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C Programming Made Easy: Step By Step & Easy to Implement, C Programming Language For New Developers. (C, c programming, c programming language, c programming for dummies)

by AZ Elite Publishing

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C Programming Absolute Beginner’s Guide.

Easy to Read and Implement C Programming Language Guide For Beginners.

C was the first object oriented programming language.

C is a language that has birthed additional languages

since it first debuted, including C# and C++. C was also

the influence for a host of other languages including

Objective C, PHP and Java. C has been an influence

on nearly every language that has come after it, and

is still a language that is in high demand today.

Today a wide number of different types of programs

are written in C. These include financial application,

video game engines, compilers, and utilities.

Even today C is used by some of the largest companies

in the world, producing some of the most popular products.

C is also used by many small businesses, who would like

their own systems designed around their processes.

C is a deep language that is capable of a wide range of

different applications.

The C language is known for being extremely fast

and efficient in terms of lines of code. We will guide

you gently through the first steps of creating a program,

and publishing it for use.

With C in such high demand, having some knowledge

of the language will instantly make you a more employable person.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn Inside…

This book will teach you how to program in C from the

very first step. We cover the fundamental and basic

syntax related information, as well ad advanced concepts.

By the end of this book, you will be able to program and

launch your very own C programs.

This guide teaches you everything you need to know to

begin programming in C. Modern, well-written C code is

capable of nearly anything! Here you will learn all of the

best coding practices and principles of programming that

can help you to be successful.

If you would like to become a developer one day, C is a

great place to start. You can learn the basics that inspired a

huge range of other languages throughout the years, and

learn skills that make you more employable.

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Essential Kindle Fire Apps: The Missing List Of The Best Kindle Apps Worth Your Time: (New Book And New Lists As Of July 2014)

by Olga Dudek

The Only Book With Kindle Fire Apps You Might Need!

Finally, your ultimate and up-to-date (as of July 2014) guide of top Kindle Fire apps has arrived to change your life for the better and let you make most of your beloved Kindle tablet.

There are thousands of apps and games for Kindle Fire out there. However, their number is so great that it became quite overwhelming for a regular user to find only the quality apps for their device without losing lots of time, money and energy in the process.

It’s time to stop wasting your precious time and money sifting through hundreds of thousands of useless apps and games.

All the dirty job has already been done for you.

You deserve the best of the best and that’s what this book gives you:

Only the most useful and the best Kindle Fire apps to improve just about every area of your life!

Are you wondering what makes this book different and better compared to tons of other books about apps for Kindle Fire? Here are 5 top reasons!

  • IMPROVE YOUR WHOLE LIFE! The book helps you improve every area of your life by showing you 5-20 best representatives of different categories of apps (like entertainment, education, kids, cooking, productivity, health, utilities and much more).
  • LEARN THE MOST IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT APPS AND GAMES IN AN INSTANT! Depending on the category of apps described, you will find the most useful information about the app like its short to-the-point description, price, rating, usefulness, effectiveness, purpose, pros & cons or what you will get from it.
  • ONE-CLICK DOWNLOADS! You are just one click away from downloading the desired app to your device as all these apps are linked to Amazon Appstore for Android.
  • GET A FREE GIFT! Everyone who buys this book will get its sequel (to be released by end of 2014) free of charge!
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED! The author of the book is an Android geek (whose daily job is to test and write apps) who finally arrived to Amazon, so you are sure to receive professional information!

No other book with Kindle Fire apps puts you, the reader, in the center to please you, entertain you and build a long lasting relationship with you (by giving you the upcoming book for free).

Get ready to have tons of fun and put your Kindle Fire on fire!

P.S. Remember that you can view 10% of book absolutely for free before deciding to buy it. See you in the book!

Python: Quick and Easy Solution To Learning Python Programming Today! – Learn By Doing – Easy To Follow For Beginners (Python, Python Programming, Python in a day, Python for informatics, Python)

by Altitude Publishing

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Python Made Easy.

Easy to Read and Implement Python Programming For Beginners.

Python is a highly functional and flexible programming language that delivers a powerful experience to programmers and users alike. Python is known for being a language of simplicity. By its nature, it is inherently easier to read than other programming languages. That is why Python is so beginner friendly! It is the ideal language for first-time programmers who want a flexible language for web development.

Python is powerful enough for both big and small development projects – online or off. Python is fast, cutting development time into half of what it would normally be. The languages syntax is simple and to the point, making it an ideal intro language for those that have never programmed before. Most Python programmers contain about half of the lines of code that would be required in other languages. Python also comes with a built in debugger, making troubleshooting a breeze.

In this eBook, we will show you how to quickly jump head-first into Python programming. Covering more than 25 topics in total, we will present you with information, then walk you through the process of creating example projects across each of these subjects. This comprehensive guide covers basic and advanced concepts, allowing you to start programming in Python right away. By the end of this guide, you will be able to efficiently code your own Python programs and see your ideas come to life.

Python is a language that has grown quickly in popularity over the course of the last decade. There is more demand now than ever for Python development, with some of the largest tech companies in the world utilizing it.

This guide can teach any new programmer how to efficiently create their first Python programs. By the end of the book, you will be able to program on your own, and create your own programs from scratch. Python is a versatile language that is an excellent choice for future web developers.

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