Free war Kindle books for 13 Aug 14

Red Zone

by Mark Frankland

6000 Asylum Seekers are housed in the giant tower blocks of Sighthill in Glasgow. A vast unexploded human bomb. The clock is ticking . . .

“An unrelenting pile driver of a read”

An asylum seeker goes berserk on the late night streets of Sighthill. Three local teenagers are hacked to death. The worst riot Glasgow has seen in a generation rages through the night.

The Israeli Defence Forces stage a dawn raid on a house in Gaza city. Mahmoud Bishawa, the most notorious of all Palestinian fighters, is taken into custody to await trial and execution.

Two events. By pure accident they happen within hours of each other. Two events that are in no way related. Two events in two cities thousands of miles apart.

It is the plan of one man which draws the two events together. Khalil Bishawa will go to any lengths to secure the freedom of his brother.

He brings the savagery of fifty years of fighting between the Israelis and the Palestinians to the towering blocks of the Sighthill Estate.

He takes the people of Glasgow into the Red Zone.

“You watch the news and see the pictures from Gaza and the West Bank and think it will never affect you. You won’t feel the same when you turn the last page.”

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