Free poetry Kindle books for 14 Aug 14

Chains That Bind

by Ranae Mayle

A small collection of poetry, created by myself and my father Ronald Mayle S.R., that reflects on the chains that bind us all: Family, Love, and Death.

As Boorish As Myself

by Valvin Lee Jeanty

As Boorish As Myself is a collection of poems and proverbs which showcase how artistically indifferent one can be. A look into VLJ’s perspective on life.

A Breaking Dawn with an Orange Sunrise

by Susan Elliott

A “Breaking Dawn With an Orange Sunrise” is a collection of poetry written by Susan Elliott. Her poetry is unafraid, and covers a broad range of topics. This collection of poems opens with the poem “Breaking Dawn,” and closes with “Orange Sunrise.” Susan has written two other poetry books; including, “Wandering Through a Barely Functional Mind,” and “Ink Blots on Paper.”

Fantasms of Freedom

by Wendolyn Goerl

Composed between 2004 and 2009, it is a poetic, metaphorical, individual view of the effects on the heart and soul of the safety campaigns that were accelerated by the fears instilled by 9-11 and the freedoms that fell right and left to the Patriot Act and similar legislation.

Flowers for Mother

by T.J. Cheokas

A heartwarming collection of poems for all mothers, Flowers for Mother is guaranteed to bring a tear to her eye and make her laugh. The masterfully written poems cover the vast array of emotions and experiences shared by mothers everywhere. As she reads, she will know that she is not alone and just how much she is dearly loved. The dedication page is blank so that each book may be dedicated to that special person in your life with a personalized message. A must-give gift for any wonderful mother, these everlasting flowers also make a great gift for your child’s favorite teachers, your pediatrician and his/her amazing staff, and that caring person who helped in the delivery of a new baby in your life. Flowers for Mother contains many fun poems young children will enjoy using in poetry recitation contests or to meet k-12 poetry recitation requirements.

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