Free religious fiction Kindle books for 16 Aug 14

Guilty of Love (The Guilty series Book 1)

by Pat Simmons

When do you know the most important decision of your life is the right one?

Reaping the seeds from what she’s sown; Cheney Reynolds moves into a historic neighborhood in Ferguson, Missouri, and becomes a reclusive.

Her first neighbor, the incomparable Mrs. Beatrice Tilley Beacon aka Grandma BB, is an opinionated childless widow. Grandma BB is a self-proclaimed expert on topics Cheney isn’t seeking adviceâ??everything from landscaping to hip-hop dancing to romance.

Then there is Parke Kokumuo Jamison VI, a direct descendant of a royal African tribe. He learned his family ancestry, African history, and lineage preservation before he could count.

Unwittingly, they are drawn to each other, but it takes Christ to weave their lives into a spiritual bliss while He exonerates their past indiscretions.

In Time for Christmas — A Novella

by Heather Blanton

Charlene needs a miracle. God has one waitingâ?¦a hundred years in the past.

In Time for Christmas — a Novella, is the story of Charlene Williams, a woman trapped in a dangerously abusive marriage. Disappointed that God hasn’t gotten her out of it, or even hears her prayers at all, she has shut down emotionally. When husband Dale becomes suspicious of her daily chats with the mailman, he whisks her out of town and abandons her on his family’s ranchâ??an isolated, dilapidated place no one has lived on for over forty years. With the promise that he’ll be back in a few days, he knocks her unconscious and leaves.

Charlene wakes up on the ranchâ??a hundred years in the past. Almost instantly she is drawn to Billy Page, Dale’s great grandfather. The connection is powerful and mysterious, but should she risk falling in love with a ghost? What’s going on here? Is Charlene dead, dreaming, in a coma, or simply experiencing a gift from her heavenly father?

She’ll learn one thing for certain: God does see the tears of his children.

The Nature of the Blade: Saga of the Seven Thunders

by H.E. Wolfe

When the Old gods and creatures of myth and legend were violently exiled to Lethenea, the Forgotten Land, their most powerful and dangerous were trapped within the depths of Mithotel Mountain. From throughout the different realms, many attempts were made to breach Mithotel and access its power, all ending in devastation. Then one day a small group, led by the enigmatic Medraut, accomplished the impossible and encountered a power beyond all conception. The result was an unleashing – the beginning down a path that will affect the fate of an entire world.

Threads of Regret: Prequel to Lovely Strings

by Regina Stokes Russell

Threads of Regret

From despair to a love that reaches from beyond the grave, “Threads of Regret,” is the enticing prequel to “Lovely Strings.” Discover a beautiful woman’s legacy to the women she thwarted in life, learn why a man in love strayed and go behind prison walls to see inside the heart of a convict. This novelette tells the fascinating back-story of several of the women later depicted in the epic novel, “Lovely Strings.” From the prisoner to the preacher’s wife, “Threads of Regret,” tells the individual stories that preceded the women meeting at a cabin in the Appalachian woods for the reading of a will. The prequel serves to whet your appetite for more as the life-like characters compel you to come with them to the cabin and learn of all the secrets buried there. It will take the participation of each one summoned for the reading of the will to uncover the truth. Begin the journey and let the twists and turns keep you guessing until the end.

Destiny Junction: Behind Every Door is a Life, and Behind Every Life is a Destiny

by Michael Phillips

Destiny Junction is a small town, not unlike any other small town in America. As its name implies, however, it becomes the place where many people’s lives meet destiny.

Through one young lady’s obedient Christian life and the work of the Holy Spirit subsequent to her murder, the lives of many people in the town of Destiny Junction are transformed.

This is their story…a story about life…and what it means…or what it ought to mean.

Allah Be Sexy: 100% Hot & True Muslim Erotica

by Jeniffer Avella


You love Allah.

But do you really LOVE him?

I’m talking about that hot romantic love.

This book is about a sexy encounter with Allah.

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