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The Yummish Faith: Food, Philosophy, and Foolishness

by Michele Feltman Strider

The Yummish Faith is a small, but growing movement. You may have noticed Yummish people in your community – holding hands, eating ice cream cones, petting fluffy dogs, stopping to smell the roses… or the doughnuts. Perhaps you’re interested in pursuing your own path to The YUM. Or maybe you’re just looking for a collection of quirky, funny, occasionally inspiring essays to read in your all too brief moments of downtime.

The Yummish Faith aims to give readers a new way of approaching the chaos of everyday life, with a more open, tolerant, and cookie-centric worldview. Wine and chocolate are also recurring themes.

Great for harried parents, abused commuters, and the generally over-stressed!

Makes a fun desperation gift for coworkers and distant relatives!

Random recipes included!

Reason to Believe

by J. Vincent Moore

Embark on a journey to discover proof for

the most extraordinary truth ever contemplated.

He is closer than you think.

The existence of God is the single most important topic to address if you are to enjoy a productive, well-grounded, and meaningful life. However, surprisingly few of us have ever stepped back from our daily lives long enough to develop rational ideas about God. Many Christians simply assume that sound reasoning must be suspended when they enter the pew on Sundays. Most atheists assume that God does not exist because science has not found Him yet. Both are tragically wrong. “Reason to Believe” provides a guide to how good logic and common sense lead to the astounding truth that God exists. This realization changes lives because faith, when built on the rock-solid foundation of reason, inevitably leads to the Cross, from which springs life eternal.

As a renowned scientist and professor, J. Vincent Moore is one of the few credible authors able to write a book that provides counter arguments to the professional skeptics who have flooded modern media with erroneous philosophies about religion, science, and God. Moore’s experience comes from having written nearly 100 journal articles and given scientific lectures to audiences around the world. In this new book, he shows how common sense can be used to dispel the darkness of poor reasoning and lead everyone to a better understanding of the Truth.

Ketchup and Curry: Your Guide to Life and Success in America

by Vivek Sreedhar

An Immigrant’s humorous take on the American Dream!

Have you wondered how hilariously challenging the process of assimilation is for an immigrant to be accepted into the American society? From having to immediately modify their name (Annapoorna becomes Anna) to knowing how to field curious Americans’ questions (“Do you speak Indian?”), it can be an overwhelming transition. Some of us have had the pleasure (or pain) of living through this experience on a day-to-day basis!! How can this transition be made smoother and quicker?

In Ketchup & Curry: Your Guide to Life and Success in America, Vivek Sreedhar helps bridge the gap between Indian and American culture in a humorous and informative manner through the eye popping adventures of Subramaniam Venkataraman Parthasarathy (Subbu) in America.

Starting his American life being called a FOB (fresh off the boat), and having his name butchered, Subbu is thrown into the dollar-to-rupee conversion and Bollywood to Hollywood drama. From then on begins the long and emotional journey of Subbu’s transformation as he goes from Slumdog to Swag and learns the ABCDs of being an IBCD (Indian Born Confused Desi). He even starts dating for real (not

When Subbu returns to India, the culture shock comes back to haunt him, keeping his heart torn between his American girlfriend, Angela, and his childhood friend Sulokshana. He struggles to find where his heart really lies: within the bustling streets of Detroit or the humid, homely galis of southern India. What does he do…choose Angela or Sulokshana…America or India?

Praise for Ketchup and Curry

“A hilarious guide to life and success in America. Must read for anyone aspiring to go abroad!”

“Finally! A book that screams the story of every Indian who came to America to live the American Dream!”

“Very informative and funny, this book is a great read for Indians moving to the States.”

“An immigrant’s guide to America – very funny”

“This book should appeal to both first time travelers looking for perspectives on life in America as well as fully integrated immigrants who will look back at their life and smile at how far they have come.”

The Sum Of all Mere Chances

by Maxim Szenessy

“The Sum Of all Mere Chances”

A philosophical novel by Maxim Szenessy

(Original: “Die Summe aller Zufälle”)

352 pages containing the full story.


A peculiar letter causes Mr. Anton Suri to lead twelve highly gifted scholars in a manor where they encounter something absolutely unimaginable. The challenge of solving this strange riddle takes them on a contemplative journey to the borders of their mental capacities, which they finally manage to transcend. Having made purely rational observations of reality, they draw together a range of different scientific and philosophical viewpoints to devise concepts and thought experiments. They develop intuitive models that help them find their own individual answers to the biggest hitherto unresolved questions of humanity.
The riddle guides them to the origin of their own existence and far beyond. Their combined insights put an explanation within reach.


Original German version:

“Die Summe aller Zufälle”

published as Kindle e-book in Nov. 2012

as Paperback in May 2014

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