!

This little collection of poems contains poetry about love, sex, heartbreak, betrayal…and I can tell you that once you sink your fangs into this, you’ll be wanting more!

So why not give this book a try–I think you’ll enjoy every morsel!


Soul vs. Flesh Life to Lyrics

by Daniel N Collins

The Soul vs. The Flesh offers the reader a unique story told in lyric form. Instead of chapters, the author allows his soul and his flesh to go round for round telling one story, making The Soul vs. The Flesh a poetic masterpiece. Given the complexity, the author, Daniel N. Collins, has successfully created a difficult piece of writing and uses numerous pop culture references throughout the story to create familiarity for the reader with situations he has gone through. Daniel uses his poetry to address relationships, spiritual growth, contradictions within the Bible, and the clashes between religions. Movies, music, and entertainment are also incorporated in as well. All throughout The Soul vs. The Flesh, the author battles himself as he self-reflects and evaluates his own decisions. The soul and the flesh take on their own personalities and communicate with one another as the author is stuck in the middle of the conversation. The author takes pride in his poetic writings and shares many personal experiences with the reader through the art form.

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