Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 17 Aug 14

Night Terror

by Peter Charbonneau

Computer analyst Raymond Cooper is tormented by the recurring nightmare of a young woman’s murder. Unable to sleep, Ray’s work and health suffer. At the behest of his sister, the beautiful Joyce Cooper, he reluctantly agrees to therapy hoping he can rid himself of the nightly torment. Soon, a young woman is murdered, an event which changes Ray’s life forever and thrusts him into a world where reality and delusions become one. With his life spiraling out of control, Ray is forced to confront the possibility that murder is not confined merely to the macabre visions of his subconscious.

Jack Malloy, a Sheriff’s deputy whose alcoholism cost him his job as a detective and forced him back into a patrol car, responds to a prowler call, only to discover yet another in a string of murder victims. The gruesome scene sparks a renewed passion in the former detective. For Malloy, it is a chance to recover his self respect and a time to confront the demons which have caused him to fall so far. He initiates a one-man investigation, both unauthorized and dangerous, which could cost him not only his job but his life.

Fed Material: A Dope boy’s dream

by By.Pistol

Fed Material is a story about a young hustler by the name of Lil D, who became one of the youngest drug kingpins of all times. Lil D went from being a local high school basketball super star, to being a major drug dealer with connections from Mexico to Pakistan.

Ding Dong Bell, The Kitten in the Well (Gershwin & Penrose mystery)

by Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen

A clean and cosy short story, featuring the popular Gershwin family in Knavesborough. This is your chance to revisit the 1990s and meet Rhapsody, Harmonia and Psalmonalla Gershwin, the spunky sisters and their curious kitten.

It all begins quite innocently with a visit to an old cat woman, but no matter what the Gershwins stick their noses in, something sinister will happen.

What the readers say:

“The author’s descriptions and eye for detail places the reader in the middle of the action. The setting is a charming English countryside that envelops the reader transporting them to a different place and era. The author weaves a tale of suspense with humor for a well-balanced story.”

“I like these stories. They’re humorous crime fiction, with colourful characters all with quirky names. There’s no blood and gore and each story has an unexpected twist at the end. In other words, they are cosy crimes (if any crime could really be considered as â??cosy’, that is).”

Two Kill Again (The Cleary Case Files Book 2)

by Patricia Clark

Michael Thompson had no idea that his camping trip to Dark Hollow Falls would be his worst and last day on earth or that his teenage daughter, Sydney, would be gravely wounded and orphaned in the same savage attack. Sydney’s ultimate betrayal occurred at the one place she believed was her sanctuary. When that realization coalesced with the certainty her father was dead, Sydney’s only wish was to linger in her semi-conscious state until she could die.

Psychologist and FBI agent Shawn Cleary begins her investigation without knowing that the man who will become the Park Slasher is still a threat to the youngster. As she patiently works to establish a relationship with the wounded girl, more National Park attacks occur. Shawn pursues evidence and a confusing trail through the grandeur of the Smoky Mountains and the majesty of Yosemite.

Still hospitalized at D.C. General, Sydney’s slow recovery is hampered by a maniacal child psychologist and a custody fight that could cause the FBI agent to cross an ethical line. A second attempt to kill the beleaguered teenager further buries her memory of the events at Dark Hollow Falls. Shawn’s developing relationship with Sydney enables her to probe the girl’s mind leading the FBI to the San Francisco home of the misguided killer.

Agents sift through false clues until a startling discovery in California sends Shawn and her team to Glacier National Park with the knowledge that the attacks are more personal than the FBI could have believed. Amid blizzard conditions, Shawn leads her wary team to the treacherous, snow covered trails of Glacier for a stunning confrontation that will allow Shawn to either capture the Park Slasher and his cohorts or allow them to escape forever.

Sunset Rush (The NOVA Trilogy Book 3)

by Aven Jayce

Sunset Rush, Book Three 

The NOVA Trilogy contains strong language, scenes of descriptive sex, and subject matter that may be disturbing for some readers. For mature audiences only. 

The final book will keep you on the edge of your seat… 
Dark, passionate, and deeply moving… 

“Stay on your knees and face the screen,” he says. “The room has ten cameras so they’ll be able to get a shot whenever we move. Put your head down. Remember to keep your eyes closed. You won’t see or hear anything. The only words will come from me,” he pauses. “Twenty minutes, Baby. I’ll make it fast. And I apologize in advance for the language I’ll have to use.” Sophia Jameson is the daughter of one of the most notorious entrepreneurs in the world of adult entertainment, Paul Jameson. She’s young, immature, and suffers from an abusive past, but sees nothing wrong with sleeping around; after all, sex is the cure for her depression. A long-term relationship with any man is not on the agenda – until she meets Cove Everton. A man as emotionally damaged as herself. The two fall fast and hard; delving into a relationship they know will be forbidden by Sophia’s father. Virgins to any sense of real and lasting love, they hope to pacify their mutual anxieties and sufferings, not to mention those of their family and friends, all of whom have become trapped within Jameson Industries.
Cove Everton was once the biggest star of Jameson Industries. Forced into the company at a young age, he still suffers mental and physical scars from the business owned by Paul Jameson. Angst-ridden and tormented that his family’s been blackmailed, and his father framed for crimes that were committed by Paul, he continues to work for the adult industry in hope of discovering proof that will bring Paul to his knees and set his father free.

Where’s Audrey?

by A.L. Jambor

From the author of A Christmas Mystery comes a cozy, holiday-themed mystery set in Florida.

This is Mel’s first vacation in 3 years. She is looking forward to lying on Clearwater Beach and spending Christmas with her friend, Lisa, but first she has to check on her Aunt Audrey. After landing in Tampa, Mel drives to Largo and knocks on Audrey’s door. A young man answers and his vague answers regarding Audrey’s whereabouts set Mel on a quest to find out just what happened to her absent aunt. She files a missing persons report and a handsome young deputy named Conner offers to help her. As they follow the clues – a curious canine, a nosy neighbor, and a couple of con artists – Mel finds herself falling for Conner. His feelings are mutual and he risks his job to help Mel solve the mystery surrounding Audrey’s disappearance.

Where’s Audrey was based on an incident which occurred in a Florida mobile home park in 2007.

Fair Play (Tyler Cunningham Shorts)

by Jamie Sheffield

A Tyler Cunningham novella exploring the nature and origin of the relationship between Tyler and Frank Gibson.

High and Dry (Jessie and Neal Fox Sailing Mystery Series Book 4)

by L.M. Lawson

When Jessie and Neal Fox orchestrate an ocean rendezvous with good friends Gina and Phil Tate, they didn’t expect to be intercepted by a British frigate as they entered the romantic seaport of Falmouth. At first the inconvenient disruption seems a luck of the draw, but as events unfold, Jessie and Neal begin to realize the Tates are hiding something. On the streets of quaint Falmouth and on the historic River Fal, the Tate’s nightmare becomes the Foxes.’ Just what secrets did Gina and Phil carry with them on their Atlantic voyage to England?

High Anxiety Dye Job: A Cozy Mystery (An Annie Addison Cozy Mystery Book 3)

by Molly Dox

Secrets have a way of getting out. And around Sandy Beach Island, secrets can get you killed. Jersey girl and beauty shop owner Annie Addison is thrust into another hair-raising scandal. Blackmail, murder, and mayhem have this small barrier island turned upside down. Annie will do whatever she can to solve the mystery. Can this amateur sleuth find the missing piece of the puzzle? Or will tables turn, putting her in danger?

“High Anxiety Dye Job” is a cozy mystery, perfect for a quick, light read. Curl up and enjoy a small-town feel, charming characters, and a clean read that promises to keep the â??not-so-nice’ details off the page. (Clean read, no blood, no foul language)

The Wet Woman

by Alejandra Díaz Mattoni

The Odyssey goes noir in this thriller about an assassin who returns home to find more than she bargained for.

Readers searching for a story with a bold, intelligent, strong, and slightly psychotic female lead whose life doesn’t revolve around a romance have hit pay dirt. Magdalena, or “Magda,” Amador kills people for a living. Spending her teenage years in forced prostitution, befriending the pharmacist who lived next door to the brothel, and building up a steely facade made her the perfect candidate for the murder-for-money lifestyle. It’s not sexy, but neither is flipping burgers.

Sex slavers kidnapped Magda when she was seven and smuggled her to Barcelona, Spain. Decades later, she returns home to the Los Angeles suburbs to find a bickering blended family nose-deep in money laundering, human smuggling, and death threats. Magda wants to protect her family and their business, but what she needs is to make amends with her wrongdoings, face her past traumas, and finally find a place in the world where she can fit in.

Alejandra Díaz Mattoni’s present-tense narration in The Wet Woman adds tension with its immediacy, and her sense of humor communicates the cynical and disillusioned perspective of a girl who was forced to become a woman before her time. This debut novel’s unique, tonal combination of hard-boiled noir fiction and lighthearted chick lit will snag an equally unique swath of readers who are comfortable with strong woman and don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

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