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Stories on Stage: Children’s Plays for Reader’s Theater (or Readers Theatre), With 15 Scripts from 15 Authors, Including Louis Sachar, Nancy Farmer, Russell Hoban, Wanda Gag, and Roald Dahl

by Aaron Shepard

“Stories on Stage” is a collection of reader’s theater scripts for young readers, adapted from stories by fifteen different authors, including Louis Sachar, Nancy Farmer, Russell Hoban, Wanda Gag, and Roald Dahl. Coming from such genres as humor, fantasy, and multicultural folktales, stories were selected for their dramatic quality, literary value, and appeal to young people. With a focus on ages 8 to 15, the collection features a wide range of reading levels.


The scripts in this collection are — “Three Sideways Stories From Wayside School,” by Louis Sachar — “Mr. Twit’s Revenge,” by Roald Dahl — “Millions of Cats,” by Wanda Gag — “Tapiwa’s Uncle,” by Nancy Farmer — “How Tom Beat Captain Najork,” by Russell Hoban — “Harriet,” by Florence Parry Heide — “Mr. Bim’s Bamboo,” by Carol Farley — “Talk,” by Harold Courlander — “The Jade Stone,” by Caryn Yacowitz — “The Bean Boy,” by Monica Shannon — “The Kid from the Commercial,” by Stephen Manes — “The Fools of Chelm,” by Steve Sanfield — “Mouse Woman and the Snails,” by Christie Harris — “Westwoods,” by Eleanor Farjeon — “The Legend of Lightning Larry,” by Aaron Shepard.




Aaron Shepard is the award-winning author of numerous children’s books and magazine stories, as well as three books on reader’s theater, “Stories on Stage,” “Folktales on Stage,” and “Readers on Stage.” He spent five years as a professional actor in reader’s theater, performing in schools and conducting workshops for teachers, librarians, and students. He now hosts Aaron Shepard’s RT Page, the Web’s most popular reader’s theater destination, with visits by thousands of teachers and librarians each week.




“What? Don’t have time to write up your own scripts for reader’s theater? Not to worry. Aaron Shepard will get you started with his stellar scripts — perfect for duplicating, handing out to your students, and bringing to life. This is one must-have book.” — Judy Freeman, Author, More Books Kids Will Sit Still For


“One of the challenges of teaching is instilling in our students a love for reading. By transforming imaginative stories by some of our favorite authors into clever scripts, Aaron Shepard once again provides the means for teachers to nurture a passion for the written word. This second edition of Stories On Stage is a most worthwhile addition to your cache of reading strategies that work.” — Susan Finney, Author, Keep the Rest of the Class Reading and Writing While You Teach Small Groups


“Reader’s theater gets a boost from this collection. . . . The scripts are simple and direct, multicultural, and easily reproducible for classroom use.” — Ilene Cooper, Booklist (American Library Association), Jan. 1, 1994


“An intriguing, well-rounded collection. . . . The tone and content of source material is effectively preserved.” — The Horn Book Guide, July-Dec. 1993


“Give kids a script and watch them act. . . . Shepard’s talent as a storyteller shines out in his adaptations.” — Jan Lieberman, TNT: Tips & Titles of Books, Fall 1993


“A well-written collection. . . . These scripts will inspire young actors to read the books.” — Penny Peck, Bayviews (Assoc. of Children’s Librarians), Nov. 1993


“Gives teachers a fun and useful tool for bringing reading and literature to their students.” — Betty S. Evans, School Library Journal, Feb. 2006


Improve Your Memory: Memory Mastery: Simple Practical Steps that you can use to increase your memory and boost retention (Memory Improvement Techniques Book 1)

by Bree Mayer

Become a Memory Ninja. Learn how to Drastically Increase Your Memory Retention for Study, Work, or just for Fun Today!

This book contains memory tools that range from very simple and easy to implement, to the very advanced – whether you just want to remember some dates for an exam or want to compete remembering the order of entire decks of cards – this book contains what you need.

Do you find it hard to remember names, facts, numbers, or anything else for that matter?

If you do, it should not come as a surprise to you. We live in an age of information – with phones, tablets, and computers connecting us to everyone we know and putting all of the knowledge of the online at our fingertips. We don’t just live with the information, we are literally drowning in it.

Our brains simply cannot remember every status update, every tweet or every email that we send. The more information that we are exposed to, the better that we get at sifting through that information and only remembering the parts that are relevant.

If we want to remember something it has to be, or at least seem, important. It has to be Remarkable!

An example of something that is unremarkable, but uses a tool that this book employs is as follows:

Finish this phrase: “Ring-a-round the rosieâ?¦”

Those are 5 words that you most likely heard as a child as a nursery rhyme. If you can remember the rest then you are not alone – and you have remembered the following 11 words completely without effort using a technique that can be applied to many other pieces of information in a similar way.

As another example which of these two options do you think will be more memorable?

A photo of an American President Grover Cleveland with his name and the year of his presidency written above it.


An image of the same American president Roving on defence for the Cleveland Browns football team with the year he was president showing as the number on his back?

Using some of the techniques contained in this book we can add significance to information that our brain deem to be insignificant and would otherwise forget instantaneously.

If you want to learn more scroll to the top of the page and select the â??buy now with 1 click’ option.

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Dear Graduate,15 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Hired And 15 solutions To Your Problem (New graduate,Graduation Gift,Graduate Advice,Job Preparation,Job … Preparation,Job Hunting,Graduate School,)

(Dear Graduate,15 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Hired And 15 solutions To Your Problem)

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The waiting game is over. Dear Graduate, is a book dedicated to you. A book that will help you make the right choices. By following the 15 steps that you will find in this book, you will be on the road to success, and you will find the job you were looking for.

This is a book written from an employer’s perspective, and you will see how he thinks when he is looking for people to hire. By having access to inside information, you will no longer be in the dark, you will have the power, and you will shift the balance to your advantage.

So, if you want a job, take control over your life, and read this simple but effective guide.

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  • (How To Get Practical Experience in your Industry)
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    30 Ways to Make Money from Home

    by Warren Cooper

    It’s very possible to make money online and from your home. This is your how-to guide book on legitimate ways that you can make money from your home. It’ll show you where to look and what to do so you can begin supplementing your income today.

    You can start your own online business or find online jobs. Save a lot of time and money by learning the techniques of what it takes to succeed in these jobs from this book. Stop thinking that any methods of making money from home are scams. There really are sites up that will pay you to work for them, no matter what kind of skills you have.

    In this book, I’m going to share with you exactly 30 methods on how you can start making some serious money just by doing some work from home.

    Advanced English – Idioms in Context (2) – The Skilled UK Fire Fighter (Advanced English – How it is Spoken Book 1)

    by Dee Watson

    The English language has been referred to as a secret. With its many phrasal verbs and its richness of idioms, listening to a native speaker can seem a little like trying to make your way through a maze. Without intense practice, or without an abundance of native English friends or colleagues, cracking that secret may seem insurmountable.

    As a native English woman, Dee Watson knows that conversation can be so rich in idioms that there is nothing left for the advanced student of English to grab at. â??Advanced English – How it is Spoken’ is her way of getting these phrases out to those students of English who are almost at a perfect understanding of this business language of the world.

    Told in story form, this second book holds many idioms, as well as â??turns of phrase’ all laced into conversation, so as to understand their meanings. At the end of each part, you will find a list of the idioms and phrases used and an explanation for what they were saying within their context. At the very end of the book, all idioms and turns of phrase are once again listed, just in case you are wondering about one and can’t remember where it appeared in the book.

    This book also gives you the opportunity to see into the working life of a skilled UK fire fighter and any terms relating to the job itself have been explained within the story.

    The Skilled UK Fire Fighter is well worth its price, so buy it now and see just how far you come with understanding those idioms and phrases!

    Handgun Self-Defense Success Structure: Open/Concealed Carry Success

    by S. Albright

    The humble opinions of a gun owner, and the hard realities that we all must face if we are to successfully carry and protect ourselves and our families.

    In Their Corner: A Respect-Driven Approach to Teaching At-Risk Teens

    by S. Jean

    Relationship and respect are the foundation of effective classroom management for at-risk teens. Written by a Teacher of the Year Nominee for Court and Community Schools, this book outlines principals and strategies for those who are struggling to maintain control of their classrooms. In Their Corner succinctly dispenses practical advice that can immediately ease classroom tensions and help you begin to move past damage-control and into a rich and rewarding teaching experience.

    Learning the Alphabet In Different Fonts

    by Katharine Everhart

    Help your child learn to identify and read the letter of the Alphabet in all the many forms it can take in this digital world. Nowadays, the world is full of a vast array of fonts that changes the way letters appear. As adults, we have already established the differing curves and looks of the letters. Help your child get off to the right foot with this simple textbook.


    This eBook is about helping children learning how to recognize the English Alphabet in different fonts that are often used on computers, signs, and even book covers. Teaching children to write and recognize the Alphabet in one particular way is a thing of the past.

    In the olden days, people studied calligraphy and penmanship, and were expected to write each letter in exactly the same fashion. Nowadays there are thousands of fonts readily available for download over the internet for anyone to use on any project.

    Billboards, posters, commercials, logos, signs… just about anything you look at nowadays with words incorporated, they all have varying fonts and styles.

    I think it is very important to teach our children early the fundamentals of learning to recognize the ever-differing font styles of today’s text.

    This eBook, Learning the Alphabet in Differing Fonts, introduces children to this concept. It is perfect to incorporate into a preschool or elementary school curriculum, whether in a traditional school setting or if you are homeschooling.

    Reduce Stress, Set Goals and Overcome Procrastination: 3 books in 1 (set of books, bundle books) (the success system)

    by Matthew Braden

    You might wonder how this book is different from the others you`ve read.

    What you are about to read contains 3 separate books I`ve written on how to start your personal development journey by first learning how to manage stress, then how to set goals and finally how to overcome procrastination and take action on your goals.

    The first is titled: Burned Out?: How To Mentally Reboot And Ignite Your Productivity Again

    In today’s world it is hard to find people living a stress-free life. Experiencing stress at some point in your life is inevitable. The aim of this e-book is not to eliminate stress but to give its readers tested and proven techniques so that they can deal with stress in a more efficient way.

    The second is titled: How To Set Goals: The Habits of Successful People

    This book is all about shaping your destiny and creating a better and stronger version of yourself. I`m going to show you how to create the winner`s edge. And believe me we all have an immense capacity inside of us. The problem is we get distracted from what`s important in life. We lose focus on our dreams and goals. Focus is like a laser beam that can go through anything. If you learn how to control it, nothing can stop you from achieving your deepest dreams.

    The third book is titled: Conquer Procrastination: How to Stop Being Lazy, Overcome Procrastination, Take Massive Action and Climb to the Top

    Procrastination is indeed a very common problem. Whether we’re facing simple tasks like cleaning up our room or difficult tasks like preparing for exams or achieving our goals in life, most of us procrastinate to some degree.

    This book will give you simple methods to overcome your procrastination and accomplish your goals. If you take even a few productive steps towards your goals because of this book, I’ll consider it to be very successful.

    All three ebooks deal with different aspects of life. I recommend you read everything because you`ll learn how to create more success in your life, how to cope with stress and start taking action in your life.

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    by Muhammad Rayhan

    This e-book compiles lesser-known intriguing information on Science. It is highly inspired by, Wikipedia, Wisegeek and other online and library publications. The main purpose of this literature is to be educational while entertaining at the same time. There are a lot of interesting facts in this book some of which might actually change the way you think.

    All the facts in this book were carefully researched before publishing. This is not a tradition top 10 list or top 25 list. This book has been written mainly to educate you about 25 most interesting facts in each section. This is the book for the knowledge hungry people who like it short and compressed. I hope this book will serve its purpose and make you eager to learn more about your surroundings.

    Table of content:

    25 Things You Didn’t Know About The Universe

    25 Amazing Facts About Your Heart That Are Hard To Beat

    25 Facts About Your Brain That Your Brain Didn’t Know

    25 Facts You Always Believed That Actually Aren’t True

    25 Things That Sound Too Crazy To Be True (But They Are!)

    25 Obvious Things You Already Knew But Science Proved Anyway

    25 Accidental Discoveries That You Should Be Thankful For

    25 Unsolved Scientific Mysteries That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

    25 Scariest Things You Didn’t Know About Using Public Wi-Fi

    25 Crazy Facts About Planet Earth That Will Boggle Your Mind

    How to Study Smarter: Quick and Easy Tips to Study Smarter, not Harder, for College Students

    by Don Nguyen

    This is a book that offers quick and easy tips to study smarter. It offers simple tips to change study habits and to create and embrace new studying strategies for college students. Good book for people who want to change their ways of studying and to see great results in grades.

    Improving American Education: The Battle for a Brighter Future

    by Bhavin Gupta

    Divided into three parts, Improving Education encompasses the realms of standards and learning targets, school funding, and streamlined, efficient testing. It explores the successes and failures of incentivization, the Common Core standards, and Race to the Top. Readers take a journey to the educational systems of foreign countries, including South Korea and Finland; state-based data and reports provide extensive insights into the efficiency of spending today.

    Ten! (Learning Numbers Series)

    by Demeree B. Hatton

    This book is part of a learning series.This book in the series teaches little children, about the number ten.

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