Free politics and current events Kindle books for 12 Aug 14

What is Catholic?

by Jennifer D. Brown

A short introduction to what is Catholic, and what it means to live a Catholic life.

The Next Transformation: Thoughts on Revolution

by Rolland Smith

We live in a revolutionary climate to be denied at the risk of our species. Such a climate portends a transformation of our culture, our economy, and our politics. It is happening. About that we have no choice. But we have been given the capacity to imagine and to choose what it will be should we choose to embrace our power. What a frightening, yet exciting, time in which we live. We have many guides past and present to help us on our way if we but listen and engage with them and each other. This book contains their thoughts. It is not the blueprint for the revolution. That will emerge from our thinking and action. But I offer it as a guide especially to the generation we call Millenials who will decide.

Revitalizing Meditation Technique: A Stress Free Living

by Srimadhan

A Stress Free Living

The Curious Views Of A Twenty-First Century Patriot

by William S.D.

This book covers various topics of interest in current world events. World events I see as major turning points for our civilization and the lives of everyone living on planet earth. Catastrophic events are taking place and preparing to overwhelm us as a people en mass are even now knocking at our front

door. This book could be considered a warning or prelude of things to come, or it can be enjoyed as a piece of fantasy.

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