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Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses: A Parent’s Survival Guide to Kindergarten

by Kathleen Benyo

In this eBook, parents will find all the necessary information to survive the start of kindergarten. It provides specific and clear recommendations and suggestions. With topics listed alphabetically, it offers valuable tips for teachers to share with parents and parents to share with each other.

Wrecked!: An adjuster saves you heartache, hassle and money too

by David Bryan

Mangled twisted metal, frayed wires, massive destructive charges of electricity, charred wreckage, crushed driver and passenger compartments, deployed air bags, extensive costly damage, hassle, heartache and death, these perils await just outside your door! Most drivers and vehicle owners hardly think twice about the risks taken simply by driving, fewer still can imagine the potential causes of damage awaiting even a parked unoccupied vehicle. Through stories you will hardly believe, detailed pictures and explanations, the perilous world outside your door is explored to help you avoid financial, physical and emotional disaster. For over two decades the author has been immersed in the insurance and automotive repair industries and has seen it all. The knowledge and experience gained over this time is invaluable in avoiding costly situations you would never dream of finding yourself in.

Everyday thousands of people from every walk of life start their day and encounter disaster or loss they never expected. Some are in accidents and are left owing tens of thousands of dollars not covered by insurance. Others find their vehicle inexplicably rendered useless and the repair costs astronomical. Whether a seasoned veteran driver or just learning we all need to be aware these perils.

The author also decodes insurance estimates, and demystifies body repairs for those curious or already affected by the unexpected. Know what is going to happen to your vehicle and what the insurance company is actually paying for.

College Freshman 101: A Guide for College Students: Guaranteeing a Successful Start to College

by Janet Bloomberg

You’re almost a college freshman and the excitement builds higher and higher with each moment that passes. However, are you truly ready for freshman year? You’ve heard the tales from previous friends who have taken this route, you’ve seen a college freshman or two in the movies get completely lost while on campus. Are you really ready to have all of this and more happen to you?

Certainly, being a college freshman can be demanding. Not only will you need to get acquainted with a new way of learning, but you’ve got to get to know the campus and even got to start from scratch in order to make friends.

This book is designed for the college freshman who wants to get it right the first time. There truly is no need to fear this exceptionally large step that you’ll be taking in a few months or perhaps as little as a few weeks. In fact, it’s a time to celebrate. There’s so much to learn, so much life to live and being in college is just one of those badges that you’ve really got to wear proudly.

Have fun during your freshman year, but don’t forget the reason you went to college in the first place, to learn. This ebook will help you, as a college freshman to stay on the right path and to get that equal balance of fun and education during the first year of many more years in the college scene.

Investing Mistakes: How To Avoid These Common Investing Pitfalls

by Bill Wathers

Make Investing Look Easy By Avoiding These Problems

Investing can be extremely lucrative but it can also be extremely frustrating. Any experienced and intelligent investor will tell you that they probably went through a lot of hard times before they became successful. This book can be your shortcut. Learn from the mistakes of others without going through the pain of making the mistakes with your own cold, hard cash!

In Investing Mistakes you will learn –

  • The One Thing You Must Do Before You Invest – Every Time!
  • The Single Most Important Thing You Have to Ask Yourself before You Invest
  • 2 Simple Things That Most Investors Forget About (Until It Burns Them A Few Times That Is)
  • The Simple Step That Can Save You Thousands If Done At The Right Time
  • Plus Much More!
  • You don’t have to make the mistakes on your own to learn from them. Imagine how easy you’ll make it look when you read about how to avoid the mistakes others make and avoid them effortlessly. They’ll all call you a natural! Ready Investing Mistakes and become an Intelligent Investor today!

    Common Core Standards and Banned Books Week: A Thematic Guide to Introducing Banned and Challenged Books in the Classroom

    by Pat Scales

    Banned Books Week is celebrated the last full week in September and strives to make the public aware of books that have been banned or challenged in schools and public libraries, as well as in bookstores and other venues. Founded in 1982, the event is sponsored by the American Library Association, American Booksellers Association, American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, American Society of Journalists and Authors, and the Association of American Publishers. The activities that champion the freedom to read during Banned Books Week include displays of banned or challenged books and read-outs in communities across the nation. In 2012, the American Library Association marked the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week by asking libraries in every state to participate in a virtual read-out. Recordings of these read-outs and of writers talking about challenges to their books are  posted on a Banned Books Week Channel on YouTube. Students should understand that they do have the freedom to read, and they should use this week to become aware of attempts to abridge their rights.

    How to Improve Memory:Simple And Easy Techniques To Help Improve Your Memory Instantly!

    by Neil Ward

    Are You Looking to improve your memory?…well if you are, than this is the book for you!…In “How to Improve Memory:Simple And Easy Techniques To Help Improve Your Memory Instantly! You will not only learn how to improve your memory but you will also get answers to:

    1..What is the best way to improve your memory skills?

    2..What’s the most effective way to improve your memory and concentration span?

    3..What are some effective ways to enhance your memory and improve your recall ?

    4..Does Omega 3 improve your memory and concentration?

    5..Does reading improve your memory?

    And Much Much More!!

    You deserve the best, and it gets no better than, “How to Improve Memory:Simple And Easy Techniques To Help Improve Your Memory Instantly!

    Pick it up today!!

    Zero! (Learning Numbers Series)

    by Demeree B. Hatton

    This book is part of a learning series.This book in the series teaches little children, about the number zero.

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