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UFOs The Shocking Truth: The Antarctica Hollow Earth Connection

by John Leonard

Over 30 years of research made it possible to publish the first volume, “UFOs The Shocking Truth”, a short book of startling conclusions from that research. This short work details the facts that came from some of the research that led to that original book of conclusions. Many more volumes will be published revealing more facts from the research that produced the conclusions stated in the first volume. This is just one of those volumes. Please leave a review.

Oil Pulling: The Ultimate Oral Health Guide on Oral Cleansing & Detoxifying (Oil pulling, oil pulling therapy, detoxify, oral cleansing, oral health, naturopathy, … nature’s therapy, coconut oil Book 1)

by Jennifer Jones

Learn How to Maintain the Best Oral Health with One Simple Routine

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Ayurveda is an ancient way of life that is starting to make a resurgence in many modern lives. One traditional health method that is often associated with it is oil pulling. Though it may seem strange at first, this routine can become as easy as brushing your teeth. Take a copy of this book today and learn the benefits and steps of oil pulling.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* What is oil pulling?

* How oil pulling helps with certain ailments

* Hints and common concerns

* The science behind oil pulling

* The three doshas of Ayurveda


Comments From Other Readers

“On its face, oil pulling sounds like something that would be a nice weight loss aid, because it would cause you to get sick and get rid of your food pretty quickly! However, after reading about it and finding out that you could use things like sesame oil to do the process, I decided to give it a shot. I’m glad I did! I feel better than I have in years. I’m glad I found a book that addressed all of my concerns and outlined the benefits in such detail.” – Mark L. (Arlington, USA)

“It was pretty hard to get used to this new step in my morning routine at first, but by following the startup tips outlined in this book, it quickly became second nature. My mouth has never felt so clean!” – Tammy W. (Batesville, USA)

“It’s hard to believe that you can get a deeper cleaning in your mouth just by swishing with oil for 20 minutes every morning, and harder still to imagine that the benefits don’t just stop at the mouth. I was glad to read about such a great choice for the betterment of my health!” – Phil C. (Dublin, Ireland)

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Kalulu and the Magic Bees

by James Cruickshank

In a rift valley village in Kenya, an old man asks his grandson to get him some magic honey made by the bees in the hive of death. The honey restores his failing memory, and enables him to remember the fantastic animal stories he used to know.

Kalulu, his grandson, brings his friends to hear the spellbinding tales of Chui the leopard, Nugu the baboon, Nguchi the mongoose, Mamba the crocodile, Degeh the vulture, Ndezi the cane rat, Sniffy the tale-telling jackal, and many other animals. In each adventure, there are hopes and fears, plotting, disaster, salvation, and jungle-justice. And, for the growing audience of children, there is morality too.

The book has 28 black & white illustrations, depicting the animals most central to the story.


The Geometry of Cars

by M. Schottenbauer

Now You Can Practice Geometry in Style!

Cars are geometrically elaborate!

In this colorful workbook, students of math can practice measuring the angles found in cars, trucks, trailers, campers, and more, as they are at rest and as they travel along flat and inclined surfaces!

Anxiety NO MORE:: (w/ FREE BONUSES) Your workbook & guide to a stress-free, anxiety free life TODAY (anxiety workbook, anxiety depression, anxiety kids, … mental toughness, anxiety self help)

by SBG Mental Health Club


Control Anxiety and Control Life!



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Anxiety pushes us to action when the need arises.

However, too much anxiousness could lead to problems in the long run.

When we worry too much about a situation, when we are numbed into thinking correctly – or worse – acting accordingly, then anxiety may be taking over our bodies in the wrong way.

This book gives the reader insights on where and how anxiety attacks could start. It will help the reader be aware of signs and symptoms so that he/she may be able to seek proper interventions at the earliest time possible.

Maintaining a healthy mind and body is primordial in a man’s life. This book aims to help people to have a stress-free life by addressing the problem to its core.

Anxiety & Where does it Come From

Anxiety may stem from different reasons: thinking patterns, medical reasons (due to sickness), substance abuse: it may even be physiological. We cannot and should not avoid anxiety. A little anxiety could go a long way in helping us determine the proper action when an emergency arises. However, it could be a problem when, even if the most normal of situations, a person over reacts and always thinks about the worst that could happen.

BONUS CONTENT (Limited Time Only)

– Additional key Chapters from my other work, “Happiness Starts HERE”

– Additional key Chapters from my other work, “Self-Esteem Starts HERE”


  • practical cures to ward off anxiety
  • Self-help remedies to help anxiety go away…
  • A special form of meditation that is gaining wide acceptance in anxiety treatment
  • The many new scientific studies and discoveries to address anxiety problems
  • How the “second brain” helps prevent anxiety and depression
  • How to reverse the symptoms and effects of Anxiety
  • and Much, much more!

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Available on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

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First Day In Obstetric Anaesthesia: 100 Pages of Obstetric Anesthesiology

by Eric Royale

A brief introduction for anaesthetists, trainers, consultants, attendings, midwives and operating department practitioners into the art, craft and science of obstetric anaesthesia.

An established consultant anaesthetist in the UK has provided a broad introduction into the subject. Distilled into nine chapters are close to a hundred pages of insights, skills, techniques, knowledge and guidance on the sub-specialty subject. Meant as an introduction before stepping on the ward, or as a refresher to those who have been away from the delivery suite, this book simply, clearly and rapidly gives a useful framework for learning.

Papaveretum Publishing is a new, exciting publishing house that aims to provide top quality, up-to-date, useful anaesthetic work into niche markets.

THE HOUSE OF DRONES: government cones, drone aircraft, drone camera, camera drone, uav, uavs, drone ar 2.0,


The Drones

UFO!!! , Flying Saucer!!!  No, it’s a drone.  Drones are found only in the airspace.  To find out what are drones, grab this book on drones.  Their usage for commercial, personal and military needs will be examined. Discover reasons why the government uses drones. The history of drones will be examined and its usage by countries at war as well its appearance in the various wars, nuclear testing over the years.  Know why the United States custom and Border Protection utilizes the drones, as well as its uses for safety, security and emergency situations.  Drones advantages will be explored as well as the commercial usage use of drones. The FAA is fighting the usage of drones, find out why, by turning the pages.  Discover drones being used as military tool in some war zones and by which countries, as well as the usage of drones on terrorists. Drones are used in cinematography, action sports, real estate, photography, agriculture, law enforcement, weather observation, 3-D mapping, wildlife protection and documentation, find out how.  Privacy and safety concerns are expressed. You might feel that personal privacy is being invaded see if they are in this book.  Advantages and disadvantages and the future of drones will be explained, so don’t put the book down until finished.

SUCCESS WITH SOBRIETY: examples of setting goals, life goals, goals in life, my goals in life, signs of alcoholism, alcohol abuse, abuse of alcohol


Success at Sobriet

Making Resolution!! That’s sobriety and everyone does it at some point in their life.  As soon as the winter holidays start each year, most persons including you start to plan ways to do things differently or to break addictions in the upcoming year.  You start to plan goals to attempt to achieve throughout the upcoming year.  This task will act as a guide to setting these goals. This book will guide you in setting these goals.  It will guide you to make sober resolutions and the basis of making them.  To achieve the goals, temptations must be extinct and especially the ones that enhance your addictions.  This book will assist you in ridding temptation.  Want to achieve sobriety, find out how a support team can be helpful and the many benefits that can be achieved through the group.  Learn how to be committed to your goal, avoiding relapse and setting realistic goals.  To achieve your sober resolutions, reward to self is a necessity.  Continue reading to see why.  See the reasons why activeness and busyness is essential and suggestions to achieve it.  Importantly, know how to change the mind set about being able to indulge a bit, which will be explored in this book and how to eat healthy and detox.  Affirmations must be used to stay on course so read the book to the end and it will note the benefits for success at sobriety.



This is a gripping SHORT STORY about a young woman who is very very afraid about having to have ONE of her wisdom teeth out. The nurses and the doctors are infuriating to Jessica, who seems to be losing her grip on reality. Is she over-reacting, or are her fears justified. The characters in this story are quite elaborate. Emotions run high, as the Wisdom Tooth Man takes on this new patient…

How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test: Proven Methods to Fool Your Boss and Beat the System

by Simon Stone

How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test: Proven Methods to Fool Your Boss and Beat the System

I want to let you in on a little secretâ??drug screens can be fooled almost 100% of the time when you follow the right steps to the right methods. And that is what this book is here to teach you. You’re about to discover the most powerful and effective methods to pass a marijuana drug test. From urine tests to sweat tests, this book contains the most current and up-to-date solutions so that you can begin fooling your boss and cheating the system starting from tomorrow.

Simon Stone is taking the cannabis community by storm with his latest book teaching stoners of all stripes the methods that pros and insiders have been using to cheat drug screening procedures. His book is broken down into different sections on each type of drug test. Beginning with urine tests, Simon Stone walks you step-by-step through the methods you need to master saliva, hair follicle, blood, and sweat drug tests. Each section will also contain a treasure trove of other valuable tips and advice to help you breeze through your next drug test for marijuana.

Forget the other books that promise you the world and give you nothing. This book was written by stoners for stoners. If you find this book helpful, recommend it to your friends during your next toking session.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The science behind urine, saliva, blood, and hair follicle drug tests and how your knowledge of this science can help you beat drug testing procedures.
  • The factors that will increase your chances of passing a drug test.
  • Methods and strategies to pass any type of drug test 99% of the time and the concrete scientific reasons that these methods work.
  • Many other valuable tips and information to help you stay one step ahead of the Man.
  • And much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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