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Competency Management – The Conceptual Framework

by Sudhir Warier

The modern day organizational landscape is witnessing rapid changes, both in its structure and management. Managing its intangible assets is of paramount importance to an organization irrespective of its size, sector or domain, to enable it withstand the rigors of the current global economies. Only organizations that have a well defined and integrated Competency Management Framework would be able to successfully survive and compete in the knowledge economies of the future. This books introduces the concepts, terminologies, processes associated with organizational competency management

2 articles to be read with reflection by Mohammed Raj Abdullah (words 7488): How can chance (evolution) make us who we are? (essential reading Book 1)

by Mohammed Raj Abdullah

0 x1 = 0, so you cannot have something from nothing. So this logically means, those who reflect can understand that the universe or the multiverse (the cosmos) because 0 x 1 = nothing. So you cannot have a universe from nothing. This is mathematically impossible.

Braiming: How Computer Games Affect Kids’ Brains

by Mitch Moldofsky

Computer games are all around us. Should we be excited or scared? In straightforward English, this thoughtful guide, written and illustrated by Thinking Skills Club founder, Mitch Moldofsky, addresses concerns about violence, addiction, gamification, and the appearance of games in schools with humor and insight. Parents, teachers, neuroscientists and general readers will enjoy Moldofsky’s fast paced, quotable prose. His tongue in cheek cartoons help readers gain valuable perspective while learning about what scientists and teachers are discovering about the potential of games for learning and what current research has to say about its long and short term effects. With a B.Sc. in Cognitive Science and Psychology and a background as a screenwriter, Moldofsky displays a unique ability to cut to the chase when it comes to interpreting various studies and putting them in terms that make sense. “Braiming” also coins a new term to describe the interface between brains and games, and sheds light on new directions for the future.

Count 21 to 40: (Illustrated)

by Agnes Musa

This book was written for pre-school and kindergarten children to help teach them to count. Extensive use is made of clip art depicting objects children in this age group are familiar with. The aim is to make it easy for children to relate to the clipart objects, making it comfortable for them to enjoy counting.

Happy College Students Smart Guide: Top 5 Problems with best recommended solutions

by Dr. C

We all know that college is a wonderful place that every boy and girl would wait to step in from their teen-age. What are the things that come up to our mind when we first hear the word college? Friend circles, groups, cafes, chats, getaways, classes, tests etc…But have ever thought of the things that bother almost half of the college students during their academic life? Of course, there are endless problems that a college student faces in his or her college life right from the first day.

This guide was prepared by keeping a thought in mind that some best and realistic solutions to be presented to those college students who face financial problems, physical abuses to health issues and from family dynamics to substance abuse.

We first tried identifying the top 5 problems of the college students following which we gathered the 3 best & recommended solutions for each problem on the list. A college student who undergoes any of the problems listed out in this report can find the best solution which he or she thinks might be the best fit for them.

If Only For A Day: The Story of a Substitute Teacher

by Donald L. Tucker

What is it like to work as a substitute teacher? Perhaps you have heard horror stories, and perhaps some of them are true. Days with no lesson plans. Teachers who take advantage of you. Teachers who are incompetent and you know it but keep quiet so you can work and do what good you can. And oh yes, specific behavior problems that turn your hair grey before the 3:30 bell.

While there are various handbooks filled with little tricks-of-the-trade of how to work as a sub, this memoir focuses on showing what it was like for someone who had his feet put to the fire and survived. Not only survived but had some fun, made a better day for some children, and did some fair country teaching along the way.

Along with the examples of what it was like, one considering entering the profession just might find (in the way it sometimes works best) that they have learned–without being taught–how to be (or not to be) a substitute teacher. Or just a teacher. After all, subs are teachers too, if only for a day.

100 Essential Spanish Phrases: to learn for travel, greetings, directions, shopping, and eating out!

by Pedro W

Traveling to another country can be a positive and wonderful experience. At the same time, it can also be intimidating, especially if you don’t know or speak the language.

100 Essential Spanish Phrases will give you the tools to make you feel comfortable while visiting any Spanish speaking country! Everyday greetings, translations for finding directions, important shopping expressions, common words, and phrases for dining out are all included. Learning these phrases will give you a sense of accomplishment and allow you to have a more immersive experience while staying in a foreign country.

With this phrase book, you will be surprised how at ease and relaxed you will be in an environment where people speak only Spanish. This book is perfect place to start building your Spanish vocabulary, helping transform you from a gringo to an amigo in 100 phrases!

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