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No Smoke

by Jenae Walker

Daija James is your average teenage girlâ?¦ well let’s just negate the fact that four years ago her parents got into a severe argument, causing her father to flee the scene, resulting in his death. As if the loss of her father isn’t bad enough, Daija also has to find out that her lavish lifestyle has come to a pause, because in her wealthy father’s will, her family’s cars, house, and other luxuries were to be given to Daija’s father’s mistress. Creating a bitter root, Daija’s mom now believes that it is Daija’s responsibility to find a man to take care of her and her two siblings. The only problem is that Daija likes Sammy who is a normal down to earth guy versus a prosperous, over the top, rich guy that her mother prefers. Throughout this process of finding the perfect guy, all while coping with the loss of her father, Daija James has to protect her brother and sister, and face giants that she never even knew existed, all while developing her relationship with Godâ?¦ yup just your average teenage life.

Chiraq Killinois (America’s Nightmare)

by Hood Chronicles

Chicago Illinois has been nicknamed time and time again as generations add to the city’s legacy. You have monikers such as Chi-Town, The Windy City and most recently…Chiraq Killinois! This story chronicles the life of a teen by the name of Byron, who faces the same complexities as many of his peers in a city where the murder rate leaves an alarming 500 caskets dropping a year. Finding his girlfriend pregnant, Byron begins to reflect over the gang life in which he has lost so much of himself to. As times grows more dire each day, he is forced to think about his unborn child’s chances at survival. Fueled by rage, his best friend Jemarkus is anything but in denial about their lives. Life was simple arithmetic to the loose cannon…either kill or be killed! Once the reality of Byron’s wanting to escape gang-world and violent hell storm of Chiraq sets in on Jemarkus. The latter is willing to do anything to show Byron that he is making a grave mistake. Will the two clash or is their friendship enough to withstand the darkness that plagues so many of the youth?

Hood Chronicles and Racquel Williams have come together in this gripping story to not only emphasize the destruction in which is taking place in this particular city but also to enlighten others to the fact that there must be a bigger demand by us as a whole for a positive change. Conducting an interview with two gang members, Hood Chronicles attempts to give the readers a glimpse into the minds of those deemed America’s Nightmare. To familiarize one’s self is to understand and to understand is to be able to make a difference. Welcome to Chiraq Killinois!

Peachez 18 – Book 81: Americas Hottest Girl (Panties to Porn)

by R.A Ravenhill

You Must Be Over 18 to View —==— TONS OF FULL SCREEN HD Images —==—

Adults Only –==- Greatest Ass in the World -==- Famous Teen Model Sarah Peachez.

Peachez can’t stop teasing the camera. We are never sure if she is a heart breaker or just a complete tart. In all honesty it doesn’t matter, you will see her up-close and personal in the following pages. Images with so much detail you will wish you had smell-o-vision as well.

Don’t miss out! I listened to the fans and I made the necessary changes in these books. Larger images, higher resolution, the ability to rotate! You will want every single book!

Remember – “I’d Buy that for a Dollar!!”

Hot Emo Slut Girls Naked (Nakedgirls pics stripping picture book adultxxx xxxphoto striptease photos)

by Ivan Golov

All nakedgirls are verified over the age of 18. This book contains nakedgirls photos of nakedwomen stripping and is intended for a mature audience.

Watch sexy nakedgirls pictures and adultxxx striptease photos in seductive attire and erotic scenes.

This series contains 84 sexy nakedgirls photos of gorgeous amateur women stripping their clothes off.

Slide through each high Def xxxphoto with ease. Formatted for Kindle, excellent in Kindle Fire models, compatible with PC, I PAD, Android and all other hand held devices. Enjoy striptease photos at its finest.

Across the Ocean – Brooke’s Photo Journal: A photo companion to Across the Ocean

by Heather Sosbee

This is a photographic companion to Across the Ocean, in Iceland, and is a “photo diary” of the main character, Brooke. Take a trip with her to Tálknafjörður, and see how beautiful the country is through her eyes. This would make a nice table top book, or a great addition to your Across the Ocean collection. There are no spoilers for the books, just simple commentary while the photos do most of the talking.

Please note that there is no storyline in this book. There are approximately 44 pages.

***This book is best when viewed on a Kindle that has color capabilities. It will still be viewable and functional on Paperwhites, but since there is no color, the images are just black and white. Kindle Fire is the best, but not only choice. This book is functional while using the Kindle App on an iPad or iPhone, or Android device, but is best seen with the Kindle Fire.***

How to Win a Pageant: The Ultimate Guide to Capturing the Crown

by Kelli Koehler

Learn the Secrets the Best Girls Use to Win Pageants Year After Year

Have you always dreamed of winning a pageant?

How to Win a Pageant: The Ultimate Guide to Capturing the Crown will show you the proven, step-by-step system to mastering your performance and achieving everything you’ve ever wanted.

These Methods Can Change Your Life

This book is full of fresh, original and powerful concepts that are backed by over 20 years of my own personal research and real world experience as a Queen, Judge, Coach, and Pageant Professional. Working full time for National American Miss has given me the insider perspective on what works and what doesn’t, which I reveal in this book. In short, what you will learn in this book is guaranteed to boost your score.

Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn When You Download How to Win a Pageant Today

  • How to master each area of competition
  • Learn how to get in the right mindset to win
  • Performance techniques that give you an edge
  • How to create a first impression no one will forget
  • How to choose the right attire for each competition
  • Proper poise and how to carry yourself on stage
  • The 3 keys you need to ace your interview
  • How to improve your public speaking skills
  • My proprietary 3-step method to get the most out of each pageant practice session
  • Pageant Homework Assignments to improve your performance
  • Tips and tricks to beat stage fright
  • The secret to getting the “sparkle” everyone wants
  • And much, much more!

Pageantry is a sport that can be learned, coached, practiced, perfected, and WON. This book will teach you how.

Download your copy today to start your journey to the crown

My Grandmother’s House

by Jane Berkel

This is a true story that happened around the beginning of 1978. It happened on a little Dutch island in the Caribbean called St.Eustatius.

I spent all my summer vacations at my grandmother’s house. This was back in the days when the islands were still considered to be developing. We had no running water, no electricity, no nothing. The most extraordinary thing happened to me that summer of ’78.

Outdoor Sexy Ladies Vol.2: Photo Collection

by Lambert Holzmann

Outdoor Sexy Ladies Vol.2

Outdoor Sexy Ladies – Photo Collection

This is an picture book featuring beautiful and sexy girls.

You won’t see the same picture repeated several times in this book.


Mastering The Music Business; Creative Empowerment: It Factor In The Music Industry

by Zaque Eyn

Zaque Eyn demystifies that elusive “it” factor and breaks down what “it” actually is while going over proven music industry techniques used by the pros. Designed with everyone in mind; producers, engineers, musicians, managers, A&R reps and more, Mastering The Music Business: Creative Empowerment “It” Factor in the Music Industry touches on all the key components needed to have a successful career in the music industry. But this book goes one step further, you get real, one-on-one support, from Zaque Eyn himself, by completing the book in it’s entirety.

Having worked with Jim Henson Studios, Neverland, Pomplamoose, Lauren Mayhew, The Family Stone, Anita Baker, OK GO, The Stone Foxes, Marcus Shelby, The George Duke Trio, Dennis Moody, KC Porter, Dave Weckl, to name a couple, over the course of 13 years; he takes his experiences and re-works them into a compelling book that gets to the heart of what it takes to compete in today music industry.

Here, in this 1st edition, the reader gains access to help with the techniques learned in the book to boost the readers potential and take their career to new heights, all included in the purchase of the book. If you’ve ever wanted to earn a living in the music industry, manage a career, boost your career, or know what it takes to compete, with clear and precise tools, this book will get you up to speed and continue to reward you for years to come.

Proven industry techniques, marketing techniques with a real marketing plan laid out along with a professional marketing outline, branding techniques, professional networking tactics, body language and mirroring techniques, ego’s, press kits, pitching, writing professionally and how to persuade your reader, how successful people lead their life and how you can do the same, what the future of the industry looks like and techniques to get ahead of the game, and so much more, this book is a unique journey into the world of entertainment and the elusive “it” factor.

Tips on Photographing Statues: how to make them come alive

by Bob Duncan

If you’re frustrated every time you take a photo of a statue or monument, this book will give you ideas of how to make them come alive. Over time I discovered tried and true tricks that made photographing sculpture a fun hobby.

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