Free war Kindle books for 15 Aug 14

Guild Hostilities

by Barath Narayanan

Ram Reddy discovers the potential in Mohamed Ali Adnan and trains him to wrestle. Mohamed develops a friendship with Ramaswamy Iyer while training under Ram Reddy.

When Mohamed defeats an Irish wrestler in a bout and impresses an ex-army official, he gets a chance to fight in the British Indian army. He gets employed in Mesopotamia along with Ratan Singh and Michael McKenzie to fight against the ottomans. Here he meets a rape victim at a war theater, and develops a sympathy for her. As days passed, his sympathy gets molded into loveâ?¦

He soon returns back to India and gets employed in Lahore, where he lives a happy life having his childhood friend Ramaswamy Iyer as his neighbour and Ratan Singh as his colleague. However in a few days, the harmony of Lahore is shattered due to the literary works of selfish politiciansâ?¦ and members of his guild, brothers who stood by side at the war are plunged into communal violenceâ?¦ Ramaswamy, Ratan, and Mohamed sense their brotherhood perishing from the odour of blood painting their lands redâ?¦ they try to terminate the hostilitiesâ?¦

Will they be able to do it? Victory will mean the life of the brotherhood and countless others, but failure on the other hand, will spell the doom of everything they hold dear.

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