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Beyond the Wire

Told to attack the Anzio beach head nineteen year old Arthur Vickers lasted barely two weeks as a fighting British soldier before being captured by the Germans.

Herded onto a cattle wagon he was transported into the heartland of Poland where he was forced to work down the mines in one of their notorious Labour Camps.

With the advancement of the Russian Army he and thousands of other prisoners were frog marched out of the camp and forced to march fifteen hundred miles in the depths of winter across Poland, Czechoslovakia and German. He witnessed the horror of the Concentration camps, saw fleeing members of the Gestapo burn their papers and watched as the men on the march dwindled in number through starvation, exhaustion and sheer terror.

In April 1945, half starved and exhausted himself, he made his break for freedom.This is his story; from call up to liberation and how he survived Beyond the Wire

Julius Caesar

by Nigel Cawthorne

Julius Caesar was one of the greatest, and most ruthless, rulers in history.

A general and politician who re-shaped the world.

But how did Caesar change the course of history?

And what made him the most fearsome and formidable leader the world has ever known?

â??Julius Caesar’ is the blood-stained and detailed story of the man who, determined to succeed, slaughtered millions- but nonetheless changed the face of the Roman Empire, and military history, forever.

‘An unflinching, fascinating, account of one of history’s greatest figures.’ – Robert Foster, best-selling author of ‘The Lunar Code’.

Nigel Cawthorne is the author of some eighty books – and a major contributor to at least twenty more, including â??Jeremy Clarkson: Motormouth’, â??Alexander the Great’, â??Che Guevara: The Last Conquistador’ and â??The Empress of South America’. He lives in Bloomsbury, London’s literary area.

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Dope Boy Slang

by Loranzo Spencer

Young Dope boy express that dope boy slang.Trying his best to sell the world the Game.

From NO TV To TV Producer

by Howell Allen

The Remarkable â??Stone, Which The Builder Refused’ Short Stories of A Jamaican Immigrant who Went From Not Having A TV at Home In Jamaica, To Becoming A TV Producer In America

The Technology of Barbarism: a testimonial

by Jorge Majfud

A testimonial

Seduction and Murder on the High Seas Book One (Seduction and Murder on the High Seas Book Two)

by Cindy J. Kelley

Cindy J. Kelley, author of Ghostly Realms – Not Even Death Could Separate Them; Inside A Twisted Mind Book One and Two – A Collection of Scary Tales and other books, has written her first full length novel with co-author Dean Slade. Seduction and Murder On The High Seas Book One. (part of a two book series. Book two is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2014.)

In her emotionally powerful story, she delves into the hearts and minds of the various and multi-faceted characters in this novel. Bradley Michael Woodward, the dashing Wall Street Investment Banker thought he was destined to be alone all his life sharing only meaningless relationships with women. The beautiful Dr. Vanessa Lynette Kincaid is trying to survive a failed marriage as she desperately searches for her true soul mate.

From the moment they meet they know they are destined to be together. Join them as they embark on a week long cruise together on the high seas that will take them to exotic ports of call as they experience blissful ecstasy and danger beyond their wildest dreams. Romance, mystery and intrigue permeate this suspenseful novel.

SOLOMON, A Life Study And Commentary: Outstanding Men of the Bible

by Joseph Jordan

This is a life study of the richest and wisest man in all history.

It covers his strengths and weaknesses; the high and low points of his life; his accomplishments and failures.

Discover some of the ways that Solomon’s life adventure can benefit you greatly.

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