Free science fiction Kindle books for 14 Aug 14

Tommy Thorn: Marked

by D Kinney

Tommy Thorn was born into a Galaxy controlled by the mighty Tarchein Empire; a control which extended to Earth. An Earth that, in many ways, was better off under Imperial rule. Humans had been promised an end to war, an abundance of food, and longer healthier lives – all of which was true. Well, unless of course, you were a fighter pilot in the Imperial Star Force…

The Flight of Torque (Blood of the Nagaran Book 1)

by Rebecca Laffar-Smith

When investigative reporter, Tori, chases the story of an underground smuggling network, she stumbles into something significantly more sinister. Instead of the illegal trade of exotic reptiles, she finds a temple of devout snake worshipers. Taken by the cultists, Tori is subjected to a savage ritual and irrevocably transformed. Now something dark and primal slithers within her.

Lucas, charged with Tori’s protection, struggles against an overwhelming sense of helplessness. He should be stronger, faster, and more powerful than any human, but in the past twenty years all of his charges have been murdered. Their deaths and his failures linger in his nightmares. They writhe in his mind like the chilling sense of brooding hunger that floods Tori’s thoughts.

Filled with violent rage and dark jealousy, the cult’s High Priestess rears up between Tori and the truth. The only thing protecting Tori from the long, cold embrace of death is the darkness within and the tingling warmth and light of her guardian angel.


by Henry Sullivan

Devin Wayne is a private security contractor. Two years ago, he was hired by Victor Daco, patriarch of the Daco dynasty, and a member of the American Fathers. Devin was assigned protection duty of Victor Daco’s daughter, Irene, the alluring twenty two year old heir to the Daco wealth. Irene and Devin were attracted to one another from the first time they met. Even though all they did was flirt for two years, Victor Daco eventually found out, and subsequently fired Devin.

Escape from New Orleans begins on the day after Devin and Irene finally consummated their attraction to one another. Irene’s father has hired the most effective hit man in the world to take care of this problem. Devin is running for his life. The first step to his survival is to make it out of New Orleans alive.


As book series go THE AMERICAN FATHERS is a new concept in fiction. Stories in the series are presented as Episodes, in a way similar to television series.

Each Episode is between ten and fifty pages in length. Stories are told from the point of view of different characters. Each story has a chronological place in the overall narrative, and the events that occur in each episode are all related to events in the other stories in the series.

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