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Broken Silence

by Gennaro Episcopo

Silence. Often when we think of it we associate it with things such as peace, tranquility, stillness. Yet it is often in moments of silence that we experience some of our most unsettling moments. Moments in which we are forced to face the thoughts and questions that are often buried under the noise of everyday life. Who am I? What am I doing? Where am I going? Why? It is when the world around us falls silent that these questions often come to the surface. The poems in this collection are inspired by this Broken Silence.

Fallacies of Language, The Field Guide: A DIY Thinking Guide (DIY Thinking Guides Book 1)

by Garrett Schwanke

Fallacies of Language, The Field Guide is an accessible, pithy guide that will teach you how to identify and neutralize common fallacies of language (informal errors of reason). It is complete with practical examples and simple explanations suitable for ages teen to adult.

The DIY Thinking Guides series helps you learn to think clearly and independently.

Home Food Dehydration For Beginners: A complete guide to Home Food Dehydration and Preservation

by Judith Smith

Dehydrating food remains one of the most important and beneficial way of preserving food .It is an uncomplicated task that does not involve any great skills, although you might have to spend a good deal of your time for it. This way you can keep your home well stocked with nutritious, delicious food the whole year around. The food is preserved and stored without the use of electricity. This book will cover the different methods of food dehydration and the necessary equipment, including safety procedures to give you a wonderful experience. Read on to discover:

– Other food preservation Methods

– Benefits of preserving your own food

– Common mistakes in food dehydration and how to avoid them

– Rehydrating Dried food

– And a whole lot moreâ?¦.

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The ONLY Prescription For Healthcare Reform

by Louis LoBalsamo M.D.

Stop! You have found it! This is the one. After you are done reading this book, you are guaranteed to know all you need to know to understand the problem. Don’t like “Obamacare”? Well, this is the only way to keep Healthcare delivery in the United States in the Private Sector. If you care at all in keeping Healthcare in the Private Sector and Insurance Premiums down, this book highlights it all for you. It really is quite simple. You will be amazed! You will be empowered when you walk into your Doctor’s Office. This book is the one to read. Why? It is unique, concise, an easy read, informative, educational, and not bogged down by extra bulky text that only serves to thicken the book and confuse the reader. It doesn’t waste your time with meaningless or superficial material. This book is written by a Board-Certified Physician specializing in Internal Medicine with many years of experience, an impeccable record, an analytical mind, and a lot of common sense. Instead of wasting time discussing the secondary and peripheral features of the chaotic ways of the Healthcare system, this “Insider” strips away the “nonsense” and simply educates the reader about the few “core issues” that are the REAL causes of the Healthcare mess. Only an insider of this caliber knows the “real deal”. His insight is astounding. This quick read gets right to the point. You will want to become part of the Solution. This book discusses the vital issues that you need and want to know. Will you be able to continue seeing a REAL physician or will the Primary Care Physician become extinct? How did our Healthcare delivery system evolve to such disarray? Who are the actual culprits behind the determination of what really goes on? Where do the Lawyers and Insurance companies fit into this equation? You’ll be surprised! How much control over your healthcare treatment does your Primary Care Provider really have? What is going on behind the scenes? Who are the “pawns” and who are not? Are you surprised to hear that Physicians and Patients are just “pawns” on the Chess Board? What should the public’s role and responsibility be to help society get out of the mess?

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