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Bootstrap: The ultimate beginners guide to Bootstrap 3.0 (bootstrap, bootstrap 3, bootstrap for beginners, bootstrap design, bootstrap programming, bootstrap web design)

by Mike Stevenson

This is the ultimate beginners guide to the Bootstrap framework

This book has been designed to help orient you to Bootstrap. By knowing the fundamentals of Bootstrap 3 framework, you will have an easier time making the necessary coding for your website and creating unique layouts for your applications.

Bootstrap is considered as a set of tools that can help you design your website or software using uniform methods, source codes, and other aspects of designing that you need to make interesting aspects for application and site use.

This book contains some of the fundamental facts that you need to know about Bootstrap 3 framework. Also, you will be oriented to the process of programming, designing, and other important components of the tool set. Along with these facts are some tips and other pointers in designing using the Bootstrap 3 framework.

There are numerous benefits that you can obtain from reading this book and understanding the concepts that come with this:

– You will learn to appreciate the significance of the tool set in programming and designing through added knowledge regarding Bootstrap 3 framework.

– It will be easier to design and program web pages and applications by determining the fundamentals of the tools under the compilation.

Aside from these benefits, you can surely gain more skills that you can share to developers and other people who want to contribute to the already existing pool of knowledge and source codes, among other facts about designing and programming that you have to learn. This will make it easier for you to create your own sets of techniques and modify the already existing ones.

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Windows Registry Forensics (WRF) with Volatility Framework: Quick Startup Guide for Beginners

by Kapil Soni

Windows Registry Forensics (WRF) with Volatility Framework is a quick startup guide for beginners. Registry forensics is becoming very essential & useful task in digital forensics as well as incidence response. When system is infected & compromised by attacks or viruses, investigator need to perform analysis & forensic investigation on particular system. Through this book I am going to demonstrate forensics analysis by using dumped memory forensics.

This book cover some great forensic topics with practical demonstration –

1) Introduction to tools for forensics

2) Basics of Memory Image (Dumped)

3) Windows Registry Basics and Structure

4) Hardware Analysis

5) Hash Dumping and Analysis

6) LSA Secrets Dumping and Analysis

7) Shellbags Analysis

8) UserAssist Analysis

9) Shimcache Analysis

10) Most Recent Used (MRU)

Facebook for Business: How to Uncover Facebook’s New Super-Profitable Hidden Niches (Competitive Advantage 2)

by Richard G. Lewis

“Facebook for Business” explains in detail exactly how to uncover new, unexploited, profitable niches by using the analytics of the greatest personal data archive on the internetâ?¦ Facebook!

If you are like most internet entrepreneurs you are struggling to uncover previously unexploited super-profitable niches in “Facebook for Business” Richard G. Lewis shows you in precise, step-by-step detail how to segment your potential customers into geographic, social, and economic groups, and find out your target market’s biggest problem while using their own language to sell to them.

Here’s how you can profit from Facebook’s nearly 1 billion users and unique market researchâ?¦

– Uncover previously unexploited profit-pulling niches

– Make a lot more money with less effort because you’ll know

precisely what your prospects are thinking

– Understand why your customers think the way they do

– Create the offers your prospects want to buy

– Use the language your customers want to hear

– Create products and services with distinct advantages

your customers desperately want (and can’t find elsewhere)

– Discover how quickly you can scale-up your profits

– Expose Facebook’s hidden niche secrets

– Master how to make money from Facebook’s profiles

– Find out why fans are fantastic for your business

– Learn how to easily creating a fan page

– Reveal your fans’ secret wants and desires

– Discover how to monetizing your fan page

– Boost profits on existing products and future product lines

– Help cut your risk of failure in new markets in half

– Dominate any new markets you enter because you understand

the conversation in your prospects’ head better than anyone else

– Wipe out competitors by making it difficult for others to compete

– And much, much moreâ?¦

I Don’t Know of Anyone Else That’s Doing This Yet

Most top marketers use expensive, time-consuming, keyword research to identify profitable niches. They may also use online surveys to pinpoint their prospects’ problems and needs. Unfortunately, this depth of research can scare newbies off. That’s what makes Facebook a perfect starter tool for doing online market research.

“Facebook for Business” is like a â??starter kit’ for Internet Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs to use as an introduction to conducting target market insights and understanding market research.

Facebook is great for profiling – you just click on the list of people that “Like” your niche fan page and you not only get to read their wants, needs, and deepest secrets, you even get to see what they look like!

Who is This Book For?

Facebook for Business is for internet entrepreneurs who you are struggling to uncover previously unexploited super-profitable niches.

Richard G. Lewis is available for free e-commerce consultancy:

[email protected]


“As Good as it Gets! Buy â??Facebook for Business’. It is well worth the money.”

Tom Koziol,

“I Definitely Recommend You Get â??Facebook for Business’. I loved it.”

Charlotte Ropati,

“I would strongly recommend reading ‘Facebook for Business'”

Elton Kuah,

“I Would Recommend Reading This Guide ‘Facebook for Business'”

Joel Cox,

“‘Facebook for Business’ is an Excellent Resource”

Virgil Stanphill,

Microsoft Office 2013: Fast and Easy: A comprehensive tutorial for Microsoft Office 2013 (The Get It Done FAST! Series Book 15)

by Edward Jones

Because you have better things to do with your precious time than to waste it, struggling to learn to use software… learn everything that you need to know, and get the job done with the help of Microsoft Office 2013: Fast and Easy!

Because you want to put the power of Microsoft Office, the world’s most popular multi-purpose suite, to work quickly and with a minimal amount of hassle… because you want to find what you really must know to master the basics of all parts of the Microsoft Office suite… you need this book!

Microsoft Office 2013: Fast and Easy is THE book of “What you need to know” about the world’s most popular multipurpose office suite. Whether you are seeking to create the best Word documents, comprehensive Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations that sizzle, or Access databases that provide the answers to all of your database questions, you’ll find it all clearly explained in the pages of Microsoft Office 2013: Fast and Easy. In this book, you will learn to:

– Create impressive documents in minimal amounts of time using templates and Word

– Use SmartArt to effortlessly design high-impact visuals for your documents, presentations, and worksheets

– Prepare and analyze your data using Excel charts

– Store, organize, and report on the precise data you need with Microsoft Access

Written in the clear and understandable style of all books in the popular “Get it Done- FAST” series, Microsoft Office 2013: Fast and Easy is THE book you need to maximize your learning in a minimal amount of time. With this book, you will learn 100% of what you need to know to get the most out of Microsoft Office 2013!

Microsoft Office 2013: Fast and Easy comes from the pen of Edward Jones, the principal technology writer behind the “Get-it-Done- FAST” series of computer books. Jones is an experienced computer and technology writer, database applications development analyst, consultant, and trainer who understands the issues faced by people dealing with technology, day in and day out. His career spans years of technology training, database development, and consulting services for major law firms and government agencies in the Washington, DC area, and he currently resides in Charlotte, NC where he is concentrating on providing publications to the rapidly growing digital marketplace. Jones is also a best-selling author whose printed titles have sold over one million copies, and he has served as a technical editor of numerous computer books.

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