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Empty Altars

by Judith Post

When the runes of the goddess, Diana, summon her to duty, she finds herself in a Norse meadow, battling hellhounds that are surprised to find her there. But the hellhounds aren’t the only Norse unhappy to see her. The gods, Tyr and Donar, tell her to return home. Her runes beg to differ, and the 24 bones are always right. She’s pretty sure, Norse gods can be far too stubborn and belligerent for their own good.

When Diana joins forces with Freyaâ??goddess of love, beauty, and seidr magicâ??and Gudrunâ??the village seer, she discovers that her runes are more devious than she’d ever imagined. They have a path in store for her, too, one she dislikes even more than Tyr and Donar abhor her meddling. She has to find a traitor in the gods’ meadow and battle the evil witch, Heid. That, she’s willing to try. But she’s also to join with Tyr to defend sacred portals. Working with the Norse sky god will be the bigger challenge, for she’s never been so tempted by a male in the centuries of her maiden life.

Can they win in the face of evil? And just how much can Diana resist?

The Light of Kerrindryr (The War of Memory Cycle Book 1)

by H. Anthe Davis

Redemption through Service.

Purification through Sacrifice.

These are the tenets of the Imperial Light, and Cob follows them devoutly despite being enslaved for his father’s treason. Now, raised as a soldier and betrayed by a friend, he has been driven from the Imperial Army into the heretic-riddled lands he helped to conquer. In this strange realm, he finds that Light and Dark are not as simple as they seemed, and though he considers everyone around him an enemy, to them he is a prize–the unwitting carrier of a secret that every faction in the warring world wants.

The Army would do anything to get it back except kill him.

His treacherous friend has no such qualms.

TWO HEADS TWO SPIKES (The Pearl of Wisdom Saga Book 1)

by Jason Paul Rice

Treachery and deceit run rampant in the Kingdom of Donegal.

A high stakes game of life and death erupts in a land of murder and manipulation. A triggering event in northern Donegal sets off a series of events with consequences to be faced around the world. Some seek a throne but most hunt the elusive Pearl of Wisdom for its magical powers and ability to summon dragons.

The story is told by multiple points of view that sweep you around a realm and beyond. The King’s son, a Queen, a Princess, members of rival families, several knights and a rogue warrior tell the tales of a lost kingdom, omitted from history. Good versus evil can appear transparent or blurred as motivations of revenge and soul inspired redemption entangle in a forgotten world of deception and drama.

The Forest Bull (The Fearless Book 1)

by Terry Maggert

Three lovers. Two immortals. One mystery.

When Ring Hardigan isn’t making sandwiches for, and with, his two partners, Waleska and Risa (they’re cool like that), he’s got a busy schedule doing the dirty work of sending immortals to the ever after. Wally and Risa provide linguistics, logistics, and finding the right place for him and his knife.

A reclusive Baron from the timelost forests of Europe asks for their helpâ??find a stolen collection of jewelry, and find the thiefâ??his daughter Elizabeth, an immortal of purest evil who wants nothing less than control of Hell itself. With the help of a 2400 year old succubus hooker named Delphine, they might just live long enough to discover what is evil, who is human, and exactly who wants to reign in hell.

The Doppler Affect

by Dr Shawn Phillips

Shapeshifters Control Our Lives!

The frightening power of vampires, werewolves, and lycanthropes has lived within our nightmares for centuries, failing to be reasoned out by the rapid advances in science and technology. The truth is that they are very much a part of our reality. However, they are merely the genetically inferior offspring of a more powerful race, known as doppelgangers, who evolved alongside humankind. These shapeshifters adopted a secretive yet manipulative approach when dealing with us, feeding off the sexual desires of men to sustain their societyâ?¦until desperate times forced a new order.

Christopher Sands, a rising investment banker, was just another victim in a long list of doppelganger schemes. Framed for a crime he wouldn’t commit and watching his family fade farther and farther from his prison bars, Chris makes an unbelievable discovery; shapeshifters aren’t the only race with supernatural abilities. Can he find the strength to accept an even worse fate than prison to not only save his son, but all humankind? Will Michael Sands be able to control the spirits that haunt him to finish what his father cannot?

For Ever (The Ever Series, Book 1)

by C. J. Valles

For Ever starts now

A faded memory, something I saw behind Ever Casey’s eyes, begins to claw its way to the surface, and fuzzy impressions from my second day at Springview High School make the skin on my arms crawl. My limbs grow cold with fear. Whatever I saw in his mind was indistinct, but unmistakably sinister.

It hadn’t been nothing behind Ever Casey’s eyes. It had been something evil. Something he didn’t want me to see.
Sixteen-year-old Wren Sullivan doesn’t want to know what other people are thinking about herâ??because most of the time it sucks. Too bad since that’s what happens every time she looks into someone’s eyes.

When she moves to Portland, Oregon, after her parents’ divorce, she finally encounters someone whose thoughts are off limits. Looking into Ever Casey’s eyes, she finds â?¦ nothing. Or is there something he doesn’t want her to see there that will put her and anyone near her in danger?

When For Ever ends, Never begins. Never, the second book in The Ever Series, is coming soon.

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