Free horror Kindle books for 16 Aug 14

Not Just Another Zombie Tale: 121st Air-Ground Division Warfares

by Marcos Fizzotti

Do you think you’re safe? No, you’re not!

They are everywhere! First, your street, then the neighborhood, then the town, the state, the country, then the whole world! There’s no place to hide anymore!

And who can stop them? The police, the National Guard, The CDC, the US Army, the 121st Air-Ground Division, maybe one of them who is different from the others? What if nothing can stop them?

Well, make no mistake, they’re going to get you eventually, you never know where they’re going to attack next. They may be closer than you think. Your work colleague may be a zombie, your boss may be a zombie, your sister may be a zombie, your mother-in-law may be a zombie, your wife may be a zombie, your husband may be a zombie, your girlfriend or boyfriend may be a zombie, your dog may be a zombie, your roommate may be a zombie, YOU may be a zombie! Zombies, zombies, ZOMBIES! Fasten your seatbelts, for this will be a bumpy ride!

The Lighthouse: A Ghost Story (Haunted Houses Book 4)

by Tony Walker

War veteran Sam Trafford goes with beautiful, spoiled Nadia to stay in a lighthouse off the California coast. The locals tell them it is haunted, but Nadia insists on meddling with things she shouldn’t. She calls something from another world and Sam has to try and save her from herself.

The Author

by Wayne Llewellyn-Jenkins

Follow Ben’s struggle with his identity, bullying and loss culminating in the birth and progression of killer.
Fast paced with some sickening descriptive scenes.

Signs and Wonders

by Aline Riva

Joy Barclay is happy with Todd La Roche, who is the love of her life – but does not tell him she is frequently visited by the spirit of Zak Amarillis, an artist who has been dead for many years, as she has come to accept this and no longer questions his ghostly visits.

But Zak warns her that strange times are approaching. Shortly after this Todd is involved in a near fatal accident, despite seeming to be critically injured, he makes a recovery that is nothing short of miraculous. But it is no miracle, Zak has meddled with the power of the Dark Angel, an ancient between worlds dweller to send him back – and now its energy lives inside him as a force he must learn to control.

At first Joy finds Todd’s dark energy exciting and it seems that everything is falling back into place, but life is about to change forever – an earth-bound demon whose botched summoning was carried out many years ago is stirring once more, and bonds to the past are tying both Todd and Joy to a coming event that will change the world forever, destiny is driving them towards a fate they can not escape.

When Joy’s closest friend Bell commits suicide Joy inherits her estate, Clara Cottage and an old Victorian house called The Spires, a place notorious because of the occult-linked murders that happened forty years before – murders committed by Bell’s late father Blake, who is bound to the place as keeper of the demon’s realm and lives within the walls.

The demon is rising again, and this time with the coming of a comet, which heralds the dawn of the Age Of Aquarius, but if the Lord Of Chaos rises this will mean instead the dawn of a new Dark Age and only Joy and Todd can act to stop disaster, they must defeat the demon and alter history forever – or see the coming of the end of the world.

A Vow of Vengeance (An Anna Tovar Mystery)

by Donna Nitz Muller

Anna Tovar is certain the only way to save Richard, Illa and her unborn baby from Nele’s evil power is to agree to provide one service for him. He promises after that one service he will leave her alone forever. Richard must come with her because her psychic power depends on him.

Nele has no intention to keep his agreement. Instead he intends to murder his wife, Caitlin, and Anna’s husband, Richard, so he can marry Anna and control her power. He alone must have Anna’s loyalty.

Realizing her mistake in trusting Nele, she and Richard escape. Instead of saving her family, she is about to lose everything when Nele’s hired men attack her parents and kidnap Illa. To save Illa, Anna and Richard must work together. To save her family, Anna and Richard must destroy Nele.


by Jane Frost

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

For James “Jimmy” Borkowski and Madison Lee, a job finding answers to a series of disturbing and violent deaths seems like an interesting challenge. But they soon learn that death is cunning, and darkness is pervasive – and there isn’t always an escape.

A deranged serial rapist and murderer is threatening the lives of teenagers in Europe. Seven years ago, a young girl went missing in Hungary. Two days later, she was found tied up in the woods, as if she has been crucified.

That was only the beginning.

Thirteen girls are going missing each year, and few seem to be noticing. The understaffed, ham-fisted police won’t help; the newspapers turn a blind eye. Only one seems to be seeking answers.

Jimmy and Madison have been recruited by a powerful tycoon to solve this heinous mystery and bring the killer to light. So begins a dangerous cat-and-mouse game, where the killer could be anyone and the next victim is days away from death.

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