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Greek Mythology: Walk With the Gods! Your Complete Guide to Understanding Greek Mythology (Mythology – Ancient Greece – Greek Gods – Zeus)

by Myles Justus

DISCOVER:: The Secret History of Greek Mythology

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Walk with the Gods! Take an amazing journey through the history of ancient greek mythology

Greek influence stretches far across the modern world, but the most interesting thing about them is their mythology and beliefs! You’ll find that their gods are as complex as any person, and are not two dimensional at all. Very few people still believe these myths to be true, but they’re taught in schools around the world.

Even the Roman myths would incorporate aspects of Greek mythology, as it was considered to be important. From Chaos to the Roman rule there was various facets of Greek mythology that developed explanation for every aspect of the world and life.

From the rule of the Titan, to the Chaos that they were birthed from, to the Olympians the mortal heroes of Greek mythology you’ll find it all within this book. Exchanges of power, written word that was passed for centuries by word of mouth before it was finally documented, avenging daughters, cursed priestesses, and even more lay inside the pages of this book.

Discover the beauty in Greek mythology and understand the influences that has lived for ages to reach into the modern world and influence our society and culture today. This book will teach you of Chaos, discord, love, and war.

7 Reasons to Download this Book:

1. This book teaches you about the nothingness that the Greeks believed birth the world, named Chaos.

2. Inside these pages you’ll find the rise and fall of the Titans, and how the Olympians rose into power.

3. Learn about the monsters and creatures that are riddled throughout Greek mythology and the influence they had on Greek myth.

4. This book details Hercules’ birth and journey, detailing the twelve labors that absolved him of his sins.

5. This book teaches you about the Iliad and Odyssey as well as their importance to trying to understand Greek mythology and belief.

6. Inside this book you’ll find out how Romans took Greek myth into their own religion to quail any rebellions after they conquered the Greeks.

7. This book details the way Greek mythology influenced the modern world from medicine to religion to astronomy.

Download:: Greek Mythology to learn aboutâ?¦..

– The Greek Beginning

– Titan’s Rule & Destruction

– Olympians: A more Peaceful Rule

– Hercules’s Birth & Journey

– The Stories of Old

– The Creatures Hiding in Greek Myth

– A Look at the Odyssey & Homer’s Iliad

– What the Romans Stole

– Greek Mythology & Its Role

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Gettysburg: Great Battlefields of the Civil War

by Blair Howard

Early in 1863 General Lee, after his abortive invasion of Northern territory in 1862, decided to try again. The advantages of such an invasion were several fold. First he knew that any movement northward on his part must lure Major General Joseph Hooker after him and so remove the Union threat against the Confederate Capitol, Richmond. Second, a major victory in the north might alleviate the pressure on the Confederate Army of Tennessee in the west. Third, Lee would be in apposition where he could threaten, or even capture, the Pennsylvanian capitol of Harrisburg and then strike east toward Philadelphia and Baltimore. Diplomatically, then, Lee had everything to gain, for such a victory could bring European recognition of the Confederacy and perhaps even a negotiated peace with the Union. The new Southern nation would then become a reality in the eyes of the world. Unfortunately, Lee had a date with destiny at the small Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg, and with General George Meade.

This book is a short guide to the battlefield with a description of the battle, photographs, and map.

List of 700 Polish Citizens Killed While Helping Jews During the Holocaust

by The Institute of National Memory

A list and brief accounting of 700 Polish men, women and children that were killed while attempting to hide or take care of their Jewish neighbors. My great-uncle, Josef Gnidula, was one of them. He was shot dead in his house in Majdan Nowy, in the Zamosc province in Poland on December 29, 1942 for sheltering a Jewish neighbor.

Included are the names of over 150 Jewish victims as well as survivors including: Emanuel Ringelblum, Sala Rubinowicz, Else Schwarzman, Leycha KapÅ?an, Aleksander GÄ?sior, Henryk Gergera, Rozalia Jaworska, Tadeusz Lipiñski, Zygmunt MaÅ?us, StanisÅ?aw Peżyk, Tomasz PÅ?atek, Sylweriusz PÅ?atek, Edward Rżysko, WÅ?adysÅ?aw Saski, Eugeniusz Skwieciñski, Marian Smater, Piotr Smater, Jan Szczêsny, Józefa Szyperska, Aleksandra WÄ?sowska, Jan WÄ?sowska, MieczysÅ?aw WÄ?sowski, WÅ?adysÅ?aw Wójcicki, Jan Zagañczyk…

Eb: The Life and Times of Ebenezer Hanks: Developing the West and Promoting Pioneer Industries

by Rod Stone

Western history, Mormon history, life in the west is all shown in the stories found in “Eb.” Ebenezer Hanks helped develop the west in the mid 1800’s. He was: a pioneer; a soldier; a merchant; a freighter; involved in iron mining and smelting; in cotton manufacturing; in lumbering; and building; a judge and a mayor. A variety of lives made up the life of Eb Hanks. These stories also tell about the times and did show that many people of this time were not as nice as we have been led to believe. This book has stories of his time and some stories of the years of his children. If you are interested in this period of America you will find “Eb” worth your time.

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