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Kaeleb’s Dad

by Michael Walsh

There I stood in the hospital dumbfounded, distraught and heartbroken. How could this be happeningâ?¦again? Having lost one baby to SIDS was torture. How could my beautiful wife and I face the possibility of losing another child to the same terrifying illness?

Join me as I recall one of the most horrific times in both mine and my wife’s life. Learn how we overcame the largest obstacle we have ever been faced with and managed to help others who found themselves facing the same turmoil.

This story it not fictitious…It is a recollection of events that occurred during the first year of our son’s life. It was a heart wrenching year of terror filled with many ups and downsâ??a year that forever changed our lives!

DRONES: The Truth About Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UFO’s, Secret Societies, Government Conspiracy)

by Brenda Foster


Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Are drones flying near your home? Is your privacy at risk? Is your safety a concern? Are you being spied on? Is it legal? Just exactly how are drones being used? Get an unbiased glimpse into the world of drones.


  • The History of Drones
  • Advantages
  • Commercial Uses
  • Personal Uses
  • Privacy Issues
  • Safety Concerns
  • Are You Being Spied On?
  • The Future Of Drones
  • Much, much more!

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Math Word Problems for Kids : Grade 1 Math Books for Kids with Pictures and Illustrations: Math Addition and Subtraction – Illustrated Kids Math Workbooks (Illustrated Math Workbooks)

by Priyank Gala

Solving Word Problems is one of the biggest hurdle that kids face in Algebra. A bit of imagination is required to understand and solve these type of problems along with the calculations.

This book breaks simple word problems using graphics thus helping the kids to visualize and understand the word problems. It develops the imaginative thinking required to solve these problems from an early level. This will help the kids to solve difficult problems as they will learn to imagine, analyze and break the problem into small parts which gives a better understanding on how to solve these type of problems.

Type 2 Diabetes: How to Kick its Ass

by Michael Ward

If you have type 2 diabetes then this book can be used to free yourself from this dread disease. If you do not have type 2 diabetes then the information in the book about pressure on tipping points, changes to diet and exercise and stimulation of Glucose Transporter 4 by specifically targeted exercises can help you put in place practices that will help you avoid becoming diabetic.

The highest blood sugar level I have had in a medical test is 293 mg/dl (16.28 mmol/L). People don’t come back from that level, but I did. It took me four weeks to research type 2 diabetes, and a further eight weeks to bring my blood sugar levels back into the normal range. That was more than five years ago, and for the most part, they have stayed there ever since. You probably noticed I used the words “for the most part”, and that was deliberate because type 2 diabetes is like an invader in your house. You can push him out, and you can build fences to keep him out, but if you drop your guard he can sneak back in. This book is about one thing, and one thing only, and that is how to balance blood sugar levels. When the Russian army used to attack in the days of Czarist Russia they would often attack from five different directions at once. An attack like that is devastating, and can easily overwhelm an enemy. Type 2 diabetes is your enemy, make no mistake about it. If you want to win, then you must attack like the Russian army, from a multitude of different directions.

I am just an ordinary man. I fought type 2 diabetes and won. Come with me on a journey and see if you can do what I did.

Logistics Research: Studies in Logistics

Studies in Logistics


* A global analysis of logistics and business services in developed and developing countries

* The performances of logistics services in developed and developing countries: A review and cluster analysis

* The dynamic relationships between the choices of transport mode and fuel type: the case of Turkey

Big City Prepping: Urban Prepping For When SHTF and How to Survive

by Jonathan Greenwood

Prepping is for everyone

More and more people are being drawn to the prepper lifestyle and the reasons are aplenty. However, what’s important to keep in mind when prepping, is that location matters and it matters a great deal. Homes in the city are typically smaller and thus, finding the space to store all the items you’ll need when SHTF can be rather difficult. This book will serve as your guide in prepping right, decluttering, freeing up space, and overall, prepping for a SHTF situation in an urban environment.

There’s no wrong time to start prepping. After all, we’re all survivalists at heart and even though it may seem like a long route, it’s a very necessary one. Prepper or non prepper, every day that you head to the grocery store or pop into the gas station, you’re prepping. The only difference is that you’re prepping for the day/week rather than for a specific scenario. Of course, without even thinking about it, we’re prepping for some pretty shaky scenarios too, just not as extreme. Everyone who’s taken a first aid course, or has a first aid kit in their home, is already a prepper. Everyone who has more than an hour’s worth of food in their refrigerator is already a prepper. So why not take things a little further? Why not start prepping on a larger scale. The unfortunate thing about the economy, politics and the world in general, is that we never know when we’ll be fighting for survival. Mother-nature also has her way of throwing the unexpected at us.

As a prepper, you’ll be okay in such situations. You’ll have the resources you need to get through the days and provide for you and your family. This book will also give you an idea of the things that you need to include in your stockpile as well as why they are important. As one of the most important part of prepping, stockpiling needs to be done properly. The way in which foods in your stockpile are stored as well as the actual foods that you include in your stockpile are very important.

Prepping isn’t hard and there’s no reason why you can’t move forward and start prepping for the unexpected, but the very likely.

Calling all survivalists and preppers!

Survivalists know just how much having the right supplies at the right time matters. If you’re already getting a bit shaky and put on edge by the news and all the doomsday situations waiting to happen, then of course, the prepping lifestyle is one that you’re more than likely very interested in.

With this prepping ebook, you’ll have all you need to get started. The city is a scary place for a prepper but there is by no means any reason why a prepper can’t flourish just as well here, not when things are done right.

Get your stockpile in check, get your first aid kit up to date and gather all your resources, because your life as a survivalist starts now. Prep, prep and prep some more, it’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the only thing to do.

Know that being ahead and gathering supplies in an efficient manner will mean that you’ve got the edge on a Doomsday or SHTF scenario.

Prepping is fun, and prepping is the smart thing to do!

Short Textbook of Surgery (STBS)

by Dr. Farhad Hussain


This book is born out of desire to provide a complete, authoritative, current short textbook on surgery. We are fortunate to have been guided by our teachers and supported by our colleagues throughout this goal.

An attempt has been made to make this book reader-friendly, while not compromising on the aspect of providing students with necessary information and a better clinical understanding of surgery. Text has been presented in a simple and lucid language so as to help understand and give a summary of the subject better. New topics like fascinating signs, misnomers, triads and other interesting chapters like “Day Care Surgery” have been included. While this book has been compiled with undergraduates in mind, we are confident that it will serve as a useful reference for postgraduates.

In compiling this book we have consulted many authoritative books (Bailey and Love’s, SRB’s Manual of Surgery, Clinical Surgery by S.Das.) and we sincerely express our appreciation and gratitude to all of them.

We are grateful to our chairman Prof: Akmal Jamal for guiding us throughout the writing of this book.

We thank Dr. PK lohana for guiding in every step till the publication of the book.

In the end we are grateful to our all classmates and our friends Dr. Dilnawaz Samoon, Dr. Faisal Memon, Dr. Ali Kashif Malik and Dr. Bilal Memon for their moral support. We do pray for the students who will read this book and apply the knowledge in their respective fields. Your valuable comments and constructive criticism is welcomed. Our correspondence address is [email protected]

December 2011 Farhad Hussain Memon (IZAZ-E-SABQAT)


Arif Ali Jatoi


Akiak: the Brave: Tale of a snowy owl family

by D A Fontaine

A heart warming story of Akiak, a snowy owl forced to leave his home in the arctic, and head to the “hardtop”, with his family. Hardship ensues, before and during their journey, but beauty is all around, as this descriptive short story takes you along for a delightful afternoon read. It’s a short story and a half at 7,000 words.

“I was soaring, my wings spread out from my sides, the air moving beneath my body, flowing seamlessly, as I searched the arctic tundra. My eyes wide, my head lowered as I circled slowly, dropping my pure white body from the crisp blue sky. In an instant, my wings lifted, my sharp talons stretching forward, reaching, ready to grab the little lemming, sitting silently under the white fluffy snow. Winter had not yet left us, its grip holding on, the snow still blanketing the arctic tundra. Spring had not yet arrived in the land of the midnight sun.

I heard it, the little lemming, now sitting still, not moving, frozen in fear, just below the surface of the blinding white powder. I drew closer, the shadow from my body reaching far behind me, keeping my location in the sky hidden. The lemming, I thought, would be unable to detect my presence. My legs moved forward, my talons pulled out, sharp, ready to grab it as I swooped by.

Suddenly the snow jumped, leaping up to meet me, teeth digging into my outstretched wing. Nappatak, I shouted, the fox still white from the winter season had sat camouflaged, blending in perfectly with the white fluffy snow, hunting the very lemming I was diving for. With great force I pulled my wings to my body, the air lifting me, forcing his teeth to release their grip. He dropped to the ground, watching me as I flew silently away missing a large white feather, still in the mouth of the arctic fox.”

Balin: the Strong: Tale of a Moose family

by D A Fontaine

A heartwarming story of Balin, as he and his twin Lily, grow up in the wetlands. A lovely descriptive story that takes you along a on a journey through the early years of a moose.

This is a fiction short story for adults and children alike, however it may be best enjoyed, if read to your young ones, as you share a hot chocolate by the fire.

“I fell to the forest floor, the soft ground covered with green grass, still wet with morning dew, cradled my body. I laid there, looking up at the blue sky, learning of my surroundings, with new eyes just opened for the first time. A face, broke through the morning fog, blanketing the meadow where I lay. The large eyes, soft and brown, blinking slowly, were starring at me as she stroked me with her tongue, covering my entire body, removing the scent of my birth.

Rolling from side to side, I bumped an object and heard a soft groan. I laid still now, on my opposite flank and saw a small reddish brown clump, lying next to me. It was moving, raising up and down keeping time with my own breath.”


The Consequences of Overpopulation in Los Angeles

by Josh Banuelos

“The Consequences of Overpopulation in Los Angeles” provides the reader with a clear and well understanding of the major problems Angelinos are being forced to face. The author outlines what happens when a region begins to get over populated and results in serious problems which eventually lead to death. And becomes almost impossible to stop. Most of all Los Angeles environmental problems are caused by overpopulation. Problems like air pollution, water pollution, resource depletion, waste management. As time goes by these problems are getting harder to control. That’s why I need the help from everyone who reads this book to help pass the word on and help prevent a horrific future for our grandchildren and our environment.

I wrote this book hoping to pass the word letting everyone know. even those not living in Los Angeles this can already be happening in your city or town. cars everywhere, trains and busses running around the clock, airplanes flying over your house. Help prevent our demise. Go Green!

What’s in a Prepper’s Pantry?: Creating a Survivalist’s Dream Pantry

by Jonathan Greenwood

When prepping for a disaster, it’s imperative that certain items make their way into your stockpile. This book will serve as a guide to stockpiling properly and thus, ensuring that in the case of a disaster, your stockpile has all the items it needs in order to provide you with comfort and ease, even in a stressful situation.

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