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CREATIVE LINK BUILDING FOR SEO: Power-Packed Strategies From Real World Marketers (How We Did It Book 2)

by Anand Srinivasan

One of the key aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) is link building. Back in the day, you could simply email the owner of a popular website in your niche and ask for a link, and you would get it. Not any more. Also, with Google’s latest updates to its search algorithm, almost every link building tactic that was common-place has been declared illegal.

So how exactly do you build links without getting into the grey area? I asked seasoned marketers, including SEO managers, PR specialists and business owners on how they built genuine white hat links. Some of these strategies are too good and creative. Use the ‘Look Inside’ feature on this page to know what I am talking about.

Here are some of the most creative link building strategies. For just the price of a coffee.

How to get rich doing nothing

by Loranzo Spencer

A few short steps could really change your life around.Knowing and Learning the basic steps to get rich.

Kindle Publishing Unleashed

by Val U

Have a book idea and want to learn how to publish on kindle? Need some tips on how to get your kindle book published? Why should you publish on kindle? What are the benefits of publishing on kindle? Kindle Publishing Unleashed answers all of those questions for you and more. So get on the path to having your book published on kindle today and start getting sales tomorrow.

Just look for Val U to find information you can truly value.

30000 passwords ideas(letters and numbers)

by –

30000 password ideas for any thing that needs a password(10 character length) letters and numbers

Programming Sucks! — The Aspiring Developer’s Guide

by Ryan Le

Programming sucks.

Atleast that’s what I thought. I started with a closed mind. As with any new experience, there’s a lot to learn.

Concept after concept.

New struggle after struggle.

Hosing an app more than once.

HTTP protocol. Command-Line. HTML. CSS. Programming Languages. Frameworks.

Is your head ready to explode? Mine was.

I felt stuck. And more often than not, wanting to give in.

I started journaling all of my problems. It just felt like I’d never get there with too much to learn — and starting from nothing. Nothing but books that were dry, dull, too challenging, or not challenging enough. I tried to look everywhere for some inspiration — that something to spark that little voice inside the back of my head. I had a hard time finding it. Maybe you do too..? That’s where this book comes in.

This book is largely dedicated to my own experiences. In fact, when writing it, it was as if I was writing to myself a year ago. Kicking the stupid out of me one page at a time.

“Programming Sucks!” — The Aspiring Developer’s Guide is one of both personal experiences, and advice. You’ll dig deep into some basic programming concepts. This will lay out an incredible foundation, and prepare you with a solid mindset of how to proceed. It’s also not geared toward any particular programming language (although it makes heavy usage of Ruby.)

You’ll enjoy the occasional metaphoric and dry humor, while thinking outside the everyday-box and setting the stage to learn effectively as a developer.

The best way to describe this book is not one to learn how to code.

If anything, it’s a book to, “Learn learn how to code.”

I’d like to dedicate this book to you. And the fact that you won’t give up.

What’s Inside

  • Dealing with Frustration. Every programmer experiences it. Even more when you’re new. The first chapter of this book will tell you a little about my story, how to get where you want to be, making mistakes, and the pitfalls of juggling concepts and languages by multitasking.
  • Chapter 2 will provide some insight into developing Programmatic Problem Solving skills. This includes addressing problems, a unique tool known as mind mapping, as well as some bad practices of (terrible) programmers.
  • We’ll then dive into what it means to focus, and decipher the context of one of Steve Jobs’ most famous quotes, “Focus is about saying NO.” We’ll discuss the importance of why we, as developers, need to always be coding — else we’ll face consequences of wasting time and hard-earned knowledge.
  • Chapter 4 is all about the two most popular programming paradigms. We’ll learn some new lingo, as well as take an inside look of examples in programming. You’ll also develop the necessary background to understanding Object Oriented Programming. Not only that — but you’ll come face to face with what I felt, was the most struggling part of learning OOP — understanding classes and methods.
  • Chapter 5 is all about the nature of being a developer. You’ll take away one important phrase to carry with you the rest of your developing career — be the architect. Not the innovator.
  • We’ll close our book with Chapter 6 — understanding the principles of being a part of the programming community. We’ll also cover what it means to write quality code, and why it’s important.
  • This book isn’t for everybody. I wrote it with the aspiring developer in mind, the guy (or girl) who’s never programmed in their life — but has always wanted to.

    It’s also geared toward the guys like me. The guys who have had to find everything out the hard way, and at times, wanted to just quit.

    Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Heavy Duty Online Selling: Discover The Secrets to Mastering The Art of Selling Products & Services Online

Get a copy of Heavy Duty Online Selling to learn how to master the art of selling online. Discover Top Strategies that will help you persuade the Toughest Potential Customers and Generate More Sales for your business Effortlessly!

Selling online is just like selling in any context. Many people tend to think that Internet selling has to be easy. Don’t let anyone fool you by telling you that their new shiny product or package has all the tools you need. Selling is a lot of work, and that’s not different online.

The road to mastering the art of selling online is not by purchasing some “do it all for you” package. Stop wasting your time on hard to believe and never tested claims about easy money with no effort.

If you’re interested in learning how to build a business the right way so you can get the results you’re looking for and keep customers coming back for more. Get started on the right road to long-term profits online when you get a copy of “Heavy Duty Online Selling” today!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get inside:

– Learn how the selling process really works, no matter what your product or service is.

– Find out how to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, so you become the go-to person as you watch your client list and your sales increase exponentially.

– Discover the No. 1 mistake made by 99% of all e-mail marketers online and how you can grow your business for the long term doing it the right way.

– Begin to use relationship selling to market big-ticket items online, so you can sell higher-priced products to customers over a lifetime.

– Grow your business, retain customers, get free referrals, and see your reputation solidly established online so the money keeps rolling in no matter what you do.

It really is simple, but you need to know what to do. Learn what really works and how you can put it into practice today. If you would like to join the small group of successful online sellers? Get “Heavy Duty Online Selling” today and make the switch!

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