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The Unchosen Twins

by Imogen Henry

How would you feel when one of your earliest memories is of you, three years old, sitting on the lawn with another boy with his hands up your dress, telling you that you mustn’t tell anyone because you will be in trouble?
Chloe and Imogen faced a traumatic and harrowing childhood, facing sexual, mental and physical abuse, mainly through the hands of the very people that should have loved, protected and guided them.

The Unchosen Twins will take you on Chloe and Imogen’s journey from small toddlers, through to adulthood. Imogen and Chloe had an unbreakable bond that was tested to the very limits. This book is based on a true story, written by memories that Imogen began to remember, shortly after the birth of her son.

Imogen’s pregnancy was plagued with ‘Hyperemesis Gravidarum,’ the trauma of that pregnancy brought on some of her darkest memories. Memories that Imogen thought she had long ago buried in the past. You never know what goes on behind strangers doors. Sometimes even the friendliest of people have disturbing and haunting secrets.

More from the author:

I am not a professional writer, I have simply written about my personal experiences, in my own words in order to gain closure. This is not a professional novel, it’s more of a personal journal of events. In writing this book, I have laid my past to rest and I have moved forward with my life.

How to Build (or ReBuild) Trust and Let Go of Resentment: Start to Regain Trust in Your Relationship Today

by Anne Mapehrson

If you recognize how important Trust is to the survival and success of a relationship, and you need some help Building trust (or rebuilding the trust you’ve lost), then this book is for you!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

It is no secret that trust is the foundation of what makes any relationship work. Trust is known to be the fundamental basis of intimacy and love. When trust is lost, with it goes security, safety, love, friendship, and respect – it is often replaced with insecurity, anger, fear, anxiety, and resentment. The aggrieved party becomes like the police, the CIA or an FBI agent. Distrust causes husbands/wives/partners to start looking through text messages, emails and asking countless questions such as “who were you talking to and where on earth have you been for 5 whole minutes?” Life becomes filled with consistent arguments – small and big – about what is actually going on, instead of taking what is spoken at face value. Have you lost the trust of your partner and you want to win it back? Or has someone betrayed your trust and you really want to learn to trust them again?

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Trust?
  • What Breaks Trust in a Relationships?
  • Why Trust is So Important in a Relationship
  • Effective Ways of Building or Re-Building Trust in Your Relationship
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Building Trust
  • How Trust is Actually Created
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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From the Other Side of the Couch: A Biblical Counselor’s Guide to Relational Living

by Judy Lair

From the time Adam & Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, humankind has lived out of a rule-oriented, standardized framework. This strategy is great for getting tasks done, but significantly impacts the ability to do relationships well. Self-protection, anxiety and depression, bitterness, and resentment indicate a fear-based life. Learning how to love God, ourselves, and others requires a transformative process. Living a Relational lifestyle brings the happiness, contentment, and joy every human craves.

Therapists use outcome-based models to form a diagnosis and apply an applicable treatment plan. The clinical models start with identifying specific symptoms, then show the process of moving from the problem to the solution. The treatment plan lists specific behaviors and suggestions to be given to the client and measurable goals to determine whether treatment is successful. I don’t look at life through that lens. Rather than viewing people as problems to be solved, I guide clients through a godly transformational process. The journey will be unique to each person, but the process is the same.

Success is measured very differently than in traditional Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Growth in maturity and character comes from experiencing increased freedom and permission to live out who God created us to beâ??our personhood. My Roadmap to Freedom shows how to walk through the valley of woundedness, liberate your feelings from captivity, wrestle inaccurate beliefs into submission, plant your flag on the mountain of truth, and learn how to live in godly freedom.

Every person who picks up this book is looking for hope. Hope that change is possible this time. What I can tell you is that I absolutely, positively, completely believe in God’s heart for you and your healingâ??because I know His heart for me. I welcome you into my counseling office where I share the insights God has given to me on both sides of the couch.

Babies Love Boobies and 100 Other Mom Approved Tips To Stop Baby Crying and Help Baby Sleep

by Little Pearl

You Deserve A Good Night’s Sleep And So Does Your Baby!

New parents will love this quick go-to guide filled with practical advice for helping your baby sleep and fun, tried and true methods for soothing a crying baby. Discover:

  • 5 Instant Fixes To Try Now
  • Proven Secrets For Calming Newborns
  • 10 Signs That Your Baby Is Ready To Sleep
  • More Than 40 Ideas To Stop Your Baby From Crying
  • Step-By-Step Photo Instructions For Perfect Swaddling and Baby Massage
  • And Over 30 Sleep Techniques To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

With this book on hand, you will never run out of ideas!

Filled with great pictures and bonus chapters, Babies Love Boobies is your answer for reclaiming sleep! Don’t lose another night of sleep or go one more minute with a home filled with the cries of your little one, buy this book instantly and discover how happy you and your baby can be!

Divorce With Children: Recovering From Divorce And Putting Your Life Back On Track: Dealing With Divorce, Your Ex, Children And Everything In Between (Family and Relationships Book 1)

by Jamie Tyler

Through this book, we will be discussing one of the most delicate yet prevalent topics; divorce and its aftermath.

They say marriages are made in heaven; however, the fact remains that divorces happen on earth. Yes, one look around and you will realize that most marriages around us are crumbling under pressure. For most, the easiest way out is a divorce.

Of course, it is not an easy decision to take for the couple involved. Nonetheless, it is best to accept the situation and move on; rather than being in a bad space. Unfortunately, things get tricky when there are kids involved.

Whether we like it or not, the truth is, divorces are usually bitter and end up causing a lot of grief, anger, pain and hurt to everyone involved. This is not restricted just to the couple getting divorced. It also gets extended towards the kids, the immediate families and common friends. Once a couple gets divorced, the dynamics of every relationship around them changes.

But like every other phase of life, getting separated or divorced is just another phase in your life and something that you should look forward to overcome. For that matter, don’t look at divorce as the end of your life; rather look at it as a new beginning. A simple change in your attitude will help you get over the situation and embrace the new changes in life.

You need to be equipped at such times, with the belief that things can and will get better. You need the confidence to not just handle yourself, but everyone else around you, who may have got affected by this situation. However, we also need to accept the fact that healing and moving on is a long and steady process and we need to be extremely patient.

This book helps you tackle the situation with as much dignity and determination as possible and helps you ride the tide.

You will learn:

– How to protect your children during divorce

– How to avoid common conflicts with your ex

– Maintaining relationship with your spouse for benefit of your children

– Preparing kids for divorce and meeting their needs after divorce

– Life after divorce for you and your kids

Front Porch Living: A Faith Journey To The Summers of Yester-year

by Lori Dunham

Do you ever wonder what happened to the simple life? To a life where we know our neighbors by name and run through the grass barefoot, catching fireflies at dusk? Where most of life is captured from the front porch and around the kitchen table?

I set out this summer to grasp a sliver of this pace I recall from my childhood. A pace that nurtured peace and relationship. A pace that requires nothing more than being, without a whole lot of doing. Because I am hunched over with the weight of activity and the striving for more. I am missing out on connecting with those most important to me, because we are running in five different directions, and how do we slow the train once it has pulled away from the station?

Pull up a chair and relax awhile. Sit back with an iced cold glass of lemonade as you capture the sweet, slow pace of yesterday, and realize this life, where relationship is more important than activity, where believing is more important than doing, is still within our reach.


by Sean Ratcliffe

The life story of a 50 year old man that suffered mental abuse from a very early age.

Black and Blue

by Sean Ratcliffe

A Son abused by his Father. The story of what happens.

Mind Stenographer

by Sean Ratcliffe

A collection of writings by Sean Ratcliffe. They include both fun, light and serious pieces. He writes about what is truly happening in his life and incorporates it into the body of his work. His work is inspired by nature, family and friends.

Anger: How to Effectively Keep It under Control: Tips and Tricks to Dealing with Anger

by Bradley Chin

If you or any one you know has a challenge controlling their anger you should get a copy of “Anger: How to Effectively Keep It under Control.” This book not only outlines what exactly anger is but it also goes a bit more in depth and explains the steps that can be taken to effectively deal with anger.

Everyone experiences anger and it is simply a matter of learning how to effectively diffuse that anger and find a viable solution for the problem at hand. The book is written in such a way that anyone can take it up, start reading it and instantly understand what is trying to be conveyed.

About the Author:

Bradley Chin grew up in a family that was not afraid to express themselves and though they may get upset from time to time, he noticed something unique about it all. When he observed other persons he was used to someone being upset and then it would somehow keep building and building until it escalated and got out of control. What he noticed in his family was that though they got angry, each person involves would take that moment to calm down and then they would all sit down outline how they felt and sort it out.

Bradley thought this was weird but when he grew up he learned that it was not always like that. It was something that they had to practice until it became routine. He found this an intriguing thought and decided that he would make every effort to ensure that he shared all that he learned from his family with others so that they too would have success dealing with their anger.

We remember…we create…we write…

by Varius Authors

The Anthology, “We Rememberâ?¦ We Create.. we Write… consists of a selection of writings submitted by a group of writers who choose to leave behind stories that impacted their life. Some authors have written about poignant memories of childhood and others created works about memorable interactions with people, funny pets and important life events. Some authors intended to leave their works as a legacy for their families.

The following people contributed to the anthology with varied themes about love, understanding, tolerance and loss. Mito Bessalel, Wayne Coletti, Roger Copinger, Patti Fisher, Richard Hirata, Arthur Kahn, Stephanie Leddy, Anita Moss, Jeanette Nauen, Bernice Packman, Joyce Sippel and Sharon Snyder.

Dear readers, the spirit behind this publication is not only for you to enjoy the stories we wrote, but also to look into your life and write touching memories that you experienced, for the people you love and for future generations.

Chips Scary Adventure in the big Woods (Chip and the Vacation plans Book 1)

by Peggy Ann Headings

The Adventures of the Cupcake family and their Vacation Plans! The Great Disappearing Act!

The Cupcakes- Poppy, Mother, Berry, Cherry, and Chip – have been planning a family vacation to visit their cousins’ in faraway Cupcakeville.

The day they leave has finally arrived. The family is excitedly preparing to leave when Little Chip mysteriously disappears!

What has happened to Chip, and where could he be? Will they find him in time to make their trip?

Or will the Cupcakes have to cancel their vacation – again?

Happy Housewife Smart Guide: Top 5 problems with best recommended solutions

by Dr. C

We see problems and hurdles in our day to day life. This is common across all the groups, geographies, communities and professions. However, these problems are being addressed everywhere whenever it’s possible but not of the housewives most of the times. Yes, have we ever tried addressing the problems of housewives who spend most of their times within the four walls of their home? At least did we ever try to ask them what they feel being at home all the day and how we can help them to get out their problems?

Here are the Top 5 Problems of a Housewife (stay-at-home mom) which we identified as most of the housewives are facing in their day-to-day life. We did not stop with just identifying the Top problems but have gone beyond that we strived to find what could be the best and practical solutions for each problem. Hence, we also have given the best 3 solutions recommended by the experts in the relevant and respective fields. Just take your time and read the report and find out where do you see yourself in the Top 5 list and what could you possibly do to handle those problems wisely so in other hand your would start seeing a positive change in your daily life. Find your way to be a Happy Mom.

Happy Parents Smart Guide: Top 5 Problems of Parents With Best Recommended Solutions

by Dr. C

Parents are the most wonderful and utmost relationship in this world. Likewise, the Parenting stage means a lot to the parents as well as the children. Particularly, parents face many common problems while they raise their teenagers. The process of turning out to be an adult is not only a physical transformation, but also an emotional transformation as well. During this process the children face many problems with their life which are being taken care by their parents and in turn it all becomes their problems as well.

Here in this guide, we are going to discuss about the Top 5 problems of Parents and what could be the best recommended solutions for each problem. Most importantly, we have given 3 most appropriate solutions for every problem in the list depending on their repeated occurrence and severity.

Happy Teens Smart Guide: Top 5 Problems with best recommended solutions

by Dr. C

Every teen faces a different problem with his/her surroundings sometimes naturally and sometimes by lack of awareness. In order to identify the most pressing problems of today’s teens, we referred various study reports, articles and surveys and found the best recommend solutions as well for each problem listed here.

Here we have collected from the best resources online the Top 5 problems that every teenage student faces and how they can get rid of those problems by using some easy & effective ways and live a happy life. Each problem is unique, so we every solution given here is unique as well.

The Pros And Cons Of Dating A French Girl

by Jack Diamond

Despite its title, this is a book that tells a story of a time when I had just gotten out of a bad relationship. My ex-girlfriend cheated on me and left me heartbroken, so I decided to shake things up a little bit.

I left the country for Tel Aviv and decided to change my image, trying to make myself look more like the girl my ex had cheated on me with.

While there, I hooked up with a friend of a friend. We got to be close very fast, but you know what they say. History has a way of repeating itself, no matter if you learn from your mistakes or not!

I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but feel free to read the preview of the book if you want a taste!

This story required a lot of work and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

10 Ways to Scare a Guy Off on the First Date

by Nicarea Stone

10 simple and understandable bits of advice on how NOT to ruin a first date. It’s a short, easy read that you an use to help a friend and even yourself.

Thicker Than Water

by Clink Roslam

A young man’s undying love for his older brother is tested under extreme circumstance in this short story fiction. How far would you go for a loved one when that person is in unbearable pain? Is letting go of them considered mercy, or indifference?

Danny and Dale had been through a lot together, yet each experienced their similar pasts in different ways. Their single mother was unfit to raise two boys, and naturally one suffered (Dale) while the other (Danny), thrived. This contrast between the two created a yin-yang relationship where the boys became inseparable; spending much of their time escaping the rigors of life in a secluded spot under a small bridge spanning a canal. Here, the brothers would share their emotions and experiences in an idyllic setting. As the boys matured into early adulthood, Dale’s troubles led him into drug addiction, and by the time he finished rehab, he and Danny planned on resuming their meetings at the canal. Only this would be their last.

But let’s let Danny tell the story in his own words…

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