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by Catelyn Carroll

A young woman experiences nightmares that seem to be far too realistic. A rollercoaster ride between fear, murder and erotic begins.

The Shifting Storm (The Demon’s Corruption Chronicles Book 4)

by Lezlee Cheek Hale

The world might be recovering from the fall of the Barrier, but the same can’t be said for Kat Shaughnessy. Left behind by her boyfriend and her pack, Kat had to turn to strangers for help with understanding her shifter heritage, and her newly awakening magical abilities.

A desperate plea from Alex leads Kat to Europe, and a reconciliation with Darien, their Alpha, but fate is cruel, and shortly after their return Kat runs into Aerick again. Only now Aerick is harboring a hatred for Kat over what he believes is her betrayal of him, and he is obsessed over a girl from his past.

The precious control that Kat has gained on her life is quickly becoming eroded, leaving Kat confused and overwhelmed. When Aerick is rescued after being kidnapped by Baba Yaga’s minions, and the Phoenix asks Kat to step in to help Aerick heal, Kat does so without a second thoughtâ?¦ but it might be the most dangerous thing she has ever done, and in the end it might cost her her soul.

This story is direct continuation of Katelyn’s story from The Wild Within, although a chunk of time has passed between the end of The Wild Within and this one. This story also parallels The Pure Soul, showing the story from Katelyn’s perspective as well as other material not presented in The Pure Soul.

Warning: this novel contains mature material with dark overtones including adult language, sexual situations, semi-graphic violence, and rape/attempted rape.

Blood Eagle

by Michael Chambers

Shaken to her core by a horrible crime, Jennifer Blake has moved across the state to the little town of Stockton, hoping to find some peace. But when you’re a psychic with a knack for tapping into the minds of killers, there’s nowhere you can run.

Now Jen must put aside the trauma of past failures to take on the biggest challenge of her life: a killer who can read her thoughts as easily as she can his.

The Animate Mind: An Absurd Philosophical Adventure Novel

by Vincent Strangecraft

Marty is swept up into the enigmatic world of Wes, an old drunk. Their lives become intertwined on what should have been a routine pizza delivery for Marty. As bizarre as it is, Wes appears to stop time. At first Marty is freaked out, but then he feels the need to find out what this is really all about.

He is soon sent on the adventure of a lifetime, thrust deep into the chaos of a world he would never wish on anyone else. He journeys to lands with unearthly creatures, not all of which are friendly. Amidst the danger and frenzy, his simple wish is just to get homeâ?¦ while he still can.

He doesn’t know it, but deep inside is a dark force bubbling inside. The journey between worlds has caused some kind of a shift in him.

9Tales Told In The Dark 3 (9Tales Series Book 10)

by Jeffery Scott Sims

It’s time for some more terror, and what better way to deliver it than 9 gruesome tales of people who think they are in control. Join us as evil wakes, the future turns bloody, that past lingers, and death awaits. 8 authors have risen to the challenge, eager to make your blood curl.

In this release:

Table of Contents

THE PATH —– By Daniel J. Kirk

BICYCLE GAME—-By Thomas Anderson

SKIN OF A WITCH —–By Rik Hunik

REDMAN—-By Sara Greene

AMONG THE HOODOOS—–By Jeffery Scott Sims

BESS—–By John Grey



LAKES AND SHADOWS—-By Bennett Durkan

*Warning some content may not be suitable for younger audiences.

The Devil’s Breath

by Paul E. Gardner

Police Officer Samuel, was about to retire from service, knowing that he had to hand over his official house to the department, rents out a house off the city limit. It happened to be a haunted house. Every single member of his family was traumatized sometime or other by spirits and ghosts. Till a holy priest exorcised the house and its occupants. In spite of it being cleansed the ghostly house still remains unoccupied, after several years.

Wanton: A Penny Dreadful

by Danny Judge

GUTTED, the gruesome tale of a summer pastime gone horribly wrong…

SCOTCH AND WATER, a glance into the home life of a conscientious psychopath…

TENDER IS THY WRATH, a momentary taste of creation and divine power for a drunken wanderer through a Nebraska cornfield…

and THE CONSTABLE, an old-fashioned love story….

WANTON: A Penny Dreadful is a bizarre new quarterly “lit rag” from Danny Judge. It’s a slasher flick on paper for those of us who prefer entertainment over Greek rhetorical devices of dead poets, a pulpy, gratuitous rebellion against the increasingly stuffy universe of short fiction. EXPLICIT CONTENT.

The Conspiracy of Ghosts

by Richard Hamer

Thomas Betterman – 15 year old loner and the least popular boy in school – has a secret.

He doesn’t just believe in ghosts; he knows they exist. They haunt the corridors of Saint Christopher’s school every night. Nobody knows. Nobody but him.

But with the sudden death of a classmate Tom, and his reluctant ‘friend’ Emily, find themselves caught in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy where everything they believe will be put to the test.

Science meets the supernatural as two ordinary teenagers discover a terrifying plot to turn back the hands of fate, and make guinea pigs of the living to serve the dead.

Dead Souls 1 (The Dead Souls Serial)

by Amy Cross

The Dead Souls serial begins with the very first book, in which Kate Langley arrives on the island of Thaxos for a vacation she never wanted in the first place.

Before long, Kate learns that she’s not the only recent arrival. Edgar Le Compte has come to Thaxos in order to reclaim his family’s long-abandoned ancestral home. Many of the locals are dismayed by the return of the Le Compte name, and it seems as if the entire island is gripped by paranoia.

When Kate finally meets Edgar, she’s surprised by his friendliness. But dark secrets lurk in the shadows, and when Kate receives an unexpected job offer that could keep her on the island, she’s forced to decide whether or not she believes some of the wilder and more fantastical claims about the Le Compte family.

This is the first part of an ongoing serial, therefore it has a cliffhanger ending that is resolved in book 2. Each part of the serial is approximately 20,000 words.

Dead Souls 2 (The Dead Souls Serial)

by Amy Cross

The Dead Souls serial continues with the second book, in which Kate starts her new job and learns more about the Le Compte family. Death and danger seem to follow Edgar wherever he goes, but by the time Kate realizes that she might be in danger, she’s already too late. Out alone late one night, she comes face to face with one of the Le Compte family’s darkest secrets.

Meanwhile, in the port town, Edgar’s arrival has coincided with a plague of rats. When his goddaughter Alice is bitten, Ephram realizes that his worst fears about the Le Compte family are starting to come true.

This is book two in the Dead Souls serial. Each part is approximately 20,000 words long and ends on a cliffhanger.

The Spider

by Josephine Pearce

An expedition to investigate mysterious lines in the deserts of South America leads to terror on a cosmic proportion. An English Professor finds love, friendship, deceit, and unspeakable horror as he discovers that the Earth itself is in league with ancient forces that he cannot understand. The latest novella from Josephine Pearce is written with her trademark wit and her complete control of her supernatural subject matter; packed with heart-stopping incident and unforgettable characters, The Spider will leave you terrified long after you have finished reading.

The Secret Diary of Zorah

by Paul E. Gardner

The despicable myths the castle of Zorah had spiked fear in the hearts of most inhabitants of Pennsylvania community but Vicky always saw things her own way. She was an experimental girl with a huge desire to make her own discovery despite the quality cancelling she got from her mother and friends. She was able to drag Dimitri, her boyfriend, Loretta, Carl, Sylvia and Tom under the impression that they were going to savor the warmest romance picnic ever. It was an adventure to take for the young adults when they got to the hazy gates of the fortress far off from town. It was a living legend for her to explore and bring out truths about the beautiful princess Zorah, who had died by the hands of her lover when he caught him banging his mother on the night of their wedding. Curious and determined, they went into the deeps of the castle to find out what everyone in the city gossiped about. It was a whole new transition for them as they read through the secret pamphlets of Zorah’s curses to whoever stepped foot in a place ever so forbidden. They met their fates in a dispersed and quite unfaithful manner as the wrath of Zorah’s despicable curse rained on them. Their way in became their roundabout point and one after the other, they met an uncertain fate but Vicky’s life was last for Zorah to claim. Trapped in those dark huge walls with no way to escape, no evidence of Zorah even at the loss of all her friends, she begs the unseen for her life to spare but then, Zorah’s decision to keep and to take becomes Vicky’s worse nightmare…

The Dorm

by Josephine Pearce

Josephine Pearce takes us on an unforgettable, terrifying journey into the world of childhood. In an English Boarding School of the 1940s, a young boy is bereaved; in trying to help his suffering, a group of his friends unwittingly unleash ghostly forces beyond their control, which target them one by one. A witty and heart-breaking evocation of time and place, Josephine Pearce’s new novella adds to her growing reputation as the modern Mistress of the macabre; it is as if the HP in HP Lovecraft stood for Harry Potter.

Dead Souls 3 (The Dead Souls Serial)

by Amy Cross

In the third part of the Dead Souls serial, things go from bad to worse in the port town as Ephram is pushed to the edge. Finally, just when he is about to give up home, he learns that others share his concerns.

Up at the mansion, Edgar’s fiance Didi learns some horrible truths about the man she claims to love. After a dark encounter with Edgar in the house’s basement, she considers fleeing, but before she can make a decision she finds that Edgar has made a horrific discovery in one of the maintenance huts.

This is the third book in the Dead Souls series. Each book is approximately 20,000 words and ends on a cliffhanger. Readers are strongly advised to read the books in order.

Backdoor to Heaven

by Richard Mikolitch

Anne Bartow is a brilliant psychiatrist that heads a subterranean sect of powerful occultists whose existence dates to the dawn of man.

Their belief is that in order to find God they must first expose the devil by not only knocking on his doorstep but allegorically having dinner with him.

Bartow takes the celebrants through sadistic dungeons of sexual deviance to find their inner Satan.

While training them with carnal pleasures and tortures, her main objective in her position is to find the seeds planted by her nefarious mentor and secure their grail by keeping it alive.

Like salmon finding their way back to where they were hatched the most pure of the blood come to her doorstep where she holds them in sadistic bondage until the time for copulation is ready.

All seems right until, hubris, the great killer of all power emerges in Bartow who feels she is more suitable to breed the sacred seed.

Instead of taking care of business as planned she does what she feels is right and uses powers, known but forbidden, to take what she feels she deserves.

Murder and mayhem find their way to the courtroom. With the future of the Order in the balance, her hermaphrodite lover may well hold the key to, the

“Backdoor to Heaven.”


by Lisa Glenn

Cassey is your typical female looking for love in all the wrong places. When she finely meets the one, she believes him to be crazy even though he happens to be gorgeous. When a local girl is found dead, skinned like a deer, strange things begin to happen in her small town. Soon she finds herself in grave danger but with the help of local Pastor, Gabriel, she barely escapes with her skin. In the end she decides love is for real.

Cursed: A Yorkshire Ghost Short Story (Yorkshire Ghost Series Book 2)

by Karen Perkins

She’s back. This time no one is safe.

A skeleton is dug up at the crossing of the ways on Hanging Moor, striking dread into the heart of Old Ma Ramsgill – the elderly matriarch of the British village of Thruscross. And with good reason. The 18th century witch, Jennet, has been woken, and her ghost is once again free in this thrilling horror short story.

A spate of killings by a vicious black dog gives credence to her warnings and the community – in particular her family – realise they are in terrible danger.

Drastic measures are needed to contain her, but with the imminent flooding of the valley to create a new reservoir, do they have the ability to stop her and break her curse?

The House on the Borderland

by William Hope Hodgson

William Hope Hodgson was an English author and sailor who wrote a large quantity of works including fantasy, horror, and sea tales. Hodgson was killed in World War I at the age of 40. This edition of Hodgson’s The House on the Borderland includes a table of contents.

Cold Light of Day

by Paul Cave

Josh Sawyer’s passionate encounter with Anna, a beautiful and mysterious young woman, was one that would change his life forever. Josh must come to terms with Anna’s deep, dark and terrifying secrets – that thrust him into a nightmare of violence and bloodlust. Suspected of grisly multiple murders, the couple are forced to flee Chicago, with the police and FBI hot on their heels. But a more deadly and evil threat is tracking them – Jonus an adversary from Anna’s past. Anna has something that Jonus wants – her soul, or that of anyone else who gets in his way…

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