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33 Fragments of Sick-Sad Living

by Brian Alan Ellis

In 33 Fragments of Sick-Sad Living, a twenty-something ne’re-do-well attempts to piece together his life following an epic drug and alcohol bender which leaves many unanswered questions: Why is he staying on his buddy Hector’s piss-scented couch? Did his ex-girlfriend leave because he’d eaten her roommate’s food? Will he get stabbed on the way to his shift at the Dish’n’ Chicken? There are things to consider. It’s real tough to think sometimes.

“[Ellis] captures the subtle nuances of those unavoidable bruises life offersâ??touching on themes of love and relationships; art and poetry; depression and loneliness; family; heartbreak; poverty and addictionâ?¦ these dark and seedy snapshots take readers to a place where loneliness is replaced with an ever-present bottle, and friends come in the form of fistfuls of pills.”

â??Ale Gasso, author of Long Night Out

The Hitchhiking Kid: A Short Story

by Ronnie Ray Jenkins

This short story captures the innocence of youth when a nine-year-old boy in 1966 decides to hitchhike for the first time. Narrated in his voice, the boy realizes he has broken his father’s stern rule, but bargains for a lot more when he is picked up by a man with a prison past. Captivating, literary, and recommended for adult, and young adult reading. Thirty pages that will keep you on the seat of an old Chrysler riding shotgun inches from a man you know little about.



This is the first in an assemblage of picaresque novels navigating the farcical potholes in the life and times of Millard T. Lippenpool IIIâ?¦ “Quixotic Knight Errant.”

Art, invention and nincompoopery are his raison d’etreâ?¦ of course this goes along with an extremely relaxed approach to any vague resemblance of what is known as honorable self-discipline.

If you’re looking for a loveable, full blown Texas lunatic artistâ?¦ Millard is undeniably, one hundred percent, without questionâ?¦ your manâ?¦

Everyone, in some small sacred sanctuary of his or her psyche… is bonkers to the boneâ?¦


Galveston Island & Austin will never be the sameâ?¦

It’s not everyday that someone comes along with such an ingenious wit, crowned with a vivid imagination and coupled with the ability to create grand characters and storytelling panoramas on a level as that of Joseph Tidwell.

Not since John Kennedy Toole’s â??A Confederacy of Dunces’ has anyone come close to this â??Commedia dell’ arte’ on such a brilliant level as Tidwell has rendered in these captivating novels. And, I say â??Commedia dell’ arte’ for the simple reason this ongoing saga is far grander in the scope of humanness than mere comedy.

Tidwell’s masterful creation of this ragamuffin ensemble is deliciously illuminating, exhilarating and deliriously comical throughout – a scrumptious toothsome bit of artful high comedy.

Tidwell’s main character MILLARD T. LIPPENPOOL III and his off-the-wall band of street friends/freaks are extraordinary in a ribald, deeply engaging and humorously fascinating manner. Within these pages of PALACE OF THE OLEANDER MOON Tidwell has created a serious comedic treasure of major importance. There is a subliminal stroke of genius woven into the fabric of these roguish characters and story.

Yet, there is a bit of an underlying sadness to Millard T. Lippenpool’s aimless life in the fact he knows not where he is bound in his pursuit of the creative genius. Like many great artist and certainly one accomplished in the fine art of intellectual and reflective contemplation Millard is horribly misunderstood by this mega bite world and has been labeled by an utterly blind, lecherous, deranged, superficial, gluttonous and contemptuous bourgeoisie as a kook and a Lusus Naturae. (A friggin freak of nature!)

Drawing from his boundless imagination and his off the wall well of humor Tidwell sets forth in the following saga an exquisite and wonderful tale of life among these obscure loving characters. There is nothing I have read or know of in literature that has been published in the last three decades that would be equal to or is anything close to the uniqueness of this ongoing adventure.

The comparison of this fertile text with A Confederacy of Dunces crossed with the likes of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and added to that a touch of The Rocky Horror Picture Show simply displays Tidwell’s range and let’s us into the mind of his humoristic talent. Each character with their individual quirks and foibles is laced to the bream with a refreshing complexity.

This diverse text is truly a telltale sign of Tidwell’s genius as a writer of the human condition be it comedy or tragedy. And the world is surely a better place due to his creation of Millard T. Lippenpool III and his merry band of misfits. This is a â??real hoot’ of the ongoing chronicle of these delightfully fascinating characters.

At any rate, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to this colossal human tragicomedy –


Legacy of Grace: A Novel

by Lilianna Grainger

San Francisco artist Orleana Campbell’s work is based on visions of her father, Ron Campbell, an infantryman who died in Vietnam before she was born. Those paintings are featured in her first solo gallery exhibit. When Aunt Grace dies, she discovers she isn’t his daughter.

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