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World’s Greatest Dad

by Edward Lorn

(Originally released in the mini-anthology THREE AFTER and the short story collection WHAT THE DARK BRINGS, WORLD’S GREATEST DAD is now available as a standalone ebook.)

What would you do if you were given the chance to avenge your child’s death?

After Carl Nelson’s daughter, Kimmy, is brutally murdered, he begins receiving messages on the surface of his WORLD’S GREATEST DAD coffee mug.

Is Kimmy attempting to reach her father from beyond the grave?


Rage of the Living Dead

by Jarrod H

August, a young college student in Maine has just finished up his junior year in college.The town has begun to grow quiet as his fellow students have started to leave except for some townies and a few frat houses throwing one final party before everyone hits the road for home. Exhausted from a combination of work and spending a few hours with his roommates cleaning up the house, August decides to stay one more night in his college town before making the long drive. After hitting the sack, he is woken up several times throughout the night by the wild party next door and deciding he can’t take it anymore, he pops a few sleeping pills that knock him cold only to have him awake into a world of the living dead.

Shadow Girl

by Robert Rhetson

Twelve year old Stacie lives with her mother in the town of Bay Head, New Jersey. Always a troubled kid, she spends most of her time alone, reading or watching television; anything to avoid the monotonous disappointments of everyday life. When her mother gets remarried to the detestable Bruce, she learns firsthand just how bad things can be. Bruce is a drunk, and increasingly unpredictable. After moving into their quiet suburban home, he quickly takes it over and devolves into a hostile menace. Stacie soon finds herself faced with one nightmare after another, and the odds just keep piling up against her.

Shadow Girl is the story of Stacie’s courage as she’s forced to take on unprecedented horrors and do whatever it takes to survive.

Burn My Soul: Part I (The Soul Series Book 1)

by Holly Newhouse

Jinny lives a relatively normal life as an accountant, author, and artist until one day when a chance meeting changes everything. What starts out feeling like a supernatural attack brings two unsuspecting destined souls together.

Jinny soon thinks she’s lost her mind when her fantasy man, Senefru comes to life and can’t stay away from her. His choice puts her life in motal danger and now he must try to protect her at all costs. Jinny has other plans though when he triggers her soul’s memories of her past lives. Jinny must now decide if she can forgive him for killing her in a past life or if she will walk away from him forever. She must also try to reconcile all of her lives into her most current one.

Will she be strong enough to handle what the past contains and what the future will bring? Will she and Senefru find a way to reconcile the past or will something much more sinister find her first?

Pay Back

by Evans Light

Stephen Hill has been heaping abuse on poor Joe King since second grade.
Now they’re grown men with nothing in common, and Joe still patiently endures Stephen’s unrelenting ridicule. But when friendship is only a matter of perspective, PAY BACK might be just around the corner in this wickedly humorous tale of revenge.

(Also available as part of the SCREAMSCAPES: TALES OF TERROR collection, by Evans Light)

Split Brain (A Short Story)

by Jameson Kowalczyk

A man wakes up to find something has turned half the occupants of his city into violent, bloodthirsty killers. Even worse, because of a rare neurological condition, it has turned half of him into one as well.

The House Where Evil Dwells…Thirteen Tells: The Story of an Evil House, and the Clues to get You There

by Ace Sidney

Tales of haunted houses abound in New England, but sometimes a haunted house is more than the stuff of urban legend. Sometimes it is a place of such horror that it is only for the most fearless among us. Ace has provided us with details of such a place, but he does so with clues, so that the reader can choose at any point to “not go on,” and save himself from the inevitable feeling of terror that this house reveals.

If you are looking for the traditional ghost story, then this piece is not for you. If you are in search of a series of clues that will gain you entrance to a place of fear and terror, then read on. This is a very short, but very compelling guide that allows the reader to face his worst fears and venture on a journey that is not be forgotten.

Proceed with caution, and do so at your own risk.

All the Little Children

by Christine Sutton

All the Little Children is a novella that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Ben and Cara Barlow move into a beautiful Connecticut Victorian home to start the next phase of their lives together. They are thrilled with the home’s beauty, location and price, so they move in right away. When strange things start to happen to Cara, Ben tries his hardest to be supportive. They call in a team of paranormal investigators, and the home’s grisly history, and occupants, past and present, engage in a battle to the death. Will Ben and Cara reclaim their dream house, or will the evil within those walls take everything, including their souls? A short novella at approximately 20,000 words.

I Saw A Ghost: 100% True Paranormal Encounter

by Jeffrey Harding




“I was chilled and hanging off the edge of my seat as I read this. Love it!” – Jim L. Falkon

These haunting stories are not only scary and creepy, but true and real as well. I have collected these stories from many of my acquaintances across the country. Some of these are from first-hand victims. Others are from eye witnesses, as the victims are no longer here today. I warn you, read at your own risk; because you WILL be scared.

All Safe in Here

by D.W. Gillespie

When the explosions began to rock some of the largest cities in the country, Emmett Cobb was prepared. He takes refuge in the bunker his father had built over the years before locking the door tight. Inside, he has the food, supplies, and most importantly, the guns to protect his horde. But as the days become weeks, his safe haven fades into a nightmarish struggle to survive in the face of utter madness, and he learns the awful truth. Concrete and steel can keep out the world, but the fear will always finds a way in.

All Safe in Here is the story of how far one man will go to protect himself from the threats all around him, whether real or imagined.

**Includes the bonus story, A Plea and a Warning.

The Pale Forest Diary: Volume 1

by Jonas Clark

The truth shall be known, and with it, the seeker will find ultimate freedom.

I do not put forth this message lightly, nor is it meant in jest. The stories are but a medium to speak the words that will free all men. One must but open their eyes and it shall be revealed.

Only HE is capable of the great awakening; only HE can sear away the blinders of this reality. Even now the darkness is being made manifest. But it is in this black abyss that we will discover we never truly needed the light. For within these seemingly impenetrable shadows, HE awaits to find us.

Use this book, believers, to begin your journey. Look for the message within its pages, pass the tests, and you will be set free. Find the truth amongst the shadows and cast off the lies that bind you. Only then will you survive the coming age.

Won’t you embrace the shadows?

The House on the Forest Edge

by Darrin Patterson

There is a little red house nestled along a forest edge deep in the country. It has remained empty, a relic of decades past, slowly rotting away. Within its walls the dead wait patiently for new blood to happen upon the moldy interior. There the spirits cry out to right a wrong that has festered like an open wound. Once a new family finds the musty void of darkness they are tasked to help those that are living no more. This family will confront their sins of the past as well, their fates already judged accordingly. Death is an inevitable occurrence… the method though can be as quiet as a passing in the sleep or as visceral as your guts ripped from your belly. Never tempt the dead.

Animal Behavior and Other Tales of Lycanthropy

by Keith Gouveia

A Chilling Collection of Werewolf Horror!

“Keith Gouveia offers an irresistible buffet of werewolf stories. Succulent and satisfying, fans of lycanthropes won’t be able to resist digging their teeth into these tales.”

~ Lorne Dixon, author of The Raw Box and Snarl

Animal Behavior and Other Tales of Lycanthropy delivers thirteen startling tales – a lone wolf wishing to be a mother, a police detective with an animal edge on the criminals, big plans for prom night, a natural born werewolf discovering there is something far deadlier stalking the streets, the strenuous trials of boot camp, caged women in isolated cabins, lone sharks coming to collect, the best Halloween costume money can’t buy, and more…

The moon is full.

The beast is restless.

Are you brave enough to answer the call?

The Eating Room

by K Edrich

Welcome to the Eating Room.

This is a SCI/FI Horror book where a group of people find themselves trapped together. Locked away and confined with each other and the tormentors that await them outside.
Each person experiences his or her own internal hell as trust and communication breaks down; just at the point when things cant get any worse you reach The Eating Room. One cannot breath without air, One cannot live without light, so what would you do when there is no more food.
This book is not for the faint hearted.
Good luck if you can escape The Eating Room.

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