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The One Success Habit (For Managers) (The One Success Habit Series Book 2)

by Fred Ray Lybrand

The One Success Habit (for Managers) aims to show the one thing managers and leaders can use to solve 90% of their problems in the workplace. This a fresh understanding of how and why a new communication habit can transform one’a leadership role. Frankly, if you want to keep being promoted, then you must develop this powerful habit. What do you really communicate to those who report to you? What do they truly need to grasp from start to finish? It’s the One Success Habit (for Managers).

In the editing process one of my readers wrote, “I love, love, love this book! Very well-written (i.e., clearly communicates your clear expectations ;-)). I can honestly say this is the best management book I’ve ever read. (and, no, it’s not the ONLY management book I’ve ever read). I can’t wait for it to be published so I can recommend it to others. I predict this will be a best-seller, Fred. Seriously.” Fun to hear…hope you feel this way too!

How to Get Off Your Ass and Accomplish Your Life’s Dreams: The Lazy Procrastinators Guide to Massive Success

by Charlie Millan

LEARN:: How to Stop Procrastinating

Are you struggling with procrastination? Do you have too much to do but you never get started doing it? Tired of living the same life year after year?

The truth is, we have all struggled with it at some point in our lives. One way to fix this problem? Kick procrastinations ass.

Procrastination:: Life’s Dream Killer

Once upon a time, you had big dreams and big ambitions. Now you have settled for the “internet loop,” video games, and watching television. You act busy but you get nothing done. Do you catch yourself saying “I am too busy” or “I wish I had time.” Those words can be a key identifier of you being a procrastinator.

DISCOVER: Methods to Stop Procrastination and Start Taking Action

In “How to Get Off Your Ass and Accomplish Your Life’s Dreams: The Lazy Procrastinators Guide to Massive Success,” you’ll discover how to set goals and start taking action everyday of your life. Not only will you learn the basics, you’ll also get a framework to develop and organize your daily activities. Not only will you learn the basics, you’ll also discover a wide range of advanced tools and tactics.

You will learn:

– How to Determine if You Are a Procrastinator

– How to Identify Excuses and Eliminate them from Your Life

– How to Clear Your Mind to Help Stop Procrastination

– Learn the Importance of Time

– How to Track Your Time Wasters

– Start Your Day with Action Instead of Procrastination

– Lifestyle factors that Can Impact Procrastination

– Build Effective Habits to Eliminate Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest dream killers around. All you need is an action plan for getting started. With “The Lazy Procrastinators Guide to Massive Success,” you get that simple blueprint.

Would You Like To Know More?

Download and start kicking procrastination’s ass immediately.

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Make Money From Home: The Ultimate Guide To Financial Freedom Making Money From Home Without The Help Of Corporate Offices (How To Make Money From Home, … Online, How To Make Money While Traveling)

by Zack Cunnigham

Discover The Path To Financial Freedom Outside Corporate Offices

Today only, get this Kindle Book for just $0.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to gain financial freedom making money from home without the help of corporate offices.. Thousands of people become unemployed each year due to shifts in the economy therefore ultimately leaving people without no source of income. Thousands of people are in need of jobs but advancement in technology over the years have replaced human labor. Most people realize how much of a problem this is but are unable to adopt to the new economy in the world we live in today simply because people do not realize other ways in obtaining income besides the same routine; getting a job. The people that have a job (9-5) are usually stuck in the rat race for life therefore never having the opportunity to fully live life and gain financial freedom.

The truth is, if you are struggling to make money or trying to become financially free its because you are lacking the creativity and information needed.

This book goes into a step by step proven strategy that will help you make money, creating you different sources of income therefore helping you take control of your life and financials.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Methods To Making Money Online
  • Methods To Making Money From Home
  • Business Opportunities
  • Identifying A Profitable Market
  • Research, Analyzing And Troubleshooting
  • Valuable Content Creation
  • Working On Your God Giving Talents And Abilities
  • Building An Audience
  • The Path To Financial Freedom
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Tags: How To Make Money From Home, How To Make Money At Home, How To Make Money Online, How To Make Money While Traveling

[email protected]: The 7 Skills Every Twenty-Something (and Their Manager) Needs to Overcome Roadblocks and Achieve Greatness

by Chip Espinoza

“Finally a book that helps young people navigate the workplace rules set up by older generations and navigate the obstacles that so often hold them back.”

Stephen M. R. Covey, # 1 bestselling author of The Speed of Trust and coauthor of Smart Trust

“Chip Espinoza knows millennials. In his latest book, [email protected], Chip reaches out and speaks directly to this unique generation as they enter the working world. If you want to be better informed about how millennials will impact the workplace, this book is for you. And if you were born after 1982, this book is about you. Read it!”

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Legendary Service

Work life is different from anything you have experienced up to this point. Not because it is work, but because authority figures at work may appear very different from those you have encountered in your life so far. It is not an overstatement to say that many young professionals experience a hefty dose of culture shock when they enter the workforce. The promise of this book is to help you understand the challenges that can stand in the way of success and teach you the skills necessary for achieving greatness at work. Using years of research to back our advice, this book is a helpful tool that will help you identify potential roadblocks in your career so you’ll know exactly what to do when you encounter them.

Learn about:

– The potential roadblocks you will face at work and how to work around them

– Seven key skills that will help you become more valuable and advance your career

– How to communicate more effectively with older generations

Copywriting Secrets Blackbook: How To Use The Most Closely Guarded Advertising Secrets To Sell Anything Including Your Own Personal Image (

by Michael T. Irvin

How To Use Techniques, Tips, And Secrets Extracted and Unearthed To Sell Anything Including Your Own Personal Image

How To Make Money Online: Simple Ideas For Making Extra Money Online (How To eBooks Book 4)

by HTeBooks


Money does not make the world go round, but it sure does help to oil its gears. Depending on our living situations, sooner or later there comes a point in our lives when we do realize that money is essential for survival and maintaining the quality of life for us and our loved ones.

Back in the day, society judged those who chased after money as greedy fools, or materialistic people. However, modern living conditions have drastically changed throughout the years, with the gap between the cost of living and wages getting larger and larger with each passing year.

While getting a job is definitely a responsible way to earn money and establish a living, sometimes it’s just not enough, and more and more people are realizing that. The internet is fast becoming a great alternative because the only investments you really need are your internet subscription and an inner motivation to earn.

This book will guide you through the vast array of options available and how to make the most out of them. You’ll be amazed by the many ways that you can make use of your talent, passion and time to earn extra bucks for you and your family. Some people even turn these into full-time jobs and earn more than their eight-hour office routine! This might just be the break you were looking for. Go on and discover a whole new world of profit!



  • Do Paid Surveys
  • Value in the Smallest Efforts
  • Do Social Media Advertising
  • Turn Passion to Profit
  • Kick Things up with Kickstarter
  • Sell
  • E-Book Publishing
  • Freelance Writing
  • The Art of Domain Flipping
  • And Much More


MONEY MINDSET: make money, money saving, wealth, financial planning, what is wealth, financial independence, financial freedom


Being cognizant of the manifestation process and the inbuilt power of your mind is critical. This e-book examines these powerful concepts and much more. Packed in this article is the need for you to discover your awareness, which is considered to be the most incredible and stimulating domains embedded in you. The article will allow you to unravel the eternal potential that you possess. The discovery about you, in particular your mind-set, will be breath-taking and fascinating. You will be mesmerized by the fact that the more you comprehend about the unknown, the more you realize that you understand very little about you. It is shared in this book that if you want to attain a financially free mindset, you need to set your mind on it. An open-mind is required while gleaning the information that is creativity imprinted on the pages of this e-book. Information is provided about how to envision what you want by seeing it, for example, knowing your goals. Tips on how to achieve this are shared. You will also be asked to consider what you bring to achieving money mindset. The e-book also challenges you to consider what is keeping you down regarding money mindset. It also charges you to break free from negative money mindset. The document encourages you to take the necessary steps required to acquiring wealth. This e-book is highly recommended in order for you to develop the correct money mindset.

Spread Betting: Your Complete, Step-by-Step Guide to Spread Betting

by Alton Swanson

A Complete 8-Step Process For Getting Started Spreading Betting Today

This book is the ultimate guide to spread betting.

In this book, you’ll learn what spread betting is, how it works, and step-by-step how to get started using spread betting to grow your investment portfolio.

Plus, you’ll learn numerous “insider” tips, tricks, and techniques for profitable spreading betting.

Here are some of the specifics you’ll learn…

– Exactly what spreading betting is and how it differs from traditional stock investing– Chapter 1

– How you can use the leverage of spread betting to make massive profits with only a small amount of money– Chapter 2

– The key benenfits of spread betting– Chapter 2

– The different types of spread bets and the unique risks and rewards of each– Chapter 4

– How to minimize spread betting risk– Chapter 5

– A complete 8-step process for getting started spreading betting today– Chapter 6

– Multiple specific examples of real-world spread bets– Chapter 7

– Tips, tricks, and techniques for successful spread betting– Chapter 8

– And much much more!

Download your copy today!

100% Productive: 25 Great Ways To Work Smarter Not Harder (How To Be 100% Book 3)

by John Morgan

LEARN TODAY: 25 Great Ways To Work Smarter Not Harder

You work yourself until late at night. You spend most of your time at work. You are overworked, and yet you do not feel accomplished. What could be wrong?

The time and effort you put into work is not a reflection of the results you get. It does not matter if you spend the night in your workspace. It does not matter if you forget to eat or breathe. What matters is the result you bring to the table. That is the bottom line.

So, is there a need to sacrifice your entire life for work? Is it worth losing your social life for your career? Is your job worth losing sleep for? Whether you believe it or not, the truth is, your biggest asset in life is yourself. What would you do with a high flying career, an enormous payout, when you can’t enjoy it? The lesson is to stop working hard. Start doing what is right and work smart.

This book will help you identify the things you may be doing with regards to work. We have laid out the necessary steps you should be taking to boost productivity and have crossed out the unnecessary things that may be burning you out.

Find out the things you may be doing wrong and what you should be doing right. Change your mind set. Improve your attitude. Start thinking and working smart. Feel accomplished and be more productive.



  • Break Down Big Tasks
  • Make a List
  • Know Your Priorities
  • Manage Your Time Wisely
  • Improve Your Focus
  • Take a Break
  • Use Reminders
  • Beat Procrastination
  • Eliminate Fluff
  • And Much More


Personal Finance: The Insider’s Guide For Credit Repair Tips, Easy Tips To Fight Off Personal Bankruptcy and More

by Jackie Bell

A single source for personal finance, credit repair tips, easy tips to fight off bankruptcy and much more.

EBAY BEGINNER: The 10-Minute Guide to Researching Products to Sell

by Joe Clay

This guide is for beginner’s who have no clue how to start looking for products to sell on Ebay. This guide will show step by step with pictures to show you how to research Ebay to find products to sell. This guide will also show how to use your smart phone ebay app at a thrift store to look up the items you researched and found to decide if you should buy the product.

I use this method everyday when I am researching new products to sell.

102 Tweets: Social media update ideas for businesses & nonprofits

by Tim Priebe

Don’t let writer’s block stop you from being consistent in your social media marketing! This book contains 102 ideas for social media updates. Whether you manage social media for a business or nonprofit, this book can help you come up with ideas.

CKnotes on the Millionaire Next Door

by Dr. CK Lin

Read this book:

If you have a constant concern about money

If you think you are getting less than what you deserve

If you are envious of what others have

If you have a high income but can’t seem to hold on to your money

If you are interested in having more financial freedom

If you are interested in having more mental space (by eliminating your financial concerns)

If you have financial disputes with your family

“CKNotes” are executive summaries designed to assist busy entrepreneurs and executives in absorbing the transformative ideas of our times in less than 10 minutes. These time-saving summaries introduce readers to the key ideas of a book without spending countless hours. We read every detail, filter anything superfluous, and distill the very core ideas so that you are armed with the most current and powerful strategies in your knowledge base. 

Generation Millionaires

by NBH ebooks

With all the buzz about income inequality, and so many people earning minimum wage or living in poverty, it may seem that the world is a hopeless place. Yet there are now more millionaires than ever before. Many are self-made, and many are young people who are not yet 30. This young generation, having lived most of their lives with amazingly powerful tools like the internet and mobile phones, have taken advantage of their expertise with these tools to earn large amounts of money that would not have been possible in previous generations.

This book aims to look at the various ways and methods they use to earn huge amounts of money, and how anyone can apply some of these strategies in their own lives to join the generation of millionaires.

Your Communication Quotient

by Nicksun Puthur

It is a book which will help you assess your communication level with tips on how to improve your communication skills. It also has a collection of questions at the end to help you assess your communication skills on a scale of 1 to 10. one is the minimum score and ten the highest.It covers a wide range of topics on communication skills

eBay 2015: 5 Moves You Need to Make Today to Sell More Stuff on eBay

by Nick Vulich

Introductory price $3.99 – Grab your copy now, and save $4.00.

eBay 2015 takes you full circle through eBay selling.

It discusses the current eBay climate after the company was hacked, how to navigate eBay’s new seller standards, how to catch the new wave of growth in international selling, and how take your business from zero to successful in the shortest possible time.

If you can execute in five key areas, you’ll have everything you need to succeed selling on eBayâ??today, tomorrow, and into the future.

1. Plan for success

2. Establish a Niche

3. Ship like a pro

4. Sell international

5. Know your numbers

Pick up your copy of eBay 2015, and start growing your online business today.

Ethical Kindle Publishing Success: Learn how to make a long term and ethical living writing and selling Kindle books

by Matt Bowns

Learn how to make a long term and ethical living writing and selling Kindle books

A lot of what you’ve been told in other books is wrong. Find out why and learn how to start doing it right!

If I knew a foolproof system for consistently making big money easily by publishing Kindle books and I was making a good living by doing it myself, why would I tell anyone apart from perhaps family and close friends how I do it?

Most of the books, training courses and membership sites that promise to teach you how to make long term easy money with Kindle books don’t deliver on that promise, they’re just designed to get you to part with your hard earned money.

Fortunately there is an ethical way for authors, who are prepared to work hard, to make decent money from Kindle books. I do it myself and I WILL tell you how I do it. Why? Because it takes something that most people looking for ways to make money from Kindle books are trying to avoid and wont do – real work!

Ethical Kindle Publishing Success will tell you why what you’re being told is wrong, but more importantly it will tell you how to do it right and start making good money ethically from Kindle books.

In Ethical Kindle Publishing Success you will learn:

  • Why the ‘systems’ currently being taught are doomed to be short-lived and end in failure
  • How you can avoid fatal mistakes that could damage your reputation and end your self-publishing career
  • How to make sure your book has a large enough market to be profitable
  • How to make sure people can find your book on Amazon
  • How to promote your book ethically to get more sales
  • Key tips on formatting and publishing your Kindle book
  • and much more!

The Kindle market is huge and its growing fast. There are literally tens of thousands of subjects to write about and there is plenty of room for new good quality books, but if you take shortcuts and get it wrong, you could see your business and your income disappear literally overnight. Make sure you avoid the pitfalls by reading Ethical Kindle Publishing Success today!

Take action now. Scroll up and click the ‘buy’ button at the top of this page and you can read Ethical Kindle Publishing Success on your Kindle device, computer, tablet or smartphone.

FB List Simplified – Get Hundreds of Highly Targeted Cheap 10-25c Leads Everyday In Any Niche (Mike From Maine Deals)

by Mike From Maine

Learn the EXACT way to Build Your Email List with CHEAP Clicks

Today only, get this bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced

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You’re about to discover how to build a responsive list of email subscribers simply by using the power of Facebook.

For a limited time only you’ll also get TWO bonuses with a combined value of over $50!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Module 1: Setting Up Your FanPage
  • Module 2: Creating Your Squeeze Page
  • The FREE Squeeze Page Method
  • Module 3: Creating A Custom Audience
  • Method 1 – Top “XXX” Method / Best “XXX” Method
  • Method 2 – Closed Facebook Group Method – BUYERS GROUP
  • Module 4 – Creating “KILLER” Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Module 5: Scaling Up Your Campaigns
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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21 Success Principles: 21 Powerful Ways to Help You Immediately Become More Productive, Happy and Successful, for Life!

by Brian Ledger

21 Success Principles

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover 21 proven principles for how to become more productive, happy and successful, immediately! This is a very powerful, and action oriented book that will sky rocket your life to a whole new level of success, fast!

Download your copy today!

Further description of the book

I have distilled and organized 21 of the most important principles for creating success and happiness in your life. I personally use all of these principles on a daily basis and I am sure that they will impact your life if you take them to heart and apply them right away. The book is focused on getting you to take action right now, without all that procrastination that is so common. So what are you waiting for? There will not be a better time to take action than now!

Let’s have a look at some of the things you will learn…

  • How to instantly change your life for the better!
  • Learn how to set and ACHIEVE goals
  • How to plan out your day in advance for maximum achievement
  • The importance of extreme focus, and how to not get knocked out!
  • How to massively accelerate your success using easy to apply techniques
  • The Trump formula for success

  • Much, much more…

Download your copy today!

There’s a lot more information in this valuable book. I encourage you to get your own copy today and find out how you can improve your productivity, happiness and success already today, simply apply what you learn in this book!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only


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© 2014 Brian Ledger, All Rights Reserved.

How to Make Money from Writing an Ebook…: …for free

by John Smith

An author’s guide to writing and publishing an ebook from scratch and without spending a penny!

Intro to using Social Media for Business: Engage in the new word-of-mouth marketplace to improve and grow your business (EASY Using Social Media for Business Book 1)

by Fred Laxton

Find out why your business needs to engage in Social Media, which services to use, pitfalls to avoid, how to get started and automate posting from your website. We discuss Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram and which your business should use.

HOW TO BUILD ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL MEMBERSHIP WEBSITES ONLINE: online marketing, marketing plan, business marketing plan, webpage hosting, computer software, links of, webpage


Building a membership site is the desire of some persons. It has been revealed that more persons are developing a strong interest in such sites. This e-book provides you with adequate and easy-to-read information regarding how to create a membership site that is successful. Marketing your site plays a very critical role to its success. Building a list of subscribers, who may eventually become your members, is also of paramount important. This e-book examines the question, “why you should crеаtе a mеmbеrÃ?�hÃ?�Ã?� site?” Coupled with this question, there is the need to know how to establish a booming membership site. This e-book is dedicated to providing information that will allow your membership site to thrive immensely rather than fail. It also presents practical guidelines related to testing your market regarding your membership site. Critical things you should know about membership websites are outlined in this must read e-book. It is also enlightening to note that information related to pricing your membership and accepting payment are covered. Additionally, you will be informed of the components your membership site needs to have, as well as the required plugins, in order to be effective and flourish. You will be given information on the right membership software to select. Also, you will gain knowledge on how to create and distribute content for your membership site.  How to create your membership tiers and your content drip are also shared. This e-book also informs you how to establish a squeeze page for your membership page along with how to facilitate the interaction of your members on your membership site. This e-book, which is specially designed and prepared for you, is packed with rich information that you are encouraged to unearth without hesitation.  

Money Game

by Loranzo Spencer

How to save money.Young Mississpi Citizen express himself to the world on how to save money in hard times like these.

MARKETING FOR IDIOTS: direct marketing, direct response marketing, internet marketing plan, social media marketing, social network marketing, web marketing, digital marketing



Integration Marketing is the unification marketing process that takes place during campaigns for the sole purpose of growing sales. Discover the many ways an entrepreneur can use online integration marketing to create a “win-win” situation.  Find out how you can locate integration marketing partners, it’s very important to work closely with a mentor or an expert in the field already. These persons may have certain connections and will provide the necessary guidance. This will put you in a position where you know how to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” when seeking potential partners. Discover the art of clever integration marketing or we could say the use of tactics. Be enlightened that once you are successful it will attract future partners and not to mention the repeated successes!

How to Write an Effective Business Plan (Business Masterclass Book 1)

by Andrew Loader

How You Can Stop Your Business Making Big Mistakes

If you want to make certain that your great business idea is viable, then prepare a great business plan. This book will show you how.

Any potential business should prepare a plan before it sets up. It is the only way you can make sure that your idea will work, that it is financially possible and that you have thought through all those little problems that you come across on a regular basis.

In this book you will learns about all the key parts of such a plan: 

  • The Executive Summary
  • The Introduction
  • The Business Goals
  • The Marketing Section
  • The Operations Section
  • The People Section
  • The Finance Section. 

It covers everything that should be included in each of the sections,and walks you through how to prepare each part – from undertaking market research as to whether there is a demand for your product all the way to putting together a set of cash budgets to show the bank manager.

Remember: A business which fails to plan, plans to fail.

Radiologist Marketing – Search Word Pro: Leveraging Social Media

by Paul J. Krupin

Radiologist Marketing – Search Word Pro – Leveraging Social Media

Click and it’s Yours! This Amazing Ebook Will Significantly Improve Your Marketing Knowledge & Capabilities More Than You Could Ever Imagine

Search Word Pro ebooks search and immediately deliver the best, most useful and actionable information quick as a click. No typing! You just click on the magic search words you need to get access to the knowledge you need to take the right actions and achieve to the max.

Instant Time-Saving Access to the Best Information on Every Critical Action and Deliverable to Maximize the Success of Your Social media Marketing Experience from A to Z

Click! You will get to have a transformative experience that dramatically improves your marketing skills and tactics from the results you find using the search engines. Words have power. Knowledge is power. Click and it’s yours.

You simply decide what you want to know and then click on the search engine of your choice. Blast off. In a second your search results open for you.

Detailed Critical Need-to-Know Marketing Activities and Social Media Platform-Specific Guidance

Each book is a carefully sequenced, comprehensive, guide that delivers the best:

  • Marketing tips, tricks, tactics, secrets, plans, examples and samples;
  • Marketing strategies, techniques, infographics, tools, cheat sheets, video trailers;
  • Advice on creating business plans and building marketing platforms;
  • Getting reviews, finding reviewers, getting publicity;
  • Best content to share, best words to use, best times to post, how to improve engagement;
  • How to use calls to action and landing pages;
  • Bestselling books and authors on each type of social media technology.
  • And how to best ways to search, target and communicate with your people on each type of social media technology.
  • Search Word Pro Chapters cover a particular social media technology (e.g., pre-social media, post-social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Email Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Content Management and more).

    Always Fresh, Current & Up-To-Date Information

    The search results are always up-to-date and current! And the results can change every day. You will always get instant access to the best and most current data and information available. Click and you receive the best search engine results and information from Google, Bing, Slide Share, YouTube and Pinterest.

    Learn At Your Own Pace in Your Own Way

    Have it your way! Search Word Pro helps you choose results based on how you prefer to learn.

  • If you like reading written information, choose Google or Bing.
  • If you prefer presentations and slide shows, use Slide Share.
  • If you enjoy watching videos, use YouTube.
  • And if you prefer looking at color photography and infographics, use Pinterest.
  • About the Creator

    In 2002, Paul Krupin published The Magic Search Word series (Jobs, Scholarships, and Health). Using the rules he created in those books for searching and finding the best information on the Internet he received a patent in 2003. A little over ten years later he evolved the technology and came up with a way to pack a huge amount search power into a single click. He then incorporated the technology into several series of ebooks (book marketing, business marketing, health, and travel) and for use in a diverse array of high value quality content electronic handouts.

    Search Word Pro is one of the most powerful and innovative search tools you will experience. Click!

    Paid Surveys: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly About Paid Survey Sites and More

    by Michael Brown

    Discover everything there is to know about paid surveys, online survey scams, paid survey sites and much more.

    Super Training, Motivation and Habits Change: Self Help Power Lessons. Change your habits Now. (Self Help and Change Book 3)

    by Agustin Fletes Hernandez

    You should read this book because it is a collection of amazing tools in mind reprogramming. Using new and old school techniques that came from the study of incredible leaders, champions and genius. And specially those powerful people from the past who could be successful even facing the most horrendous opposing forces. What did they have in common? Do you have that same internal power waiting to be discovered? Why don’t you find out your hidden power? Can you change all your habits at will?

    Written in a very easy to understand format. This book explains step by step how this techniques work and gives you the knowledge so you can adapt them to yourself, or apply them to whatever you want to change in your life.You may have tried other over complicated techniques in the past and got lost in the process. This are only two or three step techniques, easy to understand and apply. You can use it to change your personality, change the way you behave, increase your existing potentials and overcome whatever weakness drags you down.

    * Learn how to reprogram your habits instantly through the process of instant absorption.

    * Understand the use of power phrases to install new behaviors with great excitement and happiness.

    *Feel satisfied with your new capacities and talents.

    *Absorb attractive qualities that you identify in the experts, using empathy as an absorbing quality and your inner power as a sealing force.

    Secret to Making a Living From Home: 20 Profitable Ways Online

    by Kintaro Kaneda

    Hidden behind all the online scams are real gems that will make you real money. I’ve gathered a secret list of trustworthy sources that definitely pays.

    No BS advice like “sell all your belongings on ebay”. Only real, practical ways anyone can use to make a living online from the comfort of their own homes, without risking all their money or assets.

    Learn to work for yourself and have the flexibility to do what you want when you want.

    AUTOMATIC WEALTH FOR SMALL BUSINESS: Easy Ways To Get Repeat Sales From Existing Customers

    by Eleanor Lancaster

    Learn The Amazingly Powerful Strategy Only Smart Business People Are Using To Multiply Their Profits – Without Even Trying!

    The most expensive sale you’ll ever make is the first one to your new customers.

    After they buy from you, receive value, and trust you to give them more of the same, you will find future sales easier – and far more profitable.

    But making those future sales still takes some work.

    How would you like to take away this effort – and make ongoing sales from your existing customers automatic and effortless?

    AUTOMATIC WEALTH FOR SMALL BUSINESS shows you how small tweaks in the way you think about your business or service can completely revolutionize your selling and explode your profits.

    You’ll learn all that you need to know about building auto-pilot income systems, including

    * the different approaches you can use to convince prospects to commit now – and set up recurring purchases

    * the best kind of offer and pricing to use for maximum results – no, it isn’t just offering refunds

    * the most strategic ways to present your offer and load it with value – you’ll be amazed at how effective it is

    * the critical elements of an automatic billing process that you simply cannot afford to miss out – you could lose a fortune

    … and more.

    All of this is explained in simple detail. You can read this book, plan your approach, and be putting these automatic wealth secrets to work in your own business within 24 hours – and reap rich rewards instantly!

    It’s the easiest surefire way to

    Cracking The Recurring Revenue Code To Make a Lot of Cash

    Grab your copy now – and enjoy AUTOMATIC WEALTH FOR SMALL BUSINESS

    The Book of Marketing Cheatsheets for Business: 101 fast lessons to transform your marketing today

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    Newbie Success @ Work: Survive and Thrive in Your New Job

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    Will your new employer think you’re dumb or lazy?

    Will your coworkers and boss regret the day you started because you don’t know what the heck you’re doing?

    You can’t know what you don’t know and that is the most frustrating part of being new at work. You have way more questions than answers and it seems impossible to know which questions will be okay and which ones will make you look dumb. Maybe they’ll wonder how and why you were hired in the first place; maybe they will laugh at you or give you a snarky knick name.

    This short eBook is chock full of answers to many of the questions you know you have, and some you haven’t thought of, about being successful as a newbie. Just reading it through once will forever change how you think and act when you’re new on the job because even if you’re only half paying attention, you can’t un-know stuff.

    You will remember that you are at work to be helpful, that your boss is just a person, and that your own reason for being at work is yours alone, and may have nothing to do with the company or work itself.

    Download your copy of Newbie Success @ Work to answer your questions, feel more confident, and ultimately perform better.

    Maybe you’ll be the best newbie they’ve ever met; maybe you are the exact right person for your new job.

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    Office Management: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly About Office Management Jobs

    by Jerry Brown

    Discover everything there is to know about office management, office management jobs, office management mistakes, office management tips and much more.

    Market Your Small Business Like A Big Business

    by S.M. Kay

    Are you running a small or one-person business? Do you feel like you could or should be marketing your business, but don’t know where to start? Do you think you need a big budget to market or advertise your business? If you answered yes to these questions, then this guide is a good place to start. Every business, no matter how small, needs a good marketing plan. It doesn’t need to be complicated, and it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune.

    Inbound marketing is a way to market your business in a way that isn’t intrusive and builds relationships with your customers. This is a beginning guide, and will show you how to use blogging, social media, email marketing and other strategies to create an inbound marketing campaign that will build your business.

    Strategic Planning That Works

    by Mark Mullen

    Strategic Planning is more than a thinking exercise about the future. It is regular dialogue about allocation of resources and the impact of those resources against a stated organizational direction. This book will show you how to create a viable strategic plan incorporating your organizations unique business insights, talents, and resources into an action plan with realistic goals and objectives. You will learn about your current situation, including hidden internal & external barriers, and how to frame key strategic choices that your organization faces. You will develop recommendations around your capabilities and resources and learn how to execute the new strategy.

    Career Habits

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    Your success depends on your ability to learn, to adapt and to apply. The four habits in this book will show you how to learn efficiently – from books, ebooks, video and elearning courses. You’ll learn how to build a knowledge base that’s truly useful, and how to convey your ideas with clarity. This set of habits – read, watch, build, write – is your ticket to excellence in business. Each habit is made as easy as possible, and leverages the best gadgets and apps to do the heavy lifting.

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    Need to make more money but spend less? Then go 4G technology.  There is almost 100% coverage of cell phone users in the US, which makes it an ideal time to advertise using the cell phone.


    With cell phones most persons subscribe for text messaging and internet access,   4G networks offers video calling and broadband wireless data.  This enables streaming audio and video, answering emails, surfing the net and playing games in 3D.


    There are two categories of cell users business and casual users.  With 4 G technology, casual and business users can access any information at their fingertips, thus businesses can advertise to the casual users who used their products and casual users can indicate the negativity in a product or provides feedback positive or negative.


    Business and casual users used their device for emails, web surfing, video conferencing, and text messaging.


    Hundreds of applications are available for 4G technology which can be used effectively in advertising.


    President Barack Obama literally won the presidential race using his smart phone.  His information was disseminated throughout the states using text messaging, facebook advertisement among others which his opponents were not using.


    Businesses use your smart phone so that your message can be disseminated to the entire world.



    Need to make more money but spend less? Then go 4G technology.  There is almost 100% coverage of cell phone users in the US, which makes it an ideal time to advertise using the cell phone.


    With cell phones most persons subscribe for text messaging and internet access,   4G networks offers video calling and broadband wireless data.  This enables streaming audio and video, answering emails, surfing the net and playing games in 3D.


    There are two categories of cell users business and casual users.  With 4 G technology, casual and business users can access any information at their fingertips, thus businesses can advertise to the casual users who used their products and casual users can indicate the negativity in a product or provides feedback positive or negative.


    Business and casual users used their device for emails, web surfing, video conferencing, and text messaging.


    Hundreds of applications are available for 4G technology which can be used effectively in advertising.


    President Barack Obama literally won the presidential race using his smart phone.  His information was disseminated throughout the states using text messaging, facebook advertisement among others which his opponents were not using.


    Businesses use your smart phone so that your message can be disseminated to the entire world.

    Complete Collection: Coins and Banknotes, Romanian Currency, Gold Silver, Price Value (Numismatica Book 1)

    by Ioan Mihail Marduc

    600+ HD Pictures with complete Coins collection!
    200+ HD Pictures with complete Banknotes collection!
    INCLUDING Special and Rare emissions!

    “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.  I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.  “
    Abraham Lincoln

    “Great countries are those that produce great people. ”
    Benjamin Disraeli

    “To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries. “
    Aldous Huxley

    In 2002 in the “Cave With Bones” in present day Romania 40,000 year old modern human remains were discovered. Romanian fossils are still among the oldest remains of Homo sapiens in Europe, so they may be representative of the first such people to have entered the continent. The remains are especially interesting because they present a mixture of archaic, early modern human and Neanderthal morphological features.
    One of the fossils foundâ??a male, adult jawboneâ??has been dated to be between 34,000 and 36,000 years old, which would make it one of the oldest fossils found to date of modern humans in Europe. A skull found in PeÈ?tera cu Oase (The Cave with Bones) in 2004-5 bears features of both modern humans and Neanderthals. According to a paper by Erik Trinkaus and others, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in January 2007, this finding suggests that the two groups interbred thousands of years ago.
    The earliest written evidence of people living in the territory of the present-day Romania comes from Herodotus in book IV of his Histories written c. 440 BCE.
    The Dacians, widely accepted as part of the Getae described earlier by the Greeks, were a branch of Thracians that inhabited Dacia (corresponding to modern Romania, Moldova, northern Bulgaria and surroundings).
    The Dacian Kingdom reached its maximum expansion during King Burebista, between 82 BCE – 44 BCE. Under his leadership Dacia became a powerful state which threatened the regional interests of the Romans.
    Julius Caesar intended to start a campaign against the Dacians, due to the support that Burebista gave to Pompey, but was assassinated in 44 BC. A few months later, Burebista shared the same fate, assassinated by his own noblemen. Another theory suggests that he was killed by Caesar’s friends. His powerful state was divided in four and did not become unified again until 95 AD, under the reign of the Dacian king Decebalus. More at this link

    First coins discovered in Romania are from Thrace, Dynasts of. Koson. Mid 1st Century BC. Coins inscribed KOSON were discovered in several large stashes in Romania. The first group was discovered in 1543, and contained several thousands coins and objects made of gold. It was rumored that this stash was revealed in a bolted chamber under the river Strei, identified as the river Sargetia, and also mentioned by Dio Cassius. Further research disproved this, and placed the treasure in one of the Dacian castles in the OrÄ?Å?tie mountains, probably in Sarmisegetusa. The conventional view that these coins were struck by a Thracian dynast named Koson striking on behalf of Brutus was first proposed by Theodor Mommsen.

    Mommsen based his theory on Appian’ s statement (B Civ. IV.10.75) that Brutus struck coins from the gold and silver provided to him by the wife of a Thracian dynast. The coins’ similarity to known Roman types of the period, in particular the issue Brutus struck as a moneyer in 54 BC (Crawford 433/1), and Mommsen’s (and others) misreading of the obverse monogram seemed to support this conclusion. Max Bahrfeldt (“Ã?ber die KOΣΩN-Münzen,” Berliner Münzblätter 1912), however, cogently challenged this interpretation, arguing instead a connection to Coson-Cotiso(n), a Getic king with whom Octavian had apparently been arranging an alliance-by-marriage (Suetonius, Aug. 63.2; cf. Horace, Carm. II.18.8; Flor. II.28.18). But, about Coson Coins in our next book.

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