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Five Days in May

by Ninie Hammon

“Don’t never underestimate the power of doin’ the right thing.”


The writhing finger of death hurls across the prairie toward Graham, Oklahoma, one Friday afternoon in May, 1963, on a collision course with the lives of 4 peopleâ??each of whom has already planned a personal rendezvous with death in some other form that day.

In Jonas Cunningham’s mind, what he’s planning isn’t murder. The handful of little white pills that will free his precious Maggie from the fog of Alzheimer’s is a gift, a final act of unconditional love.

Jonas’s 16-year-old granddaughter, Joy, isn’t planning “murder” either. She’s pregnant and sees only one way to keep from shaming her family. Secrets like that are hard to keep though, in a small town.

Joy’s father, Rev. Mac MacIntosh has lost his wife and his faith and on Friday, he plans to commit professional suicideâ??not just leave his church, but abandon his call to ministry.

Princess has an appointment with the Reaper on Friday, too, one she’s been staring down for 14 years. At 5 o’clock, the state of Oklahoma will strap her into an electric chair called Sizzlin’ Suzie and turn on the juice.

But as the strange, psychic death row inmate meets daily with the minister during the final 5 days of her life, everything in both their lives begins to change. Princess knowsâ??about Mac’s life and family. And seesâ??the Big Ugly coming to eat up the world. She sees other terrible things, too, and is determined to carry to her grave an incredible secret about the little sister she confessed to beheading a decade ago.

When the savage tornado roars with a sound like gravel in a blender into their small prairie town on that May Friday, all 4 of the people who’d penciled in “death” on their calendars actually do confront eternity.

But none of them comes to the crossroads of life and death by the path they’d planned or leaves with the result they expected.

In the end, the Big Ugly will decide who lives and who dies that day.



  • Ninie Hammon has become one of my favorite authors. She writes gripping stories peopled with believable characters. Her book “Sudan” moved me to tears, and “Five Days in May” is equally moving. She has a deep understanding of the human heart. Bestselling author Eric Wilson, Top 100 Amazon Reviewer
  • This is the kind of contemporary fiction I love! One character’s stunning sacrifice makes Five Days in May inspirational, but it’s filled with suspense, too, as a killer tornado gets closer and closer. Though set in the 1960s, the story felt contemporary, about a family with secrets that seemed so real sometimes I forgot it was fiction, a tale that nailed me to the chair with suspense. Inspirational without being sappy, believable dramaâ??a great read.Marshall McCarroll
  • Ms. Hammond is a fine author, and her characters are richly developed to the point you hate to say goodbye. The touch of paranormal added exactly the suspense that was needed. Noelle
  • I knew a book with a tornado on the cover would be psychological suspenseâ??and boy, was I right! A match-flame of tension builds a bonfire in this must-read psychological drama–with an ending you’ll never guess. Sarah Bridges
  • Murder sets the stage, but Five Days in May isn’t typical crime fiction. It isn’t typical ANYTHING–not a mystery, thrillers and suspense novel or even a paranormal suspense thriller. It’s DIFFERENT, actually “inspirational” to feel the suspense grind tight as 3 generations battle a killer tornado–aided by a psychic death row inmate. Princess SEES the Big Ugly coming! Gripping fiction like this doesn’t come along every day, folks; it’d be a “crime” to miss the surprise end.Cassandra

Islamic State

by Mathew Hopkins

On the 150th anniversary of the day when John Wilkes Booth put a bullet through the head of Abraham Lincoln comes a new shock for America when radical Islamists desecrate war cemeteries across western Europe. Grassroots America has finally had enough. The sleeping tiger has been awakened, poked and prodded till it’s snarling and ready to kill, and then unleashed. Reprisals bring the National Guard and marshal law to the streets of America’s towns and cities while the nation’s Muslim population retreats behind hastily erected barricades. Vigilante groups pay no heed to the call for calm. The second amendment’s right to bear arms has become the right to wage war.

After weeks of tension, politicians join with community leaders to search for an answer. The only solution, a Homeland – right here in America. A place where peace-loving people can walk out in the street. A land where Muslims will live according to their own laws and traditions. An Islamic State.

Joe Abrahams is the son of a Jew and a Roman Catholic, and like his father before him he marries out of the religion he was born into. With a true and willing heart Joe embraces Islam, never guessing in those first happy days the pain he will soon know and the danger he must face escaping from the land that millions had hoped would be paradise on Earth.

Reflctions On Life (Revised Edition): A Collection of Poems ad Prayers

by Michelle R Kidwell

I have often used poetry to express myself, the first poem I wrote in 1994 is also the first poem in this collection, and after I gave my heart to Christ in 1996 you will see many of my poetry reflects that inner change as well…

That Kind of Love (Lainey’s Bridge Book 1)

by Laurel A. Ness

“And that was the moment I began to fall in love.”

Junior high behind her, Lainey Preston is nervous to start high school, but has a whole summer of freedom in front of her before she has to worry about that! While visiting relatives in a charming Iowa farm town, city girl Lainey meets two guys who will become significant to her in different ways, changing the course of her high school years . . . and her life!

How will Lainey see her way through freshman year, dealing with eccentric teachers, meeting new friends, having her weak faith challenged, and making choices about things like underage drinking and sneaking around on her parents? Will she ever get Andrew to love her? Will Jarred ever tell her the secret he’s keeping?

Meet Lainey at “the bridge,” a favorite spot for Lainey and her friends to hang out. Listen in on the conversations of friendship, discord, forgiveness, and love . . .

An Apache Princess: A Tale of the Indian Frontier

by Charles King

Charles King was an American soldier and writer. King’s best known work is An Apache Princess: A Tale of the Indian Frontier. This edition includes a table of contents.

The Reluctant Angel and Other Stories

by J.E. Christer

The Reluctant Angel and other stories is a collection of six short stories covering many aspects of life, told in a light-hearted way. Tea/Coffee breaks with this book will make you think as well as smile, some told from a Christian perspective on life, the universe, and everything, with poignant and romantic in between. Most of us have a smattering of romanticism buried under our facade of cynicism, but it is hoped that these stories have something which will speak to all of us, with a sprinkling of humour on the froth of life. Enjoy!!

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