Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 14 Aug 14

Jason Youn’s 99c Photography Guide

by Jason Youn

This is a must read for beginners to intermediate.

Award winning photographer Jason Youn explains everything you need to know about photography in a way that anyone can understand. The information is concise and the illustrations are simple, direct and perfectly formatted for your Kindle, iPad or other eReader.This book merges the science and the art of photography.

Learn all about:
-f/Stops and Aperture
-Shutter Speed and ISO
-White Balance and Color Temperature


Also learn about:
-The rule of thirds
-Color & Brightness
-Frame Within A Frame
-Leading Lines
-Leading Looks

Even Learn
-Mixed Light
-Natural & Artificial Light
-Fill flash

Jason Youn’s book is written for everyone so that anyone can understand both the Science and the Art of photography.

Studies in Design and Culture 1: Design Evolution. Big Bang to Big Data.

by Maurice Barnwell

Studies in Design and Culture are six related books that offer an alternative view of the role of design in human culture. They references design history, design process, cultural studies, media studies, visual culture, political culture, and information technologies, making reference to the full spectrum of design disciplines. They provide an historical, multi-cultural resource to assist in the development of creative strategies and in the generation of future visions.

Sexy Pantyhose Playground (Erotic photography striptease photo books Book 6)

by Ivan Golov

This series contains 95 sexy erotic adult photos. Slide through Hi Res sexy photo book with ease.

Enjoy adult erotic photography at its finest.

Hi quality sexy photo books with striptease pictures of hot girls,

horny women stripping off lingerie many of them taking off bra and thong.

Spam Hummer, P.I.

by Dan Boutwell

Along the line of the old detective thrillers of the 1940s through 1960s, Spam Hummer lives the life of a private-eye. With his girl Friday, Cassidy, his buddy on the police force, Dave Frisco, and a mentor who owns Hannity’s Bar, Spam takes on the cases that wander through the doorway of his one room office.

Originally created as a single short story, Spam’s character grew into a series of stories until the number of stories justified combining them into one consolidted work. Spam Hummer, P.I., takes the reader back to the days when detective stories were voiced over the radio and paperback books detailing their adventures could be purchased for 25 cents.

After writing eighteen stories about Spam and his friends, the author, Dan Boutwell, felt they needed to be shared with the rest of the world, resulting in the compilation of this series of “capers”, each one being introduced by an editor who fills the roll of the speak-over narrator of the old television series. So, let me introduce to you, wiithin the pages of this work, Spam Hummer, P.I.

MAKING MONEY SELLING BEATS ONLINE: make beats online, online beat maker, music maker, create music, music maker, mix music, beat maker online


Selling Beats Online

With digital technology it becomes so easy to create songs and music from scratch! Starting is the most challenging part is the start, but once you get going, who knows where the song will go? When you start, it is important that you design some decent promotional materials. Discover why it important to play as often as you can. As a musician, you must recognize that it takes hard work and patience.  Find out why it is so important to cough up the money to register your song with the copyright office. Learn to take advice only from people who have talk the talk and walk the walk. It is very important that you learn as much as possible about the music business once you decide to enter. Beware of some attorneys, not all will have your interest at heart. As you take this journey, learn how to sell your music and develop the basics of digital download of your music. …

Please Use the Magnum: A Drawing Room Comedy

by Bruce Shayne Nelson

One day a woman called the author and warned him that she had told her husband about their relationship and that the husband had a gun and was insanely jealous and was on the way to the author’s house to settle the score. The play begins an hour after the author has hung up the phone and the husband shows up at his door. Attenuating circumstances take the form of beautiful and clever Samantha, a social worker who insists that everyone has two, and that everyone needs two.

Practicing Efficiently: How to Make the Most Out of Your Time in the Practice Room

by Ben Terry

“This book will add value to anyone’s practicing” -Isaac Berglind

“Very professional and informative” -Eniko Gulyas

Wondering how to make gains made in the practice room stick? Ever feel like you should be making more progress for how much time and effort you put into practicing? You’re not alone. I took piano lessons for 10 years and watched as other people excelled while I floundered. Through those years of stagnation I accumulated many methods and techniques to make my practicing effective, efficient and fun! The aim of this book is to teach you how to optimize the time you spend in the practice room so that you can see significant gains in your ability.






Da Vinci’s REAL Hidden Secrets: ‘Magical Combat’: Abridged Roundtable Booklet Series

by L.A. Braun

Enjoy this new addition to the ‘Abridged Roundtable Booklet Series!’ This booklet is a stunning exploration of Leonardo Da Vinci’s secret number ’26’ in relation to the ‘Magical Combat’–one of the most famous manuscripts from the 13th century Zen Master stories. This book is an enthralling spellbinder tracing the hidden number â??26′ all over this stunning manuscript’s finest illustrations.

An Erotic Appreciation of Women: Art by AntaeusQ

by AntaeusQ

An erotic collection of my art, nude and semi-nude women in shapely shapes and sizes.

A WOMAN (proper) can be many things: a doctor, an astronaut, the CEO of a large company. To riff on Homer Simpson, they can be our mothers, our wives, our sisters and cousins…but for me as a man, a lover, an artist and a writer, they are a mystery. Take away their roles (mentioned above) and they remain beings of great beauty and sexual power; the primary source of my inspiration and source of men’s greatest joys and pains.

This book is an appreciation. I don’t pretend to make it anything other than this. The book’s a collection of my nude-erotic art, a tour through what I regard as beautiful. The book’s broken out into a few sections, with some words here stringing the pictures together into a light story.

The women I’ve chosen to draw are not your typical Barbie dolls. I don’t mind Barbie dolls — I think they’re kind of cool, but the essential component to beauty is its variety and the essence of beauty is truth and honesty. I want to see a woman as she is: frank, stark, proud, defiant, and individualistic.

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