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by Jake Dryan



Wan’t to lose some weight? Afraid of starting a diet you won’t finsh?

From my experience most people fail diets because they are too much of a lifestyle change to consistantly stick to! Most people eliminate all their faveourite foods and don’t track any of their progress. This causes them to lose motivation and rebound by binge eating.

This book is a no-nonsense approach to fat loss, no magic pills or overnight transformations but will ease you through the process of dieting so you can enjoy your life.

In the book you will learn:

-How people lose and gain body fat.

-Debunking common diet myths.

-Simple healthy eating guidelines to stick to while dieting.

-How to include your favorite foods into your daily nutrition.

-Pros and Cons of different types of exercise.

-How to structure your own fat loss program.

-Research to back up claims

I really hope you buy this book as it will clear up a lot of controversial topics on the subject of fat loss. Once you have read through the book you will feel confident when wanting to start a diet and know which factors produce the greatest fat loss results.

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Creating Space: The Case for Everyday Creativity

by Ed Cyzewski

Creativity is a gift everyone has been given to share, but doubt, discouragement, and distractions hinder the ability of many to pursue their creative passions. Creating Space advocates for the creative gifts in every person, arguing that…

– Creativity is not a mistake.

– Creativity can be developed.

– Creativity is a vitally important gift for others.

This brief manifesto on creativity is for everyone. Whether you doodle, sing in the shower, knit scarves, or scribble poems, Creating Space will encourage you to make space in your life in order to fulfill your creative calling, using your gifts to their fullest extent.

Natural Cleaning Solutions Made Easy: Discover How To Clean Your House Using Safe And Eco-Friendly Green Natural Solutions (FREE BONUS INCLUDED) (Green … Living, Natural Cleaning Recipes Book 1)

by Alex Wild



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A growing number of individuals are waking up and realizing that all of the store purchased big brand cleaners we use are harmful to us and our families. The amount of chemicals you see on the side of a label of a cleaning product these days will only make you scratch your head. Many have had enough and decided to make a change to more natural and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. The beauty of these cleaning solutions is that not only are they safe and easy to make but they also pack a powerful cleaning punch that will amaze you.

The fact is that you can make many amazing and natural home cleaning products with a lot of the items you already have in your house right now. Using homemade cleaning products will also help your budget as many brand name cleaners have become very overpriced on top of having many harmful chemicals in them. Going natural when it comes to cleaning is defiantly the smart way to go as you and your family will appreciate it.

Inside this amazing book we will show you step by step what you need to do to create some truly amazing cleaning solutions right in the comfort of your own home. We have you covered on all ends with great cleaning solution ideas and recipes for your entire house and in all areas you could imagine. Perhaps our favorite recipe is for a really cool air freshener that is a great alternative to the popular Febreeze brand. We think you will really love that and everything else inside this book.

Get started by taking action and downloading this book today and join the growing trend of people saying good-bye to harsh chemicals.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn Inside…

  • Why Switch To Green Products?
  • Homemade Recipes For Bathroom Cleaning
  • Homemade Recipes For Bathroom
  • Homemade Recipes For Kitchen
  • Homemade Stain Remover Recipes
  • Homemade Air Freshener Recipes
  • Homemade Furniture Cleaning Recipes
  • Misc. Homemade Recipes
  • Much, Much, More!

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Take action today to start cleaning with natural cleaning products.

Check Out What Others Are Saying…

“I was impressed by the really amazing cleaning solutions and the instructions to quickly make them. It was really easy and I had all the stuff I needed already in my house. The natural solutions seem to do a better job cleaning than store bought stuff too. I am really happy with my decision to try green cleaning.” — (Rachael W – Rockfield, IL)

“I was tired of store purchased cleaning products as they just seemed so harmful with repeated use. I made the jump and read this book to start making some really awesome cleaning solutions that work really well. I love the air fresheners section it shows you how to make as well. Very cool stuff.”— (Jenny L. -Elgin, IL)

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BOX SET: The Complete Guide on How to Knit. From Beginner to Expert. Knitting for Everyone. Including Tons of Detailed Pictures: Knitting from A to Z. Take Your Skills from Basic to Advance

by Kathy Wilston

BOX SET: The Complete Guide on How to Knit. From Beginner to Expert. Knitting for Everyone

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  • Knitting for Beginners: How to Knit. The Complete Guide With Step by Step Instructions with Detailed Pictures to teach you the perfect foundation of Knitting
  • Knitting for Intermediate Knitters: How to Knit The Complete Guide on Intermediate Knitting With Step by Step Instructions with Detailed Pictures to Expand … Knitting Skills and Knowledge.
  • Knitting for Experts: How to Knit. The Complete Guide on Advance Knitting With Step by Step Instructions with Detailed Pictures to Expand your Knitting Skills and Knowledge. Volume 3
  • This Box Set is designed and created to get you back on the Road of Happiness and avoid all detours that takes you down the path of Sadness. And by chance if you do get lost this box set will get you back on track.

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    Knitting is very therapeutic. You can focus on your pattern and watch your creation appear right before your eyes as you work your needles and yarn. I have to say that I have spent many hours enjoying the satisfaction and peace knitting has brought me. In this volume I’ve shared some advanced techniques and stitches to expand your skills.

    Part of being an advanced knitter is constantly learning new stitches and techniques and incorporating them into your work. The information I am going to share with you is just the tip of the iceberg and you can always find new ways to increase your knitting knowledge and skill. Never stop learning and exploring the world of knitting!.

    Knitting is not only fun and a great stress reliever, it is a way to create something you can hold in your hands and appreciate. Making items for family and friends is very satisfying and a great joy. Knitting is a very popular crafting activity with women, men, and children of all ages. With this book, I hope to help you discover the fun and joy of creating knitted items.

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    Clean And Organized: Brilliant House Cleaning Tips To De-Clutter And Organize Your Home Quickly (FREE BONUS INCLUDED!) (speed cleaning and organizing,minimalist living, organization books Book 1)

    by Alex Wild



    Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced

    at $6.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.


    Nobody likes to live in a house that is dirty and disorganized with years of clutter just lying around. However many of us have simply given up and let the clutter overrun our homes and our lives. All this does is add to a more stressed lifestyle that we feel we can’t control anymore. It is often said that how your house looks is often an extension of what is going on in your life today.

    If you have ever been embarrassed to have company over because of the way your house looks then you are not alone. It’s time to take action and get that guidance you need to take the first step to learning how to quickly clean and organize your house the right way. Not many people are a fan of cleaning because we consider it to be a hassle and we are so tired from our day that we simply don’t feel like doing it. It doesn’t have to be that way and I can show you how to take back control over your house. An organized house will lead to a happier family that can easily find the things they need and feel good about where they live.

    Inside my book I want to show you some specific strategies to get your house on the path to being clean and free of clutter once and for all. You will get tips and specific rules to start de-cluttering and then organizing your home for amazing efficiency. You will be proud to invite friends and family over once again and feel less stress in your life once again.

    Let’s get started by taking action to learn how to quickly clean and organize your home once and for all.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn Inside…

    • House Cleaning Dilemma
    • The Ultimate Clean Up Plan
    • De-Cluttering Room By Room
    • Organizing Room By Room
    • Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning
    • Golden Rules Of De-Cluttering
    • Much, Much, More!

    Download your copy today!

    Take action today to have an amazingly organized and clean house.

    Check Out What Others Are Saying…

    “I had perhaps the messiest house out of any of my friends or family and was embarrassed to have any of them over. I had kind of just given up hope until I was so tired of losing important items and also letting the house pile onto my stress. I decided to take action and get things in order and this book was a great guide for getting it done. I feel so much better now that I can come home to a house that I am proud of.” — (Alice P – Springfield, IL)

    “I have always considered myself a messy person as it was just how I was raised. I got sick of living in a house that was always cluttered and I decided enough was enough. I used the book to learn how to quickly clean and organize my house the right way and I am really glad that I did. I feel so much better now and don’t mind when friends come by to visit.”— (Kerry T. -Aurora, IL)

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    Neuroplasticity: The Ultimate Neuroplasticity Guide! – Change Your Brain To Increase Mind Power, Memory, Concentration, Self Discipline, Stop Procrastination … Brain Power Strategies, Brain Training)

    by Ryan Cooper

    Neuroplasticity To Change And Rewire Your Brain!

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    This “Neuroplasticity” book contains proven steps and strategies on how to rewire your brain! It’s pretty amazing how many people go throughout life without even understanding the true power of their brain. If they only knew that they have the power to change and rewire their brain for success, love, concentration, discipline, procrastination and any other problem area or belief.

    The time is now! Begin at once to take control of your brain and decide to get in the driver seat of your life. Armed with the information in “Neuroplasticity” you will begin to see the incredible power your mind has that is just waiting to be awakened!

    Do you believe that no matter what your age is, you can still improve your problem solving skills, learn a foreign language, increase your ability to concentrate, regain your bodily functions after suffering from a stroke, and recapture some of your brain functions that you have lost due to a brain trauma from a car accident? The human brain is truly remarkable. It has the capability to create these remarkable and permanent changes through techniques that involve Neuroplasticity shaping.

    Through this book, you will gain a better understanding of how Neuroplasticity works and how you can employ its various strategies and techniques in living a successful, loving, abundant and fulfilled life.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Understanding What Neuroplasticity Is And How You Can Benefit From It
    • How Neuroplasticity Can Help You Increase Concentration, Memory, Self Discipline And Stop Procrastination
    • Neuroplasticity Techniques To Rewire Your Brain For Success
    • Neuroplasticity Techniques To Rewire Your Brain For Better Relationships
    • Strategies To Change Any Belief Or Area Of Your Life Using Neuroplasticity
    • The Human Brain And The Amazing Capabilities It Has
    • Quick Tips To Implement Neuroplasticity For Fast Results
    • How Repetition Is The Key To Creating New Neural Pathways In The Brain
    • Tips On How To Improve Your Overall Mind Power
    • Much, Much More!

    Download Your Copy of Neuroplasticity Right Now! – Just Click “Buy Now” At The Top Right Side Of This page For Instant Access!

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    Mini Farming: A Beginners Guide to Homesteading & Being Self Sufficient With Organic Gardening

    by Andrew Owens

    Reap the rewards of homesteading by setting up a mini farm on a small piece of land, or right in your backyard!

    This book was written to help beginners have a clear overview of what it takes to set up a mini farm, what organic gardening can do for the family health and budget, and how homegrown food is every person’s answer when it comes to self-sufficiency.

    Mini Farming: A Beginner’s Guide to Homesteading and Being Self-sufficient with Organic Gardening is a book that covers the most essential topics of homesteading and starting a mini farm. It focuses on organic gardening, and how the art of soil and crop cultivation could easily save anyone a lot of money when done right, all the while providing everyone in the family with fresh, tasty greens.

    This book also includes tips on how to save money by recycling and upcycling. Not only will you learn how to do your part for the environment, you will also realize how easy it is to turn trash into treasure. Of course, no homestead or mini farm would be complete without some livestock. This book also includes information on the basics of raising livestock. You will learn how to turn your mini farm into a balanced cycle that will provide you with good food, a source of extra income, and a more reliable way to save on family funds.

    Here is a Preview of what You Will Learn…

    1. How to start your own organic garden, the materials and tools needed, tips from experts and veterans in the gardening field, and a list of vegetables any beginner can grow.

    2. How to look after your soil and make sure your crops are as healthy and abundant as possible.

    3. How to raise small livestock such as goats, chickens, and other manageable animals that will suit mini farms and small or medium homesteading projects.

    4. How to save money with recycling, upcycling and mini farming projects.

    I truly hope you will enjoy reading and learning from this book inasmuch as I have enjoyed writing it!

    If you have wanted to know what homesteading and organic gardening are all about, then you have found the right book. Allow this book to teach you everything beginners need to know when it comes to becoming self-sufficient and healthy.

    Sounds like a recipe for fulfillment and happiness, doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Turn the pages of this book, and dive into the world of self-sufficiency.

    Anger Management: Learn to Control Your Temper and Manage Your Anger. Live a Happier Life. Conquer Your Anger and Enjoy Being at Peace, Stress Free! ( Happiness, Peaceful, Joy, Self-Control )

    by Bill McDowell

    Anger Management. Learn to Control Your Temper and Manage Your Anger. Live a Happier


    This book covers everything that you should learn about managing your anger and controlling your temper in order for you to live a happier and better life. Most people have trouble in handling their negative emotions, and at many occasions prefer to keep it to themselves or rather shout it out to everyone. The book will provide all necessary answers on common questions about anger management, more tips and tricks, and advice on how to positively improve your life by being happy and taking control of your anger.

    Also with Two complete Bonus chapters with information you can use right away and Now!

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    A bonus chapter is added to this book from where you will read about flowers. Surprisingly, flowers have great impact on a person’s anger and other negative emotions acquired throughout the body. You will be given information about flower therapy as well. And compact with all necessary advice that will assist you in taming and controlling your anger. This will eventually lead you in becoming a better person with a good life.

    The book holds all necessary steps and plan of action on how to tame and control a person’s anger. There are also discussions where you can learn to handle your temper, and to direct your anger in order to become a better individual from where you can start living a happier life. A present time, a lot of people are experiencing great problems and increased stress. Most of these people have no idea on how to create solution for the problem and the situation. Often times, they became angry without control of their emotion. Thus, this book will guide anyone on the easy steps and advice on how to effectively tame their anger to become a better and happier person.

    Don’t waste time, Learn this today!

    This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to control your temper.

    There are many keys in anger management. But one of the most important aspects of it is self-control. Those who read this book will have the opportunity to learn and to work on their weaknesses for the betterment of themselves in order to live a happy life, without anger included in it.

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    Natural Cleaning Recipes: 25 Ways to Master the Art of Natural Cleaning: (Cleaning recipes, cleaning house, cleaning and home organization, decluttering)

    by Farah Jasmine

    Natural Cleaning Recipes: 25 Ways to Master the Art of Natural Cleaning

    You are about to discover how to take care of your house and workplace the right way, maximizing results while saving enormous amounts of time and effort! Whatever you do for a living, there’s something clear for all uf us: you would certainly improve your daily life by learning how to clean and organize properly, wouldn’t you? Of course you would! Whether you are a housekeeper, a professional, a lawyer, a scientist or entrepreneur, you just can’t go through life without learning how to clean and organize the smart way! The reality is that although it seems a straightforward activity, it’s way more than that. (Read to learn more)…

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    Anxiety Relief: Harness the Power of Psychology to Improve your Happiness (Easy Psychology in Everyday Life)

    by Charles Bronn

    Be Happier and Relieve Yourself of Anxiety

    Today only, you can have this Kindle book for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read it on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Studies show that seven out of 10 people suffer from work-related anxiety. While some may dismiss it as something that comes with the territory, one anxious moment piled on top of another and another one could be dangerous. Uncontrolled or unmanaged anxiety will not only affect a person’s performance professionally, but it could also affect his life. The book “Anxiety Relief: Harness the Power of Psychology to Improve Your Happiness” lays out the reasons why people get anxious, anxiety’s harmful effects, and the symptoms people need to look out for to identify the condition.

    Do you honestly think you suffer from workplace anxiety? Well, this book will help you understand where your anxiety is coming from. It also provides tried and tested steps and strategies to help you overcome work-related anxiety. Not all hope is lost, as this book will show you that getting over your bouts with anxiety is easier than you thought. You can improve your happiness and let go of all your anxieties with the right approach.

    The chapters of this book will open your eyes to workplace anxiety and what you can do about it:

    • Workplace Anxiety Defined
    • Understanding the Triggers of Your Anxiety
    • Beating the Physical and Mental Symptoms of Anxiety
    • Preventing Future Bouts with Anxiety
    • The book “Anxiety Relief: Harness the Power of Psychology to Improve Your Happiness” shows how easy it is to overcome anxiety. With the advice and solutions provided in its pages, you’re well on your way to improving your happiness.

      Be happier and fight anxiety! It may seem like an insurmountable task, but the power to get over your anxiety is in your hands. Download a copy now for only $0.99!

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    Supercharged Low Carb Diet Solutions You Wish You Knew

    by Mirsad Hasic

    DISCOVER:: How to FINALLY Lose Weight With Low Carb Eating – Even When You Have 50, 75, 100, or Even 150 Pounds to Lose!

    “There’s a serious need for real, uplifting, powerful advice for people that are struggling to lose a lot of weight. They don’t want to be spoiled; they want solutions. Why aren’t we giving them solutions? ” – Mirsad

    Warning: This book may make you mad, but it’ll be worth it. And if you think you know every single thing about weight lossâ?¦ask yourself thisâ?¦


    You’ve been warned!

    I’ve got a problem: I’m absolutely fed up with books that assume people can’t lose 50, 60, 70, 80 or even 100 pounds. And don’t get me started on how many people get left out in the cold when you make an even worse assumption: you can’t lose 150 pounds or more.

    See, I’m in a field where so-called “miracles” happen, and people lose this type of weight all of the time. But here’s the glorious thing about it: it’s not a miracle. It’s science.

    For example, how can you blame overweight people for not losing weight when nobody has ever told them about leptin, a hormone that regulates hunger. Overweight people often have raging leptin dysfunction, but when’s the last time you’ve heard Woman’s World or First magazine talk about that?

    My point exactly. We can’t start wailing about the obesity crisis and then not offer a solution. I’m ready, willing, and able to throw my hat in the ring. The only thing you need to do is come to this book with an open mind.

    It’s not easy to do that after you’ve been promised over and over that you’re going to be able to lose weight. When that weight loss doesn’t come, it’s only reasonable that you’re going to be skeptical. I’m okay with that; I’m still here to help!

    YOUR MISSION:: Break Those Overweight Chains and Start Living the Life You Crave!

    This book, Supercharged Low Carb Solutions for Game Changing Weight Loss and Healthy Living, is a book designed to get you moving in a positive direction. It’s an honest book that introduces several concepts, and gives you plenty more to look up.

    I wanted to blend in a good mix of science, common sense, and real world observations. Ready to get moving? Get organized? Get back into the swing of things? This is your book, even though you might not realize it just yet.

    DOWNLOAD:: Supercharged Low Carb Solutions for Game Changing Weight Loss and Healthy Living

    When you check out this book, here’s what you’re going to learn:

    • The TOP combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes required for healthy weight loss
    • The BEST way to get started with an exercise program (yes, even if you have 150+ pounds to lose!)
    • Why you SHOULDN’T just run blindly to established low carb eating programs (yes, I’m aiming right at Atkins. Get mad.)
    • Realistic ways to design a food plan that works perfectly for you, not some cookie cutter thing that you’ll have to hack to pieces anyway
    • How to get a REAL accountability partner, not just somebody that refuses to tell the emperor he has no clothes. (Yep, get mad again. You need this section!)

    Would You Like to Know More?

    Download this guide now and make your goals a reality. Scroll back to the top of the page and click the buy button.

    Self Hypnosis Mastery: The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Self Hypnosis Unleashing Your Hidden Potential Accomplishing Everything You’ve Ever Wanted (Self … beginners, nlp for beginner, life mastery)

    by Charles Scott

    Discover The Ultimate Guide To Self Hypnosis Today

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    at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    You’re about to discover the ultimate guide to mastering self hypnosis unleashing your hidden potential accomplishing everything you’ve ever wanted. Have you’ve ever wished that you could somehow transform yourself into a better person or a “super” you? Have you’ve ever wandered why there are some people in the world that seems “unstoppable” or “untouchable”? Have you’ve ever wandered why some people attract certain qualities in life that seems impossible for you to accomplish?

    The truth is, if you are struggling to create the life that you’ve always wanted or the person that you’ve always wanted to be its because you are lacking the creativity and information needed.

    This book goes into a step by step proven strategy that will help you take control of yourself therefore your life mastering the power of self hypnosis unleashing your hidden potential accomplishing everything you’ve ever wanted!

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • What is self hypnosis
    • Benefits of self hypnosis
    • Entering the Self Hypnosis State
    • Self hypnosis and stress management
    • Empower Yourself for Motivation, Focus and Commitment
    • Use your new Self-Hypnosis skills for Relaxation and Recreation
    • Attack Bad Habits, like Smoking, Excessive Drinking, and Over-Eating
    • Using Self Hypnosis for Maximum Focus
    • Become Limitless
    • Much, much more!

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    Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days

    by Dr. Daniel Twogood

    This book contains the solution to chronic pain. Conventional medicine has no answers for chronic pain sufferers. That’s by definition. Whether it’s fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, or any number of hopeless diseases, doctors just name the disease, prescribe drugs, and tell you to learn to live with it. Dr. Twogood explains the 10 simple steps necessary to eliminate chronic pain in 90 days. This easy to read book will answer two questions: what causes chronic pain, and how to get rid of it. Sufferers will know exactly what to do to finally eliminate their chronic pain—-in 90 days, and learn how to live without pain.

    Ebola : The Preppers Guide to Surviving the Killer Virus – Ebola

    by B Hardcastle

    The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the worst case of its type since the virus was discovered in the 1970’s. What makes this Ebola outbreak of greater concern is not only that it is the strain that has the higher mortality rates but that it has crossed borders and appeared in regions previously unaffected by Ebola. The Ebola outbreak has the potential to spread on a global scale, particularly due to the long incubation period and the symptoms taking time to develop. Ebola symptoms are very similar to other infectious diseases and as such they can be difficult to spot.

    If the Ebola outbreak goes global those that are prepared will have the best chance of survival, in short this means the prepper community. WHO have already declared that the Ebola outbreak is spreading quicker than the steps being taken to prevent it.

    Many peppers are worried about the potential for pandemics of infectious diseases; it appears that Ebola may have the potential to become a pandemic. This book explains the Ebola virus and the current situation with the outbreak in West Africa. It discusses Ebola symptoms and how the disease develops in humans. Like many infectious diseases Ebola can only be transferred from human to human in certain circumstances, we look at those circumstances and how we can best protect ourselves from the Ebola virus.

    The book offers a look at prepping ideas that can be used if the Ebola outbreak hits our shores. In addition to stockpiling essential supplies the book highlights when it might be prudent to bug out and gives details about the best items to pack in a bug out bag. The bug out bag is probably the first thing that anyone wanting to be prepared should produce. In addition to a response to the Ebola outbreak, these prepper ideas can be applied to any “Doomsday situation.”

    In short, this book will help you become more prepared, understand the Ebola virus and the symptoms it produces, and it will help your personal changes of survival if the very worst should happen.

    Fitness Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide On How To Lose Weight And Build Lean Muscle With Fitness Nutrition (nutrition for dummies, weight loss and healthy living)

    by Nicholas Bjorn

    Discover How To Lose Weight And Build Lean Muscle Through The Basics Of Nutrition

    Today only, get this Kindle book for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet or Kindle Device.

    You’re about to discover how to lose weight and build lean muscle naturally and safely, all through nutrition. Millions of people want to lose weight not only to be healthier but to build muscle to look toned and lean. The problem is they just don’t know where to start. What you will learn in this book can be applied simply to everyday life leading to weight loss and a toned lean body.

    This book includes proven steps and strategies and will teach you exactly how calories work and how to choose the right foods to achieve weight loss and build lean muscle.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • How Calories Work
    • Choose Carbohydrates Wisely
    • Good Fats For Weight Loss
    • The Lowdown On Lean Protein
    • Meal Frequency
    • Fitness Nutrition Tips
    • Calculating Your Daily Calorie Needs To Lose Weight

    Take action right away to lose weight and build lean muscle by downloading this book, “Fitness Nutrition”, for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

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