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THE TEN MOST POWERFUL PRAYERS EVER: Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever! (Prayers, Bible, Prayers for women, Religious, Devotion, Jesus, God, Lord, Father, Christ, Jesus Christ, Christian)

by A.K.A. Rizer

THE TEN MOST POWERFUL PRAYERS EVER: Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever!

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The compendium features ten chapters representing ten different sets of powerful prayers that have been proven to change our lives. These are the most powerful prayers because they remind the readers of the things that one must do with his life and the path that he should take.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Receive ..

  • Prayers for God
  • Prayers for Strengthened Faith
  • Prayers for People Close to You
  • Prayers for All Other People
  • Prayers for Virtues
  • Prayers for a Better Self
  • Prayers for a Positive Change
  • Prayers against Sins
  • Much, much more!

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The Christian Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Practice: Your Key to Forgiving Yourself, Accepting God’s Forgiveness, Releasing Guilt and Fear, Finding Inner … Letting go of Guilt Book 1)

by Angela Parish


Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation

From: Angela Parish

As Christians, we are told that when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, our sins are forgiven and washed away.

Yet, many of us cannot allow ourselves to accept God’s forgiveness because we feel unworthy of His love. Or we can’t let go of guilt for our past transgressions …

transgressions for which our Father has already forgiven us!!

The Christian Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Practice will help you let go of those feelings and emotional blocks that prevent you from personally knowing the Savior. When you open yourself to receive the Father’s forgiveness and love, you will live the life He promised you but that you never thought possible.

Ho’oponopono means to “make right” and is the Hawaiian code for forgiveness. In this updated and expanded book, author Angela Parish takes the traditional Hawaiian forgiveness practice and adapts it for today’s Christian, providing a powerful technique to help a person forgive himself of deep guilt and subconsciously held pain that originated as early as young childhood.

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… and get a FREE BONUS MEDITATION to forgive yourself and forgive others!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Open your heart to receive the forgiveness and blessings that God has promised you
  • Remove emotional blocks that prevent you from personally knowing and experiencing your Savior in your life
  • Learn to forgive yourself and release deep-seated guilt that originated as early as childhood
  • Through the love and power of your Savior, release resentment, fear, anger, and

    hatred toward those who have hurt you
  • Remove emotional blocks and reclaim the Christ power in your life that Jesus promised each one of us
  • Much, much more!

Check Out What Others Are Saying…

“I’m so happy that God put you in my path! I really have to forgive myself and my past… and the emotional scars I caused myself. I heard of Ho’oponopono but was scared of doing it because I recently came in to the Christian life, but your version is really working ( and it’s day one). I’m super excited!! thank you so much” Richard Gonzales

“Greetings to you in the name of The Lord. You are really an angel. You are simply raising me up and clearing many misunderstanding one had in the past on how Christians should think and behave. I was tore in between following Ho’oponopono and Christianity and was about to give up one and accept the other but the Lord kindly sent you, Angel Angela to save me. Million thanks and obeisance.” Cecil M.

Download “Christian Ho’oponopono” right now…

… and get a FREE BONUS MEDITATION to forgive yourself and forgive others!

Tarot Card

by ellen kim

#1 Book on Tarot Cards 

Chakra Series 1 (Book 6) – Third-eye Chakras

by Viv Rosser

What is so special about the Third-eye Chakra? It is our route to a spiritual awakening.

It is the last major chakra that resonates in the body. Connected to the pineal gland in the human brain it can open up undefinable possibilities. It has mystic qualities many of us cannot even comprehend.

Accompanying brief and clear information on the Third-eye or Brow Chakra this book is full of visual material; plenty of mandalas and chakra colours for meditation are included because it is designed for kindle-fire and tablets, PC.s, and laptops with the easily downloaded kindle-fire app.

I hope you have fun with this one before the final book of the first chakra series…the Crown Chakra.

The Confidence Workbook: Simple Strategies to Raise Your Self Esteem, Overcome Social Anxiety, and Live the Life of Your Dreams (Become a Master of Communication, Influence, and Leadership Book 5)

by Luke Williams

h2>You’re About To Discover How You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams By Improving Your Self Confidence!

This book contains proven strategies that will help you develop your confidence in every area of your life. You will improve your self esteem, conquer social anxiety, and even learn how to achieve your peak performance. This book will explain to you everything you need to know to improve your self confidence. Each chapter includes an assignment that is specially crafted to gradually grow your confidence and abilities. You will put yourself to the test with each chapter as you gradually raise the bar.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why Confidence Matters.
  • How to Raise Your Self Esteem
  • How to Conquer Social Anxiety Forever
  • How to Operate in a State of Peak Performance
  • How to Continually Grow Your Confidence Levels
  • How to Quickly Master any Area of Your Life.


    Tags: Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Self Improvement, Personal Development, Social Anxiety, Anxiety, Success, Peak Performance

Mode Of Living: The Flame

by Bornbazie Flame

Highly controversial this pioneering book will unlock pandoras box and smash conventional understanding of reality.

Learn the Teachings of Secret Societies, Mystery Schools, Highest order of the Vatican, and other religious institutions without blood ties, or expensive initiation.

Mode of Living – the love based lifestyle is a mix of ancient and contemporary knowledge. It not only bridges religion and science but provides a step by step guid to living a content life that limits disease, which is a consequence of not living in love.

The theory behind the soul, and other New Age claims has arrived. Breakthrough connections have been made between chakra, the aura, and science.

Your current moment and all that you will experience is predestined by how your mind and energy field was configured. Conditioning of the mind happened consciously and unconsciously due to the circumstances that shaped you. Would you like to know the strategy of how to raise your potential and hack your energy to achieve the success you want?

Expand your awareness and rewrite your life.

The ebook informs how to develop a deeper understanding of the human condition, and how that awareness can be applied for achieving vitality, wellbeing, and optimal health. It can also be used to overcome complicated diseases, and as a preventative of developing hereditary dysfunctions such as balding.

Designed to satisfy your every aspect.

The feeling of content and satisfaction is gained by living in alignment with your individuality. When failing to live your dream you have negative thoughts causing consumption of negative frequencies. Also, the flow of love that is abundantly available when living for your purpose stops. You must consume positive immaterial and material energy to live in balance. The true balanced diet is unknown to glossy magazines and health organisation. You must feed your soul as well as you feed your body, as to neglect one is to neglect both.

Personal Growth Meditations (Book 3) – Healthy Relationship

by Viv Rosser

One of the skills that not only liberates us as human beings, but makes us stand out in any field of life and leads to our happy existence, is being able to maintain healthy relationships.

Our ability to understanding how to do this isn’t necessarily based on good will. Yes it takes an open Heart Chakra, one of love and compassion, but it also takes a realistic Base Chakra to become grounded and an active Solar Chakra for a positive sense of self and an active Throat Chakra for genuine communication.

We may need to understand our unconscious selves through the Third-eye and Sacral Chakras too, in order to experience holistic, happy and healthy relationships. This book offers a visual meditation to guide you through these Chakras towards your heart’s wisdom and understanding, for balance and harmony. It uses mandalas and chakra colours to aid the development of relationship skills; skills which no matter how successfully you may use them already, can always be fine-tuned and enhanced.

Designed for kindle fire it provides a visual meditation with a few words of description, some explanation and guidance and a considerable amount of common sense accumulated from my days working in psychology and relational therapy. I hope you enjoy it, and the chakra mandalas support you in being able to trust your heart and appreciate the best ways to use chakra energy.

How to Live the Law of Abundance: The Easy Guide to the Law of Attraction and Manifesting Success (Become a Master of Communication, Influence, and Leadership Book 7)

by Luke Williams

You’re About To Discover How You Can Live A Life Of Abundance and Manifest Success By utilizing The Law Of Attraction!

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to immediately start applying the law of attraction to your life and instantly start reaping the rewards that this truly remarkable method can create!

Supercharge your life goals by creating and aura of positivity and abundance easily allowing you achieve more than you ever felt possible!

Negative thoughts and feelings in life are inevitable. However, by focusing our thoughts and energy on manifesting our hopes, dreams and goals with single minded determination we can totally change the outlook of our lives forever.

If your struggling at work, want more money or have had little success within your love life the techniques shown in this book can have an untold effect on the direction of your future.

In this book, you will learn the exact nature and origins of the law of attraction, how to start manifesting greater abundance within your on life and how you can use the law of attraction to manifest success in specific areas such as those mentioned above like money and dating. We’ll also cover how you can blend the law of attraction into a life of renewed positivity to allow you to fast forward your dreams into reality.

The abundance mindset can truly change your entire out look on life with a few simply steps; there has never been a better time to take that first step than today!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is the law of attraction and the beliefs behind it.
  • Positivity vs Negativity.
  • How to apply the law of attraction to your life.
  • How to specifically use the law of attraction to gain a better job and more money.
  • How to bring abundance to your home, family and love life.
  • How to improve the quality of your manifestations and thinking.


    Tags: Law of Abundance, Law of Attraction, Manifesting Success, Manifesting, Positive Thinking, Self Improvement, Personal Growth

Zen: Find Inner Peace & Happiness through Zen Meditation (Buddhism, Zen Meditation)

by Tashi Lingpa

DISCOVER: How to practice Zen Meditation in your Everyday Life!

Want to lead a balanced life with true happiness and inner peace? Interested to follow a philosophy that will lead you to self-actualization? Looking for a way to regain your mental & emotional balance in this fast paced world? Do you want to transform all your negative thoughts to positive thoughts? Zen Meditation is the solution.

Why Practice Zen Meditation in Everyday Life?

The modern life moves at a hectic pace and with many daily demands. If not checked, fast paced living is the source of stressed and over-worked individuals. If only we could stop among all these and create some quiet time for Zen meditation! Zen meditation makes the mind calmer, more focused and highly rejuvenated. It takes only ten to fifteen minutes to perform Zen meditation each day. When done daily, you will also be able to overcome mental disturbances and come out from unhappiness to a joyous state. The main purpose of Zen meditation is to help overcome negative thinking and cultivate a positive attitude with constructive reasoning. This is deeply rooted in the Buddhist traditions and will ensure mental stability, better living and inward tranquility.

DOWNLOAD: Zen: Find Inner Peace and Happiness through Zen Meditation

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn in this book…

  • What is Zen Meditation?
  • What are the teachings of Zen?
  • How does practicing Zen bring inner peace?
  • What is the right posture for Zen meditation?
  • How does Zen heal the body?
  • How does Zen heal the mind?
  • Whys is reciting Mantras important?
  • And much, much more!

Includes BONUS CHAPTERS on Tips to Recite a Mantra and Focusing your Attentions during Zen Meditation!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

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My Vietnam Vision

by Sam Peters

This short eBook chronicles my take during a church mission trip to Vietnam in 2014. It is my first foreign mission journey and it was life changing. God is doing a miraculous work in Southeast Asia and the United Methodist Church is playing a major role in it.

The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer

by Alexander Mackenzie

The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer contains a brief history, and discusses the prophecies of Coinneach Odhar.

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The Art of Numerology: numerology calculator,numerology,name numerology,numerology chart,astrology numerology,numerology compatibility,numerology number meanings

by James Treybig

The Most Effective Guide on Numerology 



By Kindle And Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

Christopher David Allen

A Concisely Written And Information Rich How To Book And Self-Help Guide
No Nonsense – No Fluff – No Mindless Filler

Stress Can Kill – Reduce Risk & Save Your Life Or A Loved One’s Life From Death Or Disease – How To Book & Guide For Smart Dummies


The prefix “dis” followed by the word “ease”, meaning no ease or a lack of ease. A lack of ease is also known as STRESS â?¦ a well know killer!

Extraordinarily Important Note:

It has recently been established that stress causes your body’s cells to close. When this happens, your cells can’t receive nutrients and will weaken and become susceptible to disease or die. This explains why some people with the same disease will be healed while others with the same disease will decline and die. We have always known that stress is a killer but we now have scientific evidence to confirm Why Stress Is a Killer. Your cells can’t absorb the nutrients they need to live and ward off disease when you are stressed.

Stress is not only a chemical disaster in your body â?¦ stress can kill you.

Strong Recommendation:

Reduce stress at home, work, and at play. You should reduce physical, financial, emotional, and all other types stress. You will live longer, healthier, happier and enjoy a more fulfilled life for doing so.

Table Of Contents

Definition Of Disease
Stress Is A Chemical Disaster In The Body
Extraordinarily Important Recent Discovery About Stress
Mental Attitude & Belief Systems
I Love Myself So Much
Thrilled Passion
Monster Negativity Epidemic
Self Awareness
Mental Health & Depression
Fear Is A Four-Letter Word
Alarm Clock Shocker
Amazing Water Cure
Artificial Lighting Danger
Antioxidant Heros
Weight Loss
Rebounding Miracle Exercise
Strength Training – This Is Hugely Important
Good Health Healing Switch
Author’s Afterthoughts

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by Claudius Ptolemy

Tetrabiblos is an ancient text concerning astrology and the zodiac.

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The Ancient Church

by William D. Killen

The Ancient Church is a massive history of the early Christian Church.

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MASTER WHATEVER YOU WANT: drive,commitment, desire,willingness,and focus

by Paul Green

Master of Whatever You Want

Have you heard the famous saying “whatsoever a man thinks in his heart so is he is he” As you navigate the course of your life, you are in charge of that ship and you are responsible for steering it to a proper destination. On this journey you will be enlightened as to ways you can change your mindset as failure to do so will result in you not being able to change reality and to make any real progress in your life. Learn the ways to increase self confidence. Did you know that belief about yourself affects your self image?  

Replacing negative beliefs with positive beliefs is another key ingredient in this transformational process. Discover how to cultivate persistence and learn the six steps of emotional mastery. You will be very delighted when you are introduced to the 10 negative emotions and the 10 emotions of power. To top it off!  Get familiar with the guidelines to positive goal setting! This eBook will empower you to change!

Shakers : Compendium of the Origin, History, Principles, Rules and Regulations, Government, and Doctrines of the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing

by F.W. Evans

Shakers : Compendium of the Origin, History, Principles, Rules and Regulations, Government, and Doctrines of the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing also includes six biographies of the founders of the Shaker Society.

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History of the Moravian Church

by Joseph E. Hutton

History of the Moravian Church chronicles the Church from its founding to the end of the 19th century.

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Notes on the Book of Revelation

by John Nelson Darby

Notes on the Book of Revelation were written by noted Bible teacher John Nelson Darby.

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The Scots Confession

by John Knox

The Scots Confession is a confession of faith written in 1560 by six Protestant leaders in Scotland.

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A Jesuit Cardinal, Robert Bellarmine

by William Harris Rule

A Jesuit Cardinal, Robert Bellarmine is a biography of the famous Doctor of the Church.

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Ulfilas Apostle of the Goths

by Charles Anderson Scott

Ulfilas Apostle of the Goths is a biography of the Gothic bishop.

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