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by Naomi Fraser


A dangerous encounter . . .

In the seaside village of Whitby, something sinister lurks beneath the guise of Gothic festivities, and Simone Woods yearns to discover the facts about her painful childhood. Fate intervenes when she is stopped by a man who appears out of thin air. His kryptonite is her sharp wooden comb, and she believes she escaped, until she wakes up in hospital with a thirst for blood.

The vampire prince who will hunt her down . . .

Juliun Cel Batrin has dreamed of his bride for centuries. Yet, he never imagined she would try to stake him or that he would draw her blood, transferring the power of the mistâ??the ability to turn immortals into vapour and teleport them anywhere on Earth. From the moment she resisted his compulsion and fought back, he knew she would not be an easy conquest. Proving to his sexy, independent bride he is the one will test his conscienceâ??and his control.

No Loyal Knight and True

by Ava Zavora

Approximately 40 pages

A dark and modern day retelling of Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shalott”

There’s something strange about the girl Ryan meets in the forest. It wasn’t just her clothes or her peculiar manner or the fact that she seems untouched by the modern world. Perhaps it had to do with the tower she lives in by the lake that’s not supposed to exist. Moved by her friendship, he makes her a rash promise he fails to honor. Only until years later does Ryan discover the repercussions of his forgotten oath and what befell the girl in the tower.

No Loyal Knight and True is also included in Belle Noir: Tales of Love and Magic.


Ryan walked to the girl, who was underneath one of the apple trees that surrounded them, and stood facing her. Questions were trying to burst forth from him, but he held his tongue.

Smiling slightly, she reached and plucked a green apple from a bough hanging low. She held it between them with one hand while from her trousers she pulled out a small knife. The sweet scent of the fruit stoked his hunger.

Cutting the apple in two, the girl offered him one piece, which Ryan took. He saw that in its white heart, one blood-red seed was neatly cleaved, its half in the piece she held. He bit into the apple the same time she did, cool sugared juices flooding his mouth. He had never tasted anything so sweet.

“Never again will you be lost in this forest. You will always find your way. Everything hidden will reveal itself to you.”

He met her eyes, the color of the green apples on the boughs, the leaves in the forest, the grass and ivy, moss and fern, all the shades of verdant green in the world held in them.


by Marie Browne

A brilliant combination of epic biblical apocalypse and gritty urban fantasy. – James Brogden

When the archangel Metatron offers his incompetent human assistant Joe, one final chance to cleanse his sullied soul, he jumps at the chance. But with Armageddon looming, Joe had better find out what’s really going on, because, once Lucifer is released, any human will have missed their chance to pick a side.

However, as he prepares to deliver Graham Latimer, Lucifer’s unwilling and confused human host to the angels, Joe discovers that all may not be as it seems. Hell is no longer the realm of eternal torment and Metatron’s actions are not divinely inspired. Pursued by the very angels with whom he has worked for so long, Joe travels with a diverse group of ‘demons’ through what is left of the seven circles in an attempt to keep Graham safe and stop Metatron from fooling the other angels into destroying the world.

Facing his own personal demons, which are far more dangerous than those creatures around him and trying to find the ‘truth’ amongst the varying shades of grey that make up ‘good’ and ‘evil’, Joe has just one chance to make a difference. However any change is going to come at a cost and nobody, demon, angel or human, wants to pay the price.

The Golden Orrery, Part 1: A tale of two brothers (The Underground Chronicles)

by H. Hannibal Crumb

What do you do when your skin starts misbehaving?

The Golden Orrery is a tale of two half brothers swapped at birth, one taken as hostage to ensure the safety of the other. But the kidnapper is kidnapped, the hostage lost, and things become suitably sad. In fact, they stay pretty sad for a while.

Ten years later, Wednesday is bent on avenging the death of his family until he is befriended by a mysterious refugee named Crank. The tiny creature tells him of his home world, a paradise that lies just beyond the Orrery gates. But these gates aren’t exactly open to the public.

The Dark Orrery gates destroys the memory of all who try to return and the Golden Orrery gates require a living Keyâ??another refugee who’s gone into hiding. Wednesday is lured into collecting refugees for Crank but slowly realizes that his friend might be eating the refugees and stripping them of their memory. When Crank targets a human boy as his next sacrifice, Wednesday must decide how to rid himself of his hungry friend. But is he in too deep?

Pomfrey, meanwhile, has lived fifteen quiet years in coastal Sancibi as an ordinary human boy with an unusually grumpy mother and first time moving blues. When they reach Tellfort, he realizes he’s got bigger problems. Enormous creatures blot out the sky, sucking up all the town’s electricity and then his mother vanishes, leaving a trail of oddly cheerful sticky notes. Bumps appear along his fingers and arms and he’s soon got writhing chest hair on his arm. His ordinary voice starts breaking extraordinary things. He even finds a rather gruff neighbor girl crawling beneath his kitchen floor. The two find that the tunnels beneath their houses are a subterranean labyrinth that spans the entire city. And the tunnels are filled with terrified off world refugees, who, like Crank, want to go home. They’re being wiped out by tentacled catchers that circulate soundlessly at night. When Pomfrey traces the cabs back to his mother’s company, he decides he must infiltrate the headquarters but a game of cat and mouse ensues when Crank decides that Pomfrey is the Key.

It seems everyone wants a piece of Pomfrey. And not necessarily alive.

Only the real Key knows that a Key doesn’t open the Orrery: the Key turns the Golden Orrery like a merry go round.

But, to open it, one needs a sacrifice: a mule, a creature of both worlds.

And while the Pomfrey isn’t the Key, she wants to make darn sure he doesn’t end up being the sacrifice.

Hannibal Crumb weaves a tale of cunning, slightly dastardly behavior, bad candy, soul searching and a fair dose of adventure as the two brothers realize that, in Tellfort Town, nothing is ever quite what it appears to be.

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