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The World As I See It: Children’s Poetry Written By A Child Poet

by Aaron C. Padgett Jr.

“The World As I See It” Is An Emotional Collection of Children’s Poems That Will Amaze You.

“All the bad memories I wish you could erase, you are the source of the pain on my face.”

Aaron C. Padgett Jr.

My name is Aaron C. Padgett Jr. You are about to read a collection of children’s poems that I have written over the years. I started off writing small sentences about how I was feeling at the time. As the years moved along, my writing improved. My father submitted some of my poems to children’s organization and a few of them have been published. My pop told me I should continue to write for children like me. There are adults who write children’s poems but none of them can speak from a child’s point of view. “The World As I See It” is children’s poetry, written by a child poet. I write about struggles in school, problems at home, and the journey to become better at whatever sport I am playing. I am the brains and my father is the muscle. I write my poems and he works to get other people to see them. He says it is something we can do together while I am young and still want to spend time with him.

The ideal reader for this book is someone nine years old and up. I write about things that are currently happening in my life. If your child thinks they are the only one that has drama in their life, a kid will like this. If you have a crush on a girl and do not know how to express it, this is for you. If you have problems in your family, it is for you. If you want to tell someone how much they have hurt you, this book is for you. If you are an athlete and have that burning desire to win, it is definitely for you. If you see funny things happening around you all the time, you will enjoy this collection of poems.

If there is one thing I would change about my collection of children’s poems, I would have included more. Besides writing poems, I had to complete hours of homework, study for state exams, train for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions, participate in weekend basketball programs, try to learn some Española, and spend time with my family. I will include the new poems I complete to this collection. Most of the poems are short and under twenty lines. This means it will be extremely easy to read on your computer, tablet, and smart-phone.

Please take some time to download my poetry and leave a review. The feedback will help me improve my writing skills. If you connected with any of the poems in an emotion way, please share the link so others may do the same. Thank You!

Emotional Intelligence for Kids: EQ Activities: Emotional Intelligence Activities

by Samantha Wiggins

Emotional intelligence is the safest, most effective mean to live a successful life. Therefore, as a parent or teacher, you always need to be interested in improving emotional intelligence in your child. Unfortunately, this vital part of every child’s education is often ignored by common schooling methods. You can start by searching for the emotional intelligence definition but most often than not, it won’t be the answer you need. You first need to understand all the principles behind it and then figure out what is emotional intelligence. That is why the author starts by detailing emotions and how feelings affect our lives constantly.

This emotional intelligence book aims to supplement the standard education received by your kid or student by raising awareness about various methods and practices. These approaches have been developed during the author’s experience in the educational system and through thorough research in the field of child and group psychology.

Emotional Intelligence for Kids is structured in ten chapters which have been designed in such way that they could provide intensive and pertinent emotional intelligence training for your kid. These chapters will help parents and teachers in achieving a more unconventional educational method, focused on exposing children to activities that encourage the expression of emotions. It will teach you how to develop emotional intelligence in your kids while providing a solid emotional intelligence appraisal.

Social skills contribute substantially to an efficient adaptation and integration in the environment we live in. Through interactions with others, we achieve individual goals. We reach them not only through pure cognitive thought but also through emotions, through human relationships that push us forward. Without emotions and relationships, our lives are meaningless. Emotional intelligence in the workplace is also vital for your professional career.

Thus, a child’s ability to develop relationships with other children until the age of 6 years and above is often more important than having a high IQ. Some kids bloom late and some early, their cognitive processes start to kick in at different stages in life. Developing Emotional intelligence is something that kids must practice starting kindergarten. The process of developing social and emotional skills begins as early as the first years of life, which is why the quality of interactions with others is crucial.

You won’t find an emotional intelligence test or an emotional intelligence quiz here, but rather a collection of emotional intelligence activities, described in detail with clear objectives and instructions. These activities will be your homework as a parent or tutor, something to work on with your child during his learning. It is the best emotional intelligence assessment you can make: by practicing these activities with your young ones and guiding their reactions and providing constant feedback to them.

Caring For Your Child from Birth to Age Five: What To Look Forward To During The Fastest Five Years Of Your Life(tips, facts, and insight into what to expect of for your child’s first five years)

by A Sorority Of Mothers

What To Look Forward To During The Fastest Five Years Of Your Life!

This is your “ONE” source to everything you need to Know from Birth to age Five for your Child. Written by mothers across the Globe, for Mothers.

Right now for a limited time offer of $2.99, Get the only book you need until your child turns six years old!

Here is some of What the Book will Cover

Part 1: Caring for Your Baby

Chapter 1: Understanding Your New Born

Chapter 2: Baby Basics

Chapter 3: Breastfeeding

Chapter 4: Baby Food

Chapter 5: Why Babies Cry?

Chapter 6: Baby Health

Part 2: Caring for Your Toddler

Chapter 1: One Year Old’s Development

Chapter 2: Bathing & Grooming

Chapter 3: Feeding & Nutrition

Chapter 4: Sleep

Chapter 5: Potty Training

Chapter 6: Health & Safety

Part 3: Caring for Your Pre-schooler

Chapter 1: Two Year Old’s Development

Chapter 2: Three Year Old’s Development

Chapter 3: Four Year Old’s Development

Chapter 4: Nutrition & Food

Chapter 5: Sleep

Chapter 6: Development and Behaviour

Chapter 7: Learning & School

Chapter 8: Treatments and Healthcare

Chapter 9: Injuries and Accidents

Chapter 10: Illness and Conditions

Chapter 11: Activities & Entertainment

Chapter 12: Parenting Strategies

Part 4: General Topics

Chapter 1: Baby Gears

Chapter 2: Childcare Centres

Chapter 3: Travel

Hurry and get you cop of “Caring For Your Child From Birth To Age Five” for only $2.99!

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The Rhyme and Rhythm of Childhood

by Joyce Story

The Rhyme and Rhythm of Childhood

contains rhyming stories with awesome graphics that capture the essence of the rhyming story. A rhyming book with childhood stories for all ages.

Inspired by childhood memories shared with the author by three generations of North Florida family and friends, the imaginative recreations in this collection offer something for young and old alike. Readers of all ages respond to the subtle rhyme and pleasing rhythm of the stories. The dual perspective of the child’s understanding and the adult’s awareness ensures that there is a voice that speaks to each of them.

Readers are invited to undertake such adventures as escaping the jaws of a wild animal, unexpectedly finding one’s inner voice, overcoming paralyzing fears, cleverly putting wits to use, puzzling over a mystery, or delighting in a day that ultimately turns out just right.

The experiences that underlie these stories are meaningful for everyone. (Ages 10 to adult; younger children will enjoy having the stories read to them).

Plunging Grades, Pot, Pills and Punk Rock (Parenting With Courage: A Mother’s Survival Story Book 3)

by Cynthia Crosse

THIS IS A KINDLE SHORT READ OF ABOUT 3100 WORDS. It will be available as a free download on August 16, 17, and 18, in exchange for an honest review.

Part III

In her ongoing story of bringing up a difficult child, Cynthia Crosse details her son’s turbulent adolescent years, from church music to punk rock, from back yard parties to drinking binges, and from straight A’s to failing grades. She witnesses keen intelligence and musical gifts squandered, and describes the heartbreak of realizing that she can’t protect him from his darkest peril–the consequences of his own poor decisions.

Quotes from readers:

“You write with grace, fortitude and honesty. Blessings, and well done, really well written.”

“It is so easy for those who aren’t involved to stand back and judge. I am impressed by your clarity and honesty in writing what must be heart-wrenching for you.”

This short read is third in a sequence which includes:

PART I: The First Year

PART II: Terrible Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, Sixes…

The story continues in PART IV: Depression, Possession, Suspension, Graduation

OR READ ALL FIVE PARTS TO FIND OUT HOW THE STORY ENDS: Parenting With Courage Parts I-V available as a Kindle Countdown Deal August 16-23.

101 Riddle Jokes for Kids : Joke books for kids (Free Bonus Knock Knock Joke kids)Good for Funny: 101 Kindle Jokes for Kids

Normally people in the world war fast live, fast time and fast connect. Today daily life is very busy and complicated that make happy and laughter less than yesterday. So a lot of people are trying to find a simple way to create happiness for them.

Then “101 Riddle Jokes for Kids” is jokes book that collected about the funny riddle jokes from internet. That make you saved time to find then. Let’s funny and smile together with “101 Riddle Jokes for Kids” . And got big bonus with 20 knock knock jokes for kids in this book.

99 Adoption DOs and DON’Ts: Things You Wish You Knew Before Adopting a Child (Guide to a Healthy Adoptive Family, Adoption Parenting, and Relationship Book 4)

by Russell Elkins

This book is part of a 4 book series, which can be purchased as a complete ebook set.

These are the things you wish you knew before choosing to adopt a child. Adoption is a moral commitment. How can you act in the best interest of the birthparents and the adopted child at the same time? How can you do your best to give the birthparents what they need without stretching yourself too thin? How can you learn to embrace your role as an adoptive parent?

There are thousands of things you should and shouldn’t do during the adoption process. This book boils those things down to the most important ones to help you know what to do, and what mistakes to avoid.

Divorce and Children: Listen to Me (Children Psychology)

by Daniel Gotlieb

Divorced parents, or those in the process of divorcing, often

believe they have done all they can to make the experience of

divorce tolerable for their child. But many parents do not know

how to help their child voice his concerns, especially if their child

is afraid to say what is on his mind.

That is why Dr. Gottlieb has chosen to present his thoughts

via the voice of childrenâ??in their own languageâ??in a dialogue

that will sound more familiar and compelling. Rather than hear

a psychologist speaking to your brain, you will hear your child

speaking to your heart.

This book shows you the mind of your child. It is a message

that is not always pleasant for parents to hear, but if you are going

to divorce, or have already divorced, you need to hear itâ?¦ almost

as much as your child needs to say it.

Dr. Daniel Gottlieb is a clinical psychologist and

family therapist in Israel. He serves as the Director

of Clinical Services at Shinui: The Israeli Institute for

Systemic Studies, Family, Personal and Organizational

Change. Dr. Gottlieb is frequently appointed by

the courts as a custody evaluator and parenting

coordinator. He received his doctoral degree from

Yeshiva University’s Ferkauf Graduate School of

Psychology, and his training in family therapy from

the Ackerman Institute for the Family.

The Cat Care Handbook: Expert Advice On Housing, Feeding And Cat Health (Pet Care Book 1)

by Alkeith O Jackson

The Cat Care Handbook: Expert Advice On Housing, Feeding And Cat Health

The Cat Care Handbook teaches you how to care for your best buddy, how to feed and groom your growing cat, how to understand your cat’s behavior, and how to keep your cat happy and healthy. Whether your cat is a kitten or getting on in years this practical and easy guide will help you transform your cat into a trusty member of the household–in a way that works with both his behavioral instincts and your individual lifestyle.

Inside you will learn:

Housing and caring for cats

Grooming, hygiene and health care

Food and dietary requirements

Advice on care of cats covers correct feeding, spaying and health care.

Everyone who owns and cares for cats will benefit from The Cat Care Handbook. Solid advice on year-round care and feeding, and safe housing and sanitation help every owner raise happy, healthy cats. Whether you are just starting out or already have a few years of experience, this handbook puts a wealth of information at your fingertips.

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Soul Sick: The Causes of Spiritual Disease in Our Children

by Mark Musser

You’ve heard of diseases that affect the mind and the body, but what about diseases that affect the soul? Looking at the CDC’s list of most dangerous diseases, you will not find any such diseases listed. Do not be fooled, however, for these diseases exist. In fact, their contagion levels may be reaching epidemic proportions among our children and teens. For as surely as the young are most susceptible to physical disease, so it is with diseases of the soul. What are these diseases that seek after our children’s souls? How can we guard against them? Answering those questions is the purpose of the pages you now hold in your hand.

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