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By Kindle And Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

Christopher David Allen

A Concisely Written And Information Rich How To Book And Self-Help Guide
No Nonsense – No Fluff – No Mindless Filler

How To Self Publish On Kindle

How to Market On Kindle

How To Sell Books On Kindle

You Are Only Four Hours Away From Knowing What It Takes To Publish A #1 Best Seller

It does not take long to read this Combo Kindle Publishing Guide, Marketing Guide, and Selling Guide. Read it, then put my #1 Best Seller Kindle Success Formula to work for your book.

Learn How To:

Pick a Best Selling Title And Design A Best Selling Cover To Attract Buyers
Make Your Book’s Landing Page Stand Out To Increase Sales
Be In Amazon’s Top 10 Search Results When Someone Looks For A Book Like Yours
Get Higher Royalties By Selecting The Best Categories
Maximize Kindle’s 10% Preview Option To Improve Sales
Make Your Book A Potential Best Seller
Discover The Best Categories For Your Book’s Success
Get Reviews That Sell Your Book
Promote Your Book On Your Competitor’s Page
Use Saga Or Series Advantages
Take Advantage Of KDP Select
Make Your Book A Sales Ambassador

How To Publish On Kindle

Successful publishing takes more than having great content. You need a Search Engine Optimized title, a cover that evokes the desire to buy, a SEO landing page, and much more.

How To Market On Kindle

Marketing is best done within the Amazon platform. Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging are NOT needed. Unless you’re a celebrity or already have a large online following, trying to build an online presence is a waste of time. These activities can take over your life for minimal return. It is far better to write another Best Selling Book. Amazon is your best friend and you need to know how to take advantage.

Bonus Chapters!

Take Advantage Of Your Competitor’s Success
Free Give-Away Marketing Trick
Author Group Secret

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About The Author

For two months, I checked my books poor sales each day. I knew successful people keep trying even if they fail and was sure this truth applied to authors, so I resolved to try harder. I developed my #1 Best Seller tactics and sales began to surge. Three weeks later, I was a Triple #1 Best Selling Author.

I learned from other successful authors by reading every book I could about Kindle publishing and marketing. I learned from mistakes and profited from successful experiments. Having a series of books allowed me to try different things for each book in the series. When I found something that worked, the other books in the series benefited and I made more sales.

Becoming a #1 Best Selling Author is AWESOME! You get more golden ducats and you own the bragging rights forever!

My purpose as an author is to entertain and enlighten others so I hold nothing back and share all of my Kindle publishing, marketing, and selling secrets.

Helping you become a successful author with significant sales and a top 10 ranking is my minimum goal for each reader of this book.

Achieve your own bragging rights as a Kindle Best Selling Author and the royalty income that goes with it. Your book could become the next #1 Best Seller as you become a successful author on Amazon’s Kindle.

August 17, 2012

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Team Building: How to Build Confidence, Trust, and Friendship in Your Team

by Daniel Brush

This book is about building confidence, trust and friendship in a team. As a leader, it is your responsibility to be a good role model to your team members. Your team looks up to you for help and guidance, which is why you need to do your best to be more helpful, productive, creative, intuitive and efficient.

If you are struggling to do all these, this book is a great start to help you out. Here, you will learn how you can gradually yet surely obtain the trust of your members. You will also learn how you can be a more confident leader so you can also build confidence in your team.

Make Money Selling Your Product: A Collection of money making products;sell your products,sell your stuff online,branding,how to brand yourself,how to brand your business, online selling sites

by N Sims

Your Products

Information marketing is one of the most rewarding businesses available today. Discover how you can create an information product and how you can strategically position it so that it reaches its targeted market. As you take this journey you will discover the different type of information products that are currently in great demand. EBook is one of such product, but you must conduct extensive research on your target market and position your eBook as the ultimate solution.

Gain insights on how to come up with a hot topic, as it would be unwise to plunge into an area that is not in demand. Unearth the factors to take into consideration when determining which topic to pursue. Learn how to spend time in forums and on social media sites to get feedback on topics that are hot. Discover tips on how to create your own eBook and the advantages of doing it yourself. What are the advantages of hiring a ghost writer?

Discover how to create video tutorials and learn helpful tips on how to ensure that its high quality material. Learn how to create a membership website and the advantages of having such a site. Learn how to market your product by utilizing all the strategies to your advantage.

Truly an informative eBook that you should have!

Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets

by Heather Wilson-Smith

Why spend thousands of your hard earned money on copywriting when you can do it yourself?! Discover the fast, easy and foolproof system YOU can use to write great sales copy – even if you flunked high school english!

In the “Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets” you’ll learn:

1. How to craft killer sales copy that will have your prospects lining up and begging you to sell them your product or service!

2. How to write attention-grabbing headlines that’ll suck readers into your copy like a 10-ton magnet attracts paperclips!

3. Magic words you can use in headlines to send reader curiosity soaring through the roof – use these words and prospects will have no choice, they will have to read your letter!

4. The four principle elements of a successful headline and how to ensure yours has all four!

5. How to write copy that grabs your readers’ attention and doesn’t let go until they have ordered!

6. A powerful persuasion technique you can use to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your copy!

7. The proper way to use testimonials to strengthen your copy – you may be very surprised by what you learn here as well as by how many marketers are currently doing this all wrong!

8. How to make an offer your readers can’t refuse!

9. How create a sense of urgency that’ll have your prospects pulling out there credit cards and ordering before they even realize what’s going on!

10. The one thing you should never, ever do in sales copy – do this and you are doomed to fail, I repeat, doomed to fail!

11. What element all Internet sales letters must have to be successful – you’d be amazed at how many marketers and even professional copywriters leave this out â?¦ put it in your letter and watch your profits skyrocket!

12. The nine basics of all great sales letters – just follow these simple steps to create your own sales-generating letters â?¦ you are sure to be amazed at how easy it is to do!

13. How to test and fine-tune your copy so that it becomes a lean mean sales machine!

And much, much more!

Manage Your Time: how to manage your time,time management tips,time management,time management skills,time management techniques,time management tools,time management strategies

by Ed Howard

Manage Your Personal Time Effectively

Time management is extremely important as the world seems to move faster and faster. Not to mention, the days which seem shorter and shorter! Have you ever heard the saying “I have so much to do in so little time?” However, at the end of the day many persons still feel unfulfilled and many goals are still unaccomplished, simply because of Procrastination! 

Why do people procrastinate, when procrastination is described as the biggest thief of time? On this journey you will discover the reasons for procrastination and the consequences of procrastination. You will also learn how to stop procrastination. Discover how you can develop a task list; rate your task in terms of importance and the time it will take to complete each taskâ?¦.

Here is an eBook which is a life changer! 

Thrifting For Gold: 20 Things to Buy and Sell from thrift stores.

by Joe Clay

This guide will show 20 items I found at thrift stores and will tell you how much I paid for each item and how much it sold for. I will also tell you how I sold it whether I listed the items as auction, buy it now or best offer. I will also give you advice on each item.

I am an Ebay Power Seller and only been selling on ebay seriously for 6 months. In 6 months I went from 0 items to 288 items. These are 20 items I have found in thirft stores in 6 months time. I paid $61 for these 20 items and made around $898.43.

I like going to thrift stores and thrifting for cash, it reminds me of the gold miners who went to mine gold. Not only do I sell on Amazon I sell on Ebay. I really like how this ebay business is so easy to use.

Social Skills Guide: Small talk – you can do it! Learn small talk skills and connect with anyone, strike up awesome conversations, and effortlessly tackle your inner anxiety.

by Betty Bohm

Social Skills Guide: Small Talk – You can do it!

Afraid to talk to the attractive person you see riding the same train as you home from work?

Are you nervous about going to a party or work event where you don’t know anyone there?

Worried you’ll be rejected by your new work colleagues because you can’t â??do’ small talk?

Life doesn’t have to be like this any longer! Now is your chance to change all that!

Read the simple and easy-to-follow tips in the Social Skills Guide: Small Talk – You can do it! In the guide you’ll explore some of your own assumptions about small talk and why you might be avoiding it.

And if English isn’t your native language, you’ll learn how to respond and create natural flow in your small talk by following the patterns of small talk turn-taking. In this way, you’ll see and hear the language typically used to create great sounding small talk.

You’ll get a better understanding of the power small talk holds and the benefits you can reap when you know how! Build your confidence by learning to overcome your fear of approaching strangers and connecting with others. Get tips on how to feel comfortable during awkward pauses and how to end a conversation effortlessly.

Feel good about yourself by taking action because your desire to change is greater than your fear of not being able to change. When you face your fears and build your confidence by learning the set patterns used in small talk interactions, you will be amazed at the way you’ll get more from small talking. So don’t waste another day without small talk!

It’s simple. Read. Practice. Take Action. That’s it.

You’ll receive new insights into why small talk can go wrong, and how you can make it right. You can alter the way you relate to people if you can read the social cues around you to get the most out of your small talk encounters! With these new skills in hand you can alter the way you relate to people.

Use this fail-safe guide as your key to finding new experiences and meeting new people and feel the power that successful small talk can have on changing your relationships. Use the Small Talk guide as your key to new experiences and opportunities.

Who knows the people who might cross your small talk path tomorrow! By reading this book, you’ll feel more energised to engage in small talk on a whole new level by learning how to establish your credibility and understand people better.

Social Skills Guide: Small Talk – You can do it! is the key that gets you there.

So what are you waiting for? Remember the chance to improve your small talk skills can help you gain confidence, meet new people and discover some of the unknown opportunities for your life that are out there. Dive into the book now and learn small talk!

Click the orange ‘Buy Now’ Button on your screen and start learning small talk skills today!

FREE GIFT: This book also comes with a fantastic free gifts, so don’t forget to grab it while you can.

SEO: Search Optimization,SEO Training,SEO Guide,SEO Guide

by S Mcnealy

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Every entrepreneur dream is to have more traffic, more visibility and more promotion of products which all equates to greater sale and increase profit for his online business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will make all make this possible! Discover what SEO is in finer details and develop a greater appreciation for the benefits of SEO.  Did you know there are different categories of SEO? They are categorized according to techniques and strategies.

Learn how to develop your keyword list, this can be extremely effective. Be informed as to how to perform SEO content creation. Find out why link building is such an important aspect of SEO. You will also be amazed at the vital role link building plays with social media. Gain insights on the usage of SEO Analytics. Learn about HubSpot Marketing Grader. Finally, you will be introduced to the SEO-friendly tips! I’m certain you would want to know these. Truly an informative book to have in your collection!

Photo Traffic: Website Traffic

by gifford john

Photo Traffic

Images will do wonders at driving traffic to your website! This is another method of traffic generation that online business should take advantage of. Unravel the images that work best. Discover the difference between a personal page and a fan page on facebook. Learn how to create a fan page and how to add content to your page. The next step is to get those ads on facebook.

Did you know that re-blogging can have the same viral effect as facebook? Learn how to make a tumblog post and how capitalize on what it offers. Be informed as to the role twitter plays. So you have implemented everything! You discover that traffic has increased tremendously, the question is: What do you now do with all this traffic? Who knows what the future holds for photo images! A great eBook to have!

Marketing: Gurus Exposed-Sick of the Garbage Online about Marketing

by Shawn Perry


Integration Marketing is the unification marketing process that takes place during campaigns for the sole purpose of growing sales. Discover the many ways an entrepreneur can use online integration marketing to create a “win-win” situation.  Find out how you can locate integration marketing partners, it’s very important to work closely with a mentor or an expert in the field already.

These persons may have certain connections and will provide the necessary guidance. This will put you in a position where you know how to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” when seeking potential partners. Discover the art of clever integration marketing or we could say the use of tactics. Be enlightened that once you are successful it will attract future partners and not to mention the repeated successes!

The Benefits of targeted subscribers: Increase your ROI by 300% with targeted subscribers in less than 1 week

by teresa gordon

Targeted Subscribers

Yes, we want a lot of traffic to our website! But how much of it is relevant traffic? In order to be effective at earning money online, it’s best when you develop a list of prospects that are after a particular product that you are offering. Discover the reasons why it is important to develop a list and the 101 ways to build this kind of list of subscribers.

These methodologies will allow you to create an industry-class list. It is also important to know your prime subscribers and how to identify them as well. As you unearth all this information, you will discover a variety of questions such as how to build relationships? What is the best format for creating emails; HTML or plain texts and many more! You need an informative eBook like this in your collection!

How To Sell Like An Israeli: Sales Tips From The Shopping Center

by Jack Diamond

In this guide, I go over several key points on how to succeed as a salesperson.

The names of the chapters are:

1) No Fear Salesman

2) The Customers Are Liars

3) Look For The Easy Kill

4) More Presentations = More Money

5) Energy Vs Technique

6) A = B = C

7) You Will Never See Them Again!

8) Nike Had It Right

9) Run The System

10) Don’t Change What Ain’t Broken

I hope you enjoy this book as I am quite proud of it!

Successful Entrepreneur

by H Schultz

Successful Entrepreneur

Working from home requires a great deal of self discipline. Planning you goals, sticking to it and achieving them is the hallmark of successful entrepreneur. One of those goals could be striking a balance between your personal and professional life as well. How you use time wisely to run the business from home is critical to its success.

Let me introduce you to the 15 tips to organize your business. As it pertains to your effectiveness; get familiar with the 15 tips to getting results. Creating balance is vital so learn the 15 tips to energize your work life. Gain insights on how to live the life of a successful entrepreneur. This eBook is loaded with tips and advices that will transform your life as an entrepreneur, it’s a must read!  

Warrior Forum: The Forum of internet marketers;warrior forum,warrior forum advertising,online advertising,affiliate marketing,web advertising,advertising websites

by M Dell

Warrior Forum

Warrior forum is the place where you can buy and sell online marketing tools such as digital products, to other internet marketer(s). Do you know the products that sell well on warrior forum? Well, you will find out on your journey. Discover an appreciation for the online product creator.  Learn about the online entrepreneur and the â??conversion expert killer sales design’. Be enlightened as to why building a relationship with power sellers and affiliates are so important. A truly wonderful eBook to have!

Patent Ease

by Wayne Hoss

Patent Ease is the new ‘How to write your own patent” book for beginners; because you are a beginner… not a dummy!

Finally a patent book that anyone can understand, written with words and terms that are easy for common people to understand. As a reader in Bakersfield, California said, “I just loved the little bits of humor that you added throughout the whole book, which helped me to loosen up and enjoy the patent process. You have made this book so easy to understand that I believe even a child could write their own patent” Bob Lisqueda, Bak,CA.

Now writing a patent yourself could not be easier thanks to an extraordinary new book written by an author who is not only experienced in writing patents for himself, but for many others as well. Wayne Hoss has successfully submitted many patent applications, which were approved with ease, and in fact was even praised by the author of another patent book from which he learned a lot of his techniques.

This new book, “Patent Ease” by Wayne Hoss literally makes writing your own patent a breeze. This book teaches you how to write your own patent application step by step, and includes a handy Walk Through Chart, fill-able (blank) forms, and actual patent application examples with easy to understand, detailed explanations, as well as all of Wayne’s secret hints, tricks, and tips, as well as a free bonus chapter dedicated to doing your own patent search for free, rather than paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to a patent attorney to do it for you.


by n ruffin


When you spend more than you earn you are only digging yourself into a dungeon of debt. If you do the math, it simply doesn’t add up!  As you take the journey into this amazing eBook you will introduce to “Debt Consolidation” which is one of the first steps in getting out of debt.

Discover how you can use some of these strategies such as budgeting or restructuring the mortgage payment or even selling some of your assets to pay off debts to your advantage. Gain insights into how to become a good debt manager and factors to consider when doing debt consolidation. Learn about other options such as re-financing to consolidate debt.

If you are a student you will be happy to learn about student loan consolidation as well. You will be introduced to the smart ways to save money! This is an absolutely great book to have!

How To Pick The Right Executive Coach: Success Depends On It

by Mac Davis

Picking the right executive coach is crucial to your success and even more so in today’s economic environment. If you played professional sports, like baseball or football you would be provided by the team owners the best coaches. These coaches would bring out the best in you and provide measurable results.

However when it comes to executives and businesses owners they have to seek out their own mentors and coaches. This book can help you determine the best type of business coach for you and what questions to ask of them and yourself so that you get maximum results.

In this book we cover the following areas:

Coaching: An On Going Process

Benefits of Executive Coaching

How Can a Business Coach Help Your Company

Setting Guidelines and Rules for Executive Coaching

How to Measure the Success of a Coaching Program

Utilizing Business Coaching to Meet the Challenges of Success

What is Business Communication Coaching?

Coaches Encourage Digitalizing Your Office

Business Coaching Through Bankruptcy Issues

Management Coaching Tips for Successful Companies

Executive Personal Development Helps Managers Prepare for Future Endeavors

The Importance of Corporate Culture Development in the Workplace

Companies Realize the Value of Coaching and Mentoring Training

The Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring

Finding and Using a Qualified Coach or Mentor

Common Reasons Executives Give Up on Coaching

Small Businesses Can Benefit from Executive Coaching

Using Business Coaching to Help Your Company Through the Franchise Process

Social Media Marketing Advice For The Business Owner: Social Media Marketing Success

by Jessica

Social Media Marketing guide for newbies and experts. Read this guideline and become Facebook and LinkedIn marketing expert.

Amazing PLR Solutions,tips, and tricks: plr,plr ebooks,plr articles,private label rights,private label products,private label solutions,private label tips

by J Brown

PLR Master

Private Label Rights has been around for quite some time now.  Most website owners struggle with content, apart from getting someone to write, you could consider PLR contents. Beware, even though it is an easy route it comes with conditions. Learning to play by the rules is very important.

PLR are written by different freelancers and aggregated by a whole seller who puts it on the market to limited individuals. When using these articles you must be mindful of the 3Rs – Repurpose, Re-use and Recycle.  Learn how to improve your PLR utilization. Your perspective as it relates to adding content to your website will change, you will approach it more confidently. Who knows?

You may become a guru over time. 

The top management techniques today: management,management techniques,inventory management techniques,risk management techniques,behavior management techniques,management … accounting techniques,behavio

by Emily Stern


The air that we depend on for life may be the very air that kills us! Air pollution has become a global issue and if not address urgently can have serious consequences.  Some cities have implemented efficient strategies to combat air pollution and the benefits are being realized. Collectively we can all play our part to reduce the level of pollution around us.

Natural and manmade sources are the main culprits. Air pollutants are also a guilty party to the crime and have caused serious health concerns. Governments are also getting on board to alleviate this crisis by imposing air quality regulations. There are strategies and tips if executed properly can reduce the impact of air pollution.

We make our contribution by seeking out and using only those products that are air friendly, but are we really seeking out those products? The fact that recycling is on the increase in many countries should tell us something� 

ONLINE MARKETING, OFFLINE DELIVERY: The Best Way To Expand Your Online Marketing – And Get Rich Fast

by Eleanor Lancaster

The Best Way To Expand Your Online Marketing – And Get Rich Fast

There’s a limit to what you can charge for digital products delivered over the Web… and there’s a method to shatter that limit – and go as high as you want!

Using this method will let you sell more, increase prices and explode your profits – easily.

A decade earlier, digital products were exciting and new. The novelty has worn off. But strangely enough, the idea of getting a PHYSICAL product over the Web has become fascinating and thrilling in a whole new way!

Creating a physical format of your digital product and offering it to your audience has become a powerfully effective way to not only differentiate yourself from your ‘purely digital’ competition – it also allows you to charge and justify premium pricing which can skyrocket your revenues.

The Key Lies In Making Your Offerings Tangible!

But unless you know how to go about this, where to find partners who will create and ship them out for you, and how to display this element of your business to your prospects and buyers, you’re leaving money on the table!

ONLINE MARKETING, OFFLINE DELIVERY reveals all the powerful secrets of using physical products to boost your sales conversion rate and bank higher profits.

You’ll learn many effective strategies including

* the different forms of physical products you can create – and get your customers acting like kids in a candy store

* the most effective kind of packaging and shipping to minimize your costs while maximizing your impact

* the most strategic ways to present your product as a value-addition to buyers – you’ll be amazed at how effective it is

* the critical elements of a physical product and the 6 vital things you should never ignore – you simply cannot afford to miss even one of them

… and a lot more.

Everything is outlined clearly and simply. You can read this guide, plan your approach, and be putting these tips to work in your own business right away.

It’s How Savvy Digital Entrepreneurs Are Changing Web Marketing – And Getting Rich Fast!


Yes… You’re Hired!: Top 10 Successful Interview SECRETS

by Justin S.

Most people have heard and seen this slogan on television, in magazine articles, in fashion stores. It’s become such a common refrain it has nearly lost its meaning. But for you, a wise job-hunter, it’s worth taking seriously.

Today’s culture is inundated with a â??look’ that ranges from casual to grunge. Rarely do you see a truly smart dresser except in the pages of fashion magazines. Women often show up at the theater, office, or fine restaurant in jeans and sliders.

Some men slip into work environments looking as though they just rolled off the couch after a late-night movie. Shirts are rumpled. Pants bag or fall off hips. Hair needs a good combing. Not everyone, of course, but enough to make you wonder.

Imagine the stir you could create if you walked into a hiring manager’s office dressed appropriately for the job you wish to get.

You don’t want your appearance to overpower your personality, but it should reflect the person you are and the work you hope to do. Women are always attractive in pants, a sweater or blouse, and a fitted jacket. Basic flats or pumps with closed toe and heel are ideal. This is not the place for stilettos, mini shirts, bare legs or an armful of dangling bracelets. Use make-up that flatters your coloring and complexion. A friend can give you perspective. Wear your hair in a way that complements your outfit and shows off your face.

Men frequently show up for the job interview of their dreams in need of a fresh shave and haircut, an out-of-date tie, a tired-looking shirt and shoes that could stand a good brushing. Spend a little time thinking about style and color. Understated is best. Choose soft colors, pressed pants, polished shoes, a sport coat or sweater, and you can’t go wrong.

The hiring manager will likely shake your hand so spend a few dollars on a professional manicure. Small details matter more than you might think.

People make up their minds about a person within five seconds of meeting him or her. Avoid squandering your chance to be hired before you even say a word. Present yourself in a way that will cause a silent WOW! You’ll be able to tell if you pulled it off by the look in the hiring manager’s eyes.

The Power Of Now: How To Be Happy, Productive And Successful Today

by Benjamin Chapin

The Power Of Now Can Be Yours Today

*****FREE Gift With Purchase!!!*****

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

You have the power to change your life, that power is within today. Tomorrow never comes and yesterday is already in the history books, so it’s time to live in the moment, live in today. What you choose to do with your time, energy and focus is going to shape your future. Nobody else cares as much as you do about your life, so start investing in it today.

What You Will Learn

– How to tap into the power of your inner child

– Ways you can grow up & develop yourself

– What you can do about difficult people

– Making the most of your time

– Tools for happiness

– And more!

YOUR Benefits

– Learn real ways to tap into today

– Enrich your life with forward thinking

– Design a life worth living

– Take charge of your life

Q & A The Author: Benjamin Chapin

What inspired you to write this book?

The reason I wanted to write this book is primarily what my focus is with all my books. I want to help people get the most out of life and I want to share my own successes with others.

Why “The Power Of Now”? What makes today special?

You know that saying, “Every great journey begins with a single step?” That single step is today. Every single day we have an opportunity to invest in our tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to come and if you invest today, you’ll be able to see more of what tomorrow looks like.

What kind of example of “The Power Of Now” do you use in your own life currently?

*smiles*… Right now, I’m currently employed full time and also spend a bunch of time on weekends and in the evenings with the family. I also recently started getting in shape again, so my time is extremely limited. I don’t mind being busy, but that means I need to work smarter. Since I started writing earlier this year, I’ve had this concept of “the power of now” in full swing. I spend hours in the morning working on various ventures and projects. I get up at 4 o’clock in the morning just to get it all done. I don’t like getting up at 4, but I need to in order to not sacrifice on the back end with missed work or missed time with family.

Do you have a quick tip on how to get the most out of your day?

Yeah, don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow. I’ll toss in a second one, purchase the book *grins*

Minimalism: Simplify Your Life. (minimalist living, minimalist lifestyle, minimalism made easy, minimalist budget, minimalist wardrobe, minimalism)

by Peter Holt

Minimalist Living Made Simple

Curious about minimalism and what it’s all about? Great, you’ve come to the right place. While other books will go on with lots of information and clutter (which is directly against what they are writing about) this book goes straight for the main points. Learn what minimalism IS and learn what it’s NOT. Learn the secret to their happiness as minimalists.

What You’ll Learn

– What Minimalism is

– What Minimalism is NOT

– How To Get Started With Minimalism

– How you will benefit from minimalist living

– How minimalist living will save you money

– How minimalist living will provide excellent time management

– And More!!!

Get your copy of “Minimalism” today and start your journey on the minimalist lifestyle!

The Productivity Blueprint: A Simple Step-by-Step Guidebook Filled with Strategies and Hacks to Manage Your Time, Become Successful and Achieve Superhuman Productivity

by Andy Arnott

The Productivity Blueprint

Do You Ever Wonder How Some People Seem to Achieve the Impossible Every Single Day?

Do You Ever Wonder What’s The Secret That Top Performers Know That You Don’t?

The Secret That Allows Them to Be Incredibly Productive, Focused and Driven?

Well, There is No Secretâ?¦

They simply understand the very basic principles of how to be productive day in and day out.

Top performers know how easy it is to be incredibly productive, develop a laser focus on their goals and achieve peak performance.

And if you’re looking to improve yourself, increase your productivity, develop an unbreakable will to succeed and better your life then keep readingâ?¦

Being hyper focused and productive isn’t something you are born with, it is a skill refined over time.

A skill that is easy to develop and refine if you have a blueprint to followâ?¦

The top performers in the world all follow some very basic productivity principles and hacks.

These tips and strategies remain consistent across every walk of lifeâ?¦

From superstar athletes, to entrepreneurs all the way to high level CEO’s and politicians the keys to productivity and achievement are consistent.

You might be wondering why this is? Well, it is simply because these strategies are all based on hacking human psychology, which remains very consistent at the core.

What is most exciting is that becoming incredibly productive and success can be reverse engineered.

Thanks to legendary thought leaders, authors and innovative researchers we now know very clearly the exact ways to be productive and achieve greatness.

From Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think and Grow Rich” to the exceptional “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey, we have incredible resources on self-development.

And in this book I have broken down the most effective productivity, self-development and personal growth strategies.

The book is written as an absolute knock-out punch of actionable content that you can implement today to instantly boost your productivity.

If you have tried to become more productive but failed in the past then you need this book.

It gives you a simple, step-by-step and easily replicable strategy for becoming more productive, successful and achieving great things.

Discover the productivity hacks that give you the best return on investment to your time.

Find out the tricks you can implement to skyrocket your success and leave others miles behind you.

Following the strategies in this book will help you:

– Achieve more in less time

– Be viewed as a productivity machine by your friends and colleagues

– Free up your precious time to spend on the important things in life

– Become a much higher value person to your employers

– Develop an unbreakable motivation and drive for success

– Become effortlessly effective and efficient

– And much more.

This is all achievable by simply following the steps laid out in The Productivity Blueprint.

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Bollinger Bands: Simple Bollinger Band Trading Strategies for Consistent Profits

by Michael Young

Simple, Proven Bollinger Band Trading Strategies For Consistent Profits

Detailed Candlestick Charts And Diagrams Included

Bollinger bands are named after John Bollinger, who developed them as a method of identifying price action at any given moment in time. Although Bollinger bands are one of the most commonly used technical indicators, most traders use them incorrectly.

In this book, you’ll learn what Bollinger bands are, how they work, and the correct way to use them. Plus, you’ll learn multiple specific Bollinger band trading strategies to help you make consistent profits.

Here are some of the specifics you’ll learn…

– What Bollinger bands are and the common (and costly!) mistake that most traders make with them– Chapter 1

– How Bollinger bands are used by swing traders, momentum traders, and long-term investors– Chapter 1

– Exactly how Bollinger bands work and how they are constructed, including detailed diagrams and examples– Chapter 2

– Here’s how using Bollinger bands incorrectly could cost you big and what to do differently (you don’t want to miss this!)– Chapter 3

– Multiple specific Bollinger band trading strategies, including detailed candlestick chart diagrams and examples– Chapter 4

– How to use Bollinger bands to identify trend reversals, periods of high volatility, and much more– Chapter 4

– How price divergence away from a Bollinger band can mark the end of a trend (and how to profit big from this situation!)– Chapter 4

– Guidelines and techniques for long-term investors– Chapter 5

– Recommendations and warnings for successful Bollinger band trading– Chapter 7

– And much much more!

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Making BANK On the Internet! (100% Proven Methods to Make Money Online) (Make Bank Online)

by Richard Docksand


Several money making methods are included in this book! At least one of them is BOUND to work for you and make you BANK!

Does $8,000 a month sound good to you? What if I told you that you could achieve that number not with a job, but by working for yourself on the internet. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. There are many methods to making money online, and I have tried many of them. Some have worked great, and others… not so much.
I will be telling you the methods that worked and made me some serious cash! I will guide you step-by-step how to repeat the processes as well. So what are we waiting for?

Here are a few methods:
-Selling eBooks
-$10 a Minute Giving Advice
-Selling Stock Photos
-Cashing in on the Holidays
-Buy Low, Sell High (special edition)

Momentum Trading: A Simple Day Trading Strategy for Consistent Profits

by Michael Young

A Simple, Proven Day Trading Strategy For Consistent Profits

This Book Is The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Momentum Trading

In this book, you’ll discover a proven method of day trading called momentum trading. You’ll learn what momentum trading is, how it differs from trend following and swing trading, and how momentum day traders select profitable stocks to trade. Plus, you’ll be taken step-by-step through a complete momentum trading strategy.

Here are some of the specifics you’ll learn…

– The 3 factors that are most important to a momentum trader– Chapter 1

– How momentum trading differs from trend following and swing trading, and why it can be a huge opportunity for profitable day trading– Chapter 1

– How to identify massive momentum trading opportunities– Chapter 2

– Why volume is the key thing that separates momentum traders from swing traders, and exactly how momentum traders interpret and use volume– Chapter 4

– A complete 5-step momentum trading strategy– Chapter 5

– The anatomy of a momentum trade, including a detailed step-by-step diagram– Chapter 5

– Techniques and tips for exiting a momentum trade– Chapter 5

– Common pitfalls to avoid and guidelines for placing your stops and minimizing your risk– Chapter 7

– The 5 most dangerous (and most common!) mistakes made by beginning momentum day traders, and how to avoid them– Chapter 8

– And much much more!

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Money: The Top 100 Best Ways To Make And Manage Money (money, making money, how to make money)

by Ace McCloud

Get More Money In Your Life Now!

Discover The Best Ways To Increase Your Personal Wealth! This book covers an incredible variety of strategies, ideas, techniques and life style choices that you can utilize in order to bring more money into your life! Life is so much better when you have the money needed in order to live a successful, happy and fulfilling life that is free from the constant worry of bills, debt and other obligations! Knowing the best ways to make and manage your money is one of the most important skills you can ever master! Whether you need just a few tips or want a full-fledged money making plan of action, this book can help you greatly increase your overall net worth.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Discoverâ?¦

  • How To Wire Your Brain For Financial Success
  • The Best Habits For Increasing Wealth
  • How To Grow Your Income
  • How To Make A Financial Budget Plan
  • How To Set Financial Goals That Motivate You
  • Money Making Business Ideas
  • Tips For Investing Your Money
  • How To Develop Your Money Making Ideas
  • Much, much more!

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BOX SET: The Complete Guide on Fighting Procrastination and Developing a Winning Morning Routine: Stop Being Lazy and Learn How to Wake up and Conquer Your Day with a Fool Proof Morning Routine

by Bill McDowell

BOX SET: The Complete Guide on Fighting Procrastination and Developing a Winning Morning Routine!

  • Stop Being Lazy Right Now! How To Break The Procrastination Pattern Forever
  • Morning Routine. How to Wake up and Conquer Your Day
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    This Box Set is designed and created to help you become the most productive person you can possibly be. How to start your day correctly and conquer it and to fight the urge to slow down and give up on your battle on winning the day by not being Lazy.

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    This book will help you to understand the basics and roots of the problem of laziness. Stop Being Lazy Right Now will guide you through the symptoms, causes and effects of this state of mind so that you can use a wide range of strategies to remedy “laziness”. This book will help you to identify the sources that are undermining productivity

    In this book, you can find many useful tips of how to start your day in the most effective way. You will learn all necessary elements, which are needed to feel full of energy during the whole day. You can find there also many ways of how to improve your health and habits, which will show you a new way of life.

    To conquer your day, you should include into your morning routine good sleep at night, short morning exercises, hearty breakfast, fresh air into your brain, conditioning, your favorite music, affirmation, and simplification, which are topics of this book.

    I thoroughly deal with topics like how the good and regular sleep influences your next day. You can find there useful advice, which will teach you how to get up fresh and full of energy in the morning.

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    The Social Media Superstar Handbook

    by Lisa Pietsch

    This handbook is the combination of materials from my four online classes as well as several bonus materials and worksheets. This book is the product of five years on a steep social media for authors and book promotion learning curve. Any writer, whether published or unpublished, will be able to create a superstar author brand by starting with page one and working their way through the lessons in this book. I recommend applying yourself to the task thirty minutes per day but all of this can be done in less than a week if you need it that quickly. I can say this because my system has allowed me to do it for other authors in just a few days.

    Buy and Hope: How I Beat the Pros, Doubled the Nasdaq, Spending ONLY 1 Minute A Week

    by Randall Mauro

    Imagine only spending 1 minute-a-week, beating the pros, doubling the Nasdaq and most importantly, keeping your money safe from the next major decline.

    Quint Tatro, President of Tatro Capital – “Simplicity is a trader’s greatest asset, which many spend an eternity and several fortunes attempting to figure out. Randall’s strategy is a glimpse into just how simple success can be. Don’t over think this book. Buy it, read it and put its contents to work today!”

    Jack Schwager, Author of the best selling Market Wizards series – “Buy and Hold Hope is a book squarely aimed at the ordinary investor who resorts to buy-and-hold as an investment strategy or makes emotional decisions that lead to even worse results. In this accessible book, which is a mix of personal anecdotes, sound investment observations, and excellent investment quotes, Mauro provides an alternative strategy that offers the potential for equal or better returns with significantly lower risk. Although there are no guarantees that the recommended approach will outperform in the future, it is certainly worth consideration as an alternative to what investors typically do.”

    Buy and Hold Hope will give you the tools to â?¦

    • Gain financial freedom to never be at the mercy of the market or an advisor telling you to sit through the next major decline because “markets always go up”.
    • Take control of your investments so that you will never feel helpless again watching your portfolio’s value drop like a rock.

    Out of frustration, a feeling of helplessness and a determination to find a better way, Randall Mauro, chief investment officer at Resnn Investments, discovered how to keep your money safe, spending only 1 minute-a-week. Learn the strategy that got him started in the financial world keeping his money safe and allowing him to quit his ‘day job’ at the age of 38.  With over 40 years of backtested performance to verify the results for yourself.

    As an outsider to the world of Wall Street, Randall Mauro tells it like it is. He dispels the myths and challenges everything you’ve been taught about traditional investing. Most importantly he shares with you an easy-to-use technique based on Protective Investingâ?¢ that will keep you safe in bad times.

    How much better off would you be, if in 2008 you only lost 4.5% instead of a loss of 45% like the average investor?

    From 2001 to 2003 the investors lost over 70% of their net worth. Ten years later they have yet to come close to breaking even. In 2008, they again lost over 45% in just three months; it took over six years just to get back to break-even. Just two years later, in 2010 the market dropped 17% and one year after that, in 2011 another 18%. In fact, over the entire history of the stock market this process has been repeated over and over; massive loss then a period of recovery where investors sit with a losing position hoping to get back to break-even. Amazingly, even savvy investors that hired a Professional to manage their money found that have done no better, with 97% of all advisors consistently underperforming a â??buy and hold’ strategy. As a result, investors just continued the process since they knew of no better way â?¦ They would Buy and Hold Hope.

    Discover why Diversification, Dollar Cost Averaging and other Wall Street preached strategies no longer work to protect you. But more importantly, say goodbye to the old way of thinking, say goodbye to Buy and Hold Hope and learn a proven, verifiable technique that takes no real time commitment to beat the pros â?¦ literally only 1 minute-a-week to keep your money safe

    Superduper Fly American Dream

    by Loranzo Spencer

    Everyday living waking up going out handling business.Staying fresh to death with a pocket full of hundreds the American Dream.

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