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Developing a personal relationship with God will develop our spiritual lives. Involving God in our decision making process will do wonders!  Discover that you will make mistakes, but never let mistakes define your future. As you make resolution to change certain habits, achieve certain dreams, always be conscious of the fact that your greatest priority is your relationship with God. As you begin this journey, find out why it is important to be good to yourself first. Sometime we are just too hard on ourselves. That is why we need to discover the road to self-compassion. As we get closer to God we discover how important it is to keep up with prayer, then the desire to know God more increases, then we realize that we have to set aside time every week to study his teaching. Then unveiling the power of meditation we discover that it will do wonders for our relationship with God.  You just can’t remain the same from the experience with God so a spiritual resolution takes place! Then affirmations must be used to stay on course.  This intriguing eBook is a must read! Discover how it will transform you spiritually!

YOGA for Body, Mind & Self: Gist of Ancient Literature on YOGA – easy to practice by anyone

by Dr. B.R. PATLE

Health is the greatest wealth. In the absence of sound health, human aspirations become futile. Unable to realize this truth, man is losing his health by wrong habits. Dawn to dusk he adapts unhealthy ways of living and faces miserable consequences. When body is ridden with diseases, health wanes and one is afflicted by all kinds of miseries. Now a days people go to clubs to drink, fill themselves with unhealthy food and gamble. It is precisely due to these bad habits, evil traits and unhealthy activities they are losing health and peace of mind.

For total health one must practice moderation in food, sleep and exercise. Satwik food promotes self control and intelligence more than Rajsik food and Tamsik food. Satwik food is vegetarian food consisting of grains, legumes, vegetables, milk and milk products. It is tasty, balanced, sustaining and pleasant. It should be prepared in a simple way. More salty, oily, hot and prepared specially to promote special tastes without caring for balanced nutrition is Rajsik food. Non-vegetarian food comes in the category of Tamsik food.

Sleep too should be regulated and moderate. Virtuous conduct also ensures mental peace and in turn saves you from many a physical and mental illness. All that you eat, all that you see, all that you hear, all that you take in through the senses, make a dent on your health. The Seers say, “Na Shreyo niyaman viā”-No progress without constraint Control heightens power, regulation puts it in to the best use.

Without discipline, the mind of man is turned in to a wild animal in rut. You have to catch it young and train it so that its strength and skill can be useful to man and harmless to life around. Man is bestowed with senses, mind and intellect. To achieve the goal of life i,e. to lead a healthy, peaceful, moral and respectful life man has to learn to control these equipments- senses, mind and intellect. For this self discipline is needed. The ego has to be crucified on the cross of compassion.

Human personality is a combination of body, mind and Spirit. To be successful in life it is necessary that he enjoys physical, mental and emotional health and understands the real purpose of human life. The body has to be carefully and tenderly fostered. It is a precious gift, a very complicated but well coordinated machine given for achieving a laudable task- Self Realization which is the goal of life.

The practice of Yoga brings over all development of human personality- Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. The true meaning of Yoga is “union of human Spirit with Divine Spirit.” The method used to obtain this goal is also called Yoga. The present book “Yoga for body, mind and Self” deals with practical methods for total health of a man.

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