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The Rape of the Lock and the Dunciad

by Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope (1688-1744) was an English poet best known for his satirical verse and use of the heroic couplet. Some of Pope’s most popular works include his essay on criticism as well as the poems The Rape of the Lock and The Dunciad. This edition of Pope’s The Rape of the Lock and The Dunciad includes a table of contents.

Daylight Dreams

by Tiffany Fulton

This is a vivid collection of poetry covering a range of emotional trials in the span of one year. These were written in the poet’s third year of college.

“Understanding You,”

I’m sorry I didn’t notice those final tears that were about to fall from your eyes.

I’m such a weak-willed person, even worse at being a girl.

How long was I lured into a false sense of sleep by the recurring dream that might as well have become a bloody nightmare before my very eyes?

I missed who was right in front of me.

I refused to see those trembling hands

which held the most sacrificial heart

The person from who I gained a sense of what it means to be “strong,”

I had yet to see you truly break away from everything, didn’t I?

Pretending that you’re okay

Those masks you threw idly on your face

began to cover your entire body

Without losing your humanity, the pieces and meaning of your most cherished dream

were slowly rebuilding themselves inside of our hungry souls

I have been blind

By pushing away your true kindness

which was also your greatest strength

I just had a pile of excuses waiting to be ripped away by a sharpened wind

I never cared for tears

I knew that I’d just go on denying the existence of sorrow

But when I look into your tired eyes, swollen from crying…

Sex Poems For Virgins (A compilation of unique poetry)

by Donald Wells

From Donald Wells



  • This is a work of POETRY
  • One Resolution
  • Like A Hand And A Glove
  • If Ever You Grow Ugly?
  • Love’s Sweet Goal
  • Skin Deep
  • Daily Ritual
  • Statistical Rules
  • If You’d Only Let Me Near
  • No Flesh Can Feign
  • More Than Naked
  • As The Artist, Is To Art
  • Your Bachelor Lover
  • Let Our Love Be New
  • Perfect For Me
  • This I Like, You I Love
  • Beauty Became Flesh
  • Still you, Still I
  • Just Another Woman
  • Reflections
  • Sometimes I Wish Things Could Be Undone
  • Forever
  • Beauty’s Bloody Reign
  • Love And Pleasure
  • Still A Fan
  • The Curse Of Beauty
  • Nothing Left To Hide
  • The Days Of Wife
  • Hey Angel,
  • Other Men’s Daughters
  • A Plea To The Others
  • Sweet Love
  • A Box Of Bullets
  • One Of The Lonely
  • Love Is A Task
  • Lone, Lonely Dancer
  • Death
  • I Woke Up Dead The Day You Died
  • Did You Miss Me?
  • Shattered, Broken Shards
  • Life Told Me A Joke
  • Simple Curiosity
  • A Walk In The Park
  • Flimsy Disguise
  • Forever Stay
  • I Want To Be Me
  • Do You Think Yourself A Body?
  • It’s Not Very Big
  • We Have Forever
  • The Unacceptable Truth
  • This Ain’t Me
  • Someday I’ll Be A “Was”
  • Sex Poems For Virgins
  • When You Do This
  • Physical Lies
  • I Want To Make Love To You
  • The Giving
  • Barefoot And Naked
  • Searches None
  • I’ve Never Had Sex Like This Before In My Life
  • The All
  • Let Me Have Your Body
  • Always Comes The Lust
  • Ecstasy’s Beginning
  • Long Ago Bled
  • Think Of Me And Cry
  • The Fall
  • All I Had To Offer
  • Now I Know
  • Don’t Say That To Me!
  • She Thinks Me Frog
  • Thank You???
  • Things
  • Dear Louise,
  • Why?
  • I Can Only Be Me
  • This
  • More Beautiful Than Morning
  • Can We Be Friends?
  • Blind Faith
  • What Good Is Love When Perfect?
  • The Sound Of Your Spine Breaking
  • The Game Again Calls
  • Need
  • There Are No Words
  • One Who Will Miss You
  • Take Me To Your Leader
  • Different Flesh, On Different Bones

Mind and Soul Candy

by Warren Michael Allen

Honoring the Northern Michigan tradition of Frog Hollow, and the Stone Circle in 2014 the Twin Lake gang established a new forum. Affectionately called POP, (Poetry on the Patio). It has proven to be fun evenings and a good excuse to make new friends.

This book contains thoughts, and poetry from one presenter, the Patio Philosopher Mike Allen. Running the gambit from whimsical joy to the deepest secrets of the universe this book stands ready to challenge and delight you.

Mission Possible

by Frantz-Earl Robinson

â??Mission Possible’ is a collection of ten poems. You have worked hard at building your dream. Now you need to take the challenge to rise to the next level where you can rest in success. You need to know that your mission is possible. It is never enough to watch your life come to crawl when you have given your dream your all. You’ve got to do what it takes and step out by faith till in victory you break. Launch the counter attack till you come out of lack. You’ll find that your mission to fulfill your dream is possible in â??Mission Possible’.

The Nibelungenlied

by Anonymous

This edition of the epic poem is translated by Daniel B. Shumway.

Heraklion Press has included a linked table of contents for easy navigation.

REMEMBER to FLOAT–Mystic Haiku from Paintings to Inspire and Heal (THE FIVE MINUTE MUSE–Creativity Heals! Book 7)

by Sara Deutsch

Remember to Float–Mystic Haiku from Paintings to Inspire and Heal

Mystery, Timelessness, Sacredness, and Unity

REMEMBER TO FLOAT is a unique experiment based on an ancient poetry form with three lines, five, seven and five syllables long. It started when I chose a painting from thousands in my portfolio, sending it by email to my creative partner. She chose one for me and each of us used five-minute magic to contemplate the image, listen for the 5 syllable first line to emerge, and write a haikuâ?¦a delightful meditation!

My last three books including CREATIVE COLLABORATION– Magic Ways to Create Cartoons and Stories Together; EXTENDED FAMILY–Fairy Tales with Art and Heart; and VIOLET MOON–Fairy Tales with Art to Heal the Heart were playful collaborations with Denise Ostler. We were addicted to writing fairy tales every day and when the last book was published, didn’t want to stop our creative flow, so the new haiku art experiment began.

I continued writing several haikus each day, going deeper into the energy of my paintings, touching magic I had forgotten.

What intrigued me the most was the magical merging of image and words: they became one. I found that writing haikus from pictures both focused my mind and relaxed it, connecting my intuitive, visual brain with my verbal logical one, a happy marriage! The brevity of a haiku taught me to get to the essence of an image in 17 syllables and seemed to create clarity and simplicity in my life as well as my writing. Filing down to the basic patterns in nature, emotions, experiences and beliefs, is both a discipline and a freedom.

My paintings and haikus are mystical. What does that mean?

Albert Einstein said: “The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.” There is a sense of unity, timelessness, sacredness, and mystery in the mystical.

I hope this merging of imagery and words will inspire, heal and encourage you to create your own haiku. It’s easy: 5, 7, and 5 syllables in five minutes of meditation. Invite a friend to send you a random photograph or art image to get started. But beware; you may not be able to stop!

Reminiscing in Rhyme (Poetry from a Yorkshire Lass Book 1)

by Maisie Turner

The first book of poetry,including, Mad Mad World,snowdrops,old age,childhood days,poor old me, and others

The Willow Tree Legacy: A Collection Of Cultural Stories and Poetic Essays (The White Wolf Chronicles Book 1)

by Katherine Symthe

Katherine Svoi Symthe started her writing career, in 2012, with her international best selling Kindle book, Fireseeds(Black Panther Rising). In 2012, Symthe released her original poetry book as Tabula Rasa Mee Nah: Extraordinary Measures. In 2014, Symthe released her newest best selling memoir, Unbreakable: The Unrelenting Spirit of Katherine Svoi Symthe, that detailed her 17 years of abuse, and torture at the hands of human traffickers. Her memoir created a firestorm and caused a city to take a stand to stop human trafficking in San Antonio, Texas. Her memoir, Unbreakable: The Unrelenting Spirit of Katherine Svoi Symthe became the foundation of her new company, Healing Survivors, Creating Thrivers. Symthe is the leading advocate and spokesperson to provide awareness, education and prevention to human trafficking in San Antonio, Texas. Symthe also owns House of SVOI, Inc, a digital media company.

Symthe vowed to never return to poetry and cultural stories due to an event described in the memoir. In August 2014, something amazing happened to Symthe that would forever impact her cultural stories and poetry that would give rise to The Willow Tree Legacy. A dear and close friend, (G.C) inspired Symthe in her heart, soul and spirit reawakening the artist within her self. (G.C’s) influence with her own music, friendship and stance on life led Symthe to a path of listening to the her own beats of her life song and return to poetry and cultural stories after a two year hiatus. When word got out on a new book by Katherine Svoi Symthe, and it was her cultural stories and poetic essays, the demand became off the chart. Today, The Willow Tree Legacy is the answer to that calling in all artists to never forget your passion no matter how long you have slept.

Poems Of Interest

by Johnny Goldsmith

This is a large collection of contemporary poems. Interesting topics and a narrative style will encourage you to respond and share your thoughts with others. Begin the Journey! Make Your Own Fun!

Key Words: Relationships, Commentary, Short Stories, Current Events, Poetry, Religion, Politics

love, family, peace, news, travel, philosophy, social studies, hope, fun, science, mystery, adventure, human rights, outdoors, environment, Canadian, American, fiction & history.

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