Free poetry Kindle books for 13 Aug 14

Dark Poems by a troubled teenage mind

by Prince Lucious

Dark Poems by a troubled teenage mind is a collection of over 30 poems written by Prince Lucious. Prince Lucious is an alias of a troubled young man who suffered with depression, insomnia and a desire to end his own life from the age of thriteen. At eighteen he seeked professional help and now at nineteen he has decided to release the poems he wrote during these rough times. A must read for teenagers who feel like no one understands them and a good read for all adults. All profits from the book will be donated to his local youth center.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela: An Ode To The MADIBA

by Murtaza Micky Yusuf

An ode to the MADIBA is a manifestation of the author’s deep reflection about the eminence,the influence and the beneficence of Nelson Rolihlahlah Mandela…….

Poetry by Ali Gibson: Thoughts of Captured Nightmares

by Ali Gibson

A book of dark and macabre poetry full of life and passion, this short anthology is an intense yet interesting read written by a young, modern author from Ireland. Publisher: United PC.

Saucy Sonnets

by Allan Emery

Saucy Sonnets by Allan Emery, a poetry book for the ages, includes 36 different sonnet forms written in perfect rhyme and meter; that is, if the form had called for it! From volta to meter, rhyme to syllable count and ingenious use of poetic devices such as alliteration and metaphor, Allan Emery brings to the poetry community what no other author has presented before! Not only does he perfect the art of sonnet writing again and again, but the spiritual and romantic messages he delivers throughout his works are enlightening and uplifting. What the reader can expect to take away from this book of perfectly written and varied sonnets forms is a rich experience, in the culture of writing.


by Lee Robbins

28 poems covering the light and dark side of human emotions.

The Book of Colin: A Complete (at time of going to press) Collection of Poetry

by Colin Davies

The Book of Colin is a collection of poetry covering a wide array of subjects that range from the serious matters of hate and love, memories of childhood and the loss of a parent, historical ghost stories to an affection for the number 5.

Colin has gathered together all his poetry works into one place as an attempt to provide the reader with an opportunity to glean some form of personal insight or deeper connection to the subject and the feeling. Connecting with the author on a level that may not have been intended, but is certainly there is one of the great joys of the written word.

While poetry has primarily been a means of personal expression for Colin through the years, it is his hope that in taking the time to look through this collection, you find a piece that also means something to you.

And if he manages to do this, while at the same time making the name ‘Colin’ cool, he’ll be a very happy man indeed

Crayons Dipped In Flowing Colours

by Chris G. Vaillancourt

Crayons. Colours. Merging. Flowing. We are all shades of colours constantly changing and melting into new patterns and moods. We are one in our thoughts, and one in our hearts. We are what we are. No more, no less.

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