Free science fiction Kindle books for 16 Aug 14

Surviving (The Adventures of John Harris Book 1)

by A J Newman

This is a post-apocalyptic story about how a hero, John Harris, leads a group of people in rebuilding the country after the President of the USA executes a major nuclear and EMP attack against his own country. A coalition, led by the US President, made up of rogue US Government thugs, Islamic Terrorists, and Drug Cartels kill over 200 million people in the USA and Western Europe. John leads the fight against the rogue Department of Home Land Security and Mexican Drug Cartels while the remnants of the US military deal with the terrorist countries overseas. There is no electricity and food and water are running out. Looting, rioting and gang violence are the rule of the day. John’s team fights for survival against very long odds, but John is a hard man for hard times. The four book series spans from 2020 to 2048. Book II, “Hell in the Homeland” is available now.

This is a very conservative view on life after TSHTF and John Harris is a flawed Christian, gun toting man who cusses too much, but wants to be a better person. Liberals tend to hate the book.

No Dogs in Philly (Private Justice Book 1)

by Andy Futuro

Philadelphia. Elzi on every corner, cops just itching to crack a skull, and the Gaespora lordin’ it up in their high towers while the rest of the filth dribbled down the sewer. Saru had a way out. All she had to do was find the girl, one skinny stray with blue, blue eyesâ??bluer than anyone had ever seenâ??and ten million fat bucks were hers. Except someone was killing blue-eyed girls, and they were A-list, major-league, cold-sweat effective. And something about the end of all existence if she failed.

Justice in an Age of Metal and Men

by Anthony W. Eichenlaub

Small town sheriff Jasper Davis Crow has an arm forged of Texas Army-issued black metal, chews snuff manufactured from real tobacco extract, and wields a six shooter made before neural implants were even a thing. In an age when Texan independence, neglect, and technology have ushered in a new age of lawlessness, J.D. holds strong the line of justice in the town of Dead Oak.

Longhorns trample a rancher in what appears to be a brutal accident. The new deputy from Austin is convinced that it’s murder and J.D. is inclined to agree when their investigation uncovers a bizarre conspiracy. With a megastorm brewing and a mysterious stranger tracking their every move, they need to work fast before time runs out and the storm wipes everything clean.

Can J.D. unravel the conspiracy? Will he be able to bring a sense of closure to the rancher’s wife and kids? Will there be Justice in an Age of Metal and Men?

Nucor: Seasons of the Moons

by Cleve Sylcox

Thomas Harwick has problems – He cannot remember his involvement in the scant wars. Scratchy memories with feelings of dread link him to a past he wants to forget. A nightmare hangs over him, casting an evil shadow. Thrums invade the planet threatening to murder all its inhabitants whose hatred for each other dates back centuries. Thomas must unite them in order for the planet to survive. A battle for possession, conquest and survival ensues.

Nucor – Season of the Moons Who Will Survive

The Ancient DNA

“And all knowledge, when separated from justice and virtue, is seen to be cunning and not wisdom”


Dorian Pericles, a very capable and inventive scientist in the field of Genetic Engineering, who held a dull and unsolicited position at the Biology and Genetics Research Foundation in Athens thought that he could lead a normal, boring life.

When he randomly discovered a very old handbook in the library of the Foundation, describing three experiments for the creation of new, fictitious organisms as a result of recombining DNA particles of two existing organisms, Pericles thought that maybe his colleagues wanted to have a lark with him.

When he finally managed to form Pegasus by recombining DNA parts of a horse and an eagle in utmost secrecy, and fly with him in the spring night sky above the Aegean, he thought he was having a dream.

And when he woke up -after Pegasus’ wild and erratic flight- half-drown in deep seas, inside a huge dome full of light and air, looking at the gorgeous and vivacious Atlantis, he thought he was deadâ?¦

Guardians of Sand and Stone: Immortal

by Dan Baram

Savan is an immortal assassin in the service of the World Protectorate Consortium. It is his sworn duty to serve and protect his immortal leaders, the Council of Seven, but after years of working for the Protectorate, the only thing he wants to do is to die. Tormented by the countless people he has murdered, and the burdens of time, he blindly searches for redemption and revenge before taking his own life. His misanthropic journey however is complicated by his own anger and the frequent inability to distinguish between the past and the present.

Titanium Black

by Michael J Lee

A generation after the Plague, the automated Grid still functions and keeps humanity alive. The new young generation has built a society based on gangs and racing. In this world Grady Bannion is an outcast. He has no gang affiliation. His fantastic discovery makes him a force to be reckoned with on the road but also attracts the attention of an adversary who threatens the world and will push Grady to his limits.


by Colin Browne

It’s November, 1979.

Politically incorrect mail-order king Honest Eddie B., and his former pornographic movie star wife Catalina, have been President and First Lady of the mid-Pacific island nation of Equateur for nine months when Jack Ireland comes to pay them a visit. Sent on a mission endorsed by United States President Jimmy Carter himself, Ireland comes with an olive branch in one hand and the keys to the United States military machine in the other. His goal is rapid regime change. His instructions are to do it discretely. With events in Teheran – half way around the world – sure to dominate the headlines for weeks, it appears to be a perfect opportunity for bully-diplomacy with a rapid resolution.

But 24-hours on Equateur can change your life â?¦

Tell No Tales

by Lee Parry

A tale of revenge, deceit, opium, murder and treachery in the shattered remnants of a steam-powered empire.

He came from the green wastes without warning, and within two hours an entire town lay dead. Two people escape the massacre â?? one of them a boy named Jason Cutter with nothing to his name save a worn pistol and the memory of his murdered parents; the second a reclusive old man by the name of Ossus, with a curious knowledge of the sky-cities above and a pair of incomprehensibly advanced weapons stolen from their inhabitants â?? self-proclaimed gods who rose Themselves up and almost destroyed mankind in the process.

As the pair chart a course through the savage forests of the Mire and the industrial labyrinths of its few remaining cities, they find allies in Penelope Grosvenor â?? a scarred noblewoman and rape survivor â?? and a sociopathic anti-theist whose loyalty runs only as deep as their pockets. But where there are those sympathetic to their cause, so too are there those who would see them dead â?? not least the charming assassin Elliot Locke, a man himself harbouring a dark desire for vengeance on his own partner in crimeâ?¦

As their journey reaches its bitter conclusion, Jason, Penelope and Elliot must all face their tormentors and decide what has the greater worth: their vengeance, or their humanity.

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