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Frack this!: The untold story about earthquakes caused by humans

by Dr. Christian D. Klose

Christian D. Klose’s book Frack this! unveils the shocking facts that humans can cause earthquakes. With illustrations, charts, and tables, Dr. Klose, as a distinguished researcher, brings together leading-edge discoveries from top scientist around the world. With worrisome clearity, the author describes in simple terms and in a nontechnical language the fundamental concept of human-caused earthquakes and their root causes. He shows how everyone can lay groundwork to keep earthquake risks in perspective and how to stay safe.

The groundbreaking book provides numerous examples of evidence ranging from tremors induced by the new fracking technology for producing oil and natural gas to earthquakes caused by secret nuclear underground tests that were performed in the US and the former Soviet Union since 1955. Other examples include mining earthquakes causing billions of US-Dollars in damage and devastating earthquakes caused by filling of artificial water reservoirs, such as the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China that took more than 68,000 lives. Frack this! provides practical, insightful, and engaging knowledge for everyone who is affected by or wants to know more about earthquakes caused by humans.

Fundamental Meditation: Increase Mindfulness, Find Inner Peace, Reduce Stress and Curb Anxiety with Meditation (Simplicity, Happiness, Fulfillment, and Enlightenment Book 3)

by Sid Akula

Start Reducing Stress and Anxiety, Find Inner Peace and Increase Mindfulness Today!

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You have heard of meditation. A friend has most likely mentioned that ‘you should try it’ and perhaps even listed a few of its benefits. But, why should you? In today’s crazy society with so much stress, conflict and general chaos, we’re all struggling for a little piece of mind and relief from our busy lifestyle. So many people go through each day stressed out, anxious, confused and frustrated with their job, their life and other people. What if there were a way to calm your nerves, quiet your mind and finally find some peace? There is – through meditation.

The greatest thing about meditation is that anyone can practice it and anyone can reap the calming, soothing benefits of it. You don’t need equipment, a subscription fee or anyone else. The only thing you need to find inner peace and reduce your stress levels, is a little time, a little instruction and a little practice. If you are a novice in the world of contemplative practice, then this book is just what you need to get started on the road to Inner Peace, Increased Mindfulness and Reduced Stress. Today is the perfect day to get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Benefits of Meditation
  • What to Expect
  • Tools and Tips
  • All About Breathing
  • Different Practices
  • Obstacles to avoid
  • …and much, much more!

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I have to say that the legend of Mary Magdalene being a Holy Grail is interesting and that is why so many people have already read it. Unfortunately, this legend is a hoax. Saying this, I have to add that I am not a person that has any intention to judge anybody for anything. I would just like to offer a completely different direction of finding the Holy Grail. Following this direction everybody has an opportunity to find it. I became so optimistic after going through some experiences that opened my mind to the realization what consciousness is, what the source of life is, what higher self is, what soul is, what self-awareness is, and much more. I would just like to share what I have. Enjoy!


by Percy Smith

As explained in Chapter I., those old traditions were divided into two distinct parts. The first dealing with ‘Things Celestial’â??Te Kauwae-rungaâ??(the supreme god Io; the birth of the minor gods through the parentage of Heaven and Earth; the wars of the gods; creation of Man, &c., &c.), and the second with ‘Things Terrestrial’â??Te Kauwae-raro-(the more particularly historical parts dealing with the history, migrations, &c., of the people). This volume will treat of the first part only; the second will occupy another volume when funds allow of its publication. Both parts will modify somewhat our present knowledge of ancient Polynesian beliefs, and the history of the people; for, hitherto, we have had to trust largely to the traditions collected by Sir George Grey, Mr. John White, members of the Polynesian p. iii Society, and others; but none of those collectors ever obtained such valuable information as is herein given for the first time; for instance, such as relates to the god Io and many other things, nor, so far as is known, has any other branch of the Polynesian race preserved the ancient beliefs in so complete a form as these East Coast tribes of New Zealand.

The Atheist’s Collection 2: The Good, The Bad, and The Absolutely Ridiculous

by Lig Heelal

Atheism vs Religion debates can end with frustration on all sides because everyone thinks they are right but cannot find the right arguments or answers to the claims and questions. This eBook is the second volume of a collection of the most outrageous declarations from the faithful and my answers to them.

I am an Atheist … and I am allergic to superstition of all kind. During the last few years, I had to debate many believers mostly from Christian religions and some other theistic philosophies. Some of those debates have been a complete waste of time but most of them allowed me to learn more about my old beliefsâ?¦ and about the urgent need to point out superstition wherever it’s hidden. I decided to share bits of those exchanges with you in a clear, concise, easy-to-read way. If you have or face the same questions and claims, I hope you find some answers useful.

This eBook shares pieces of my past debates with everyone. It’s targeted to all three major groups of the beliefs arenaâ?¦ People on the fence (which is, in my opinion, another term for skeptics) can read the book and chew on the logic behind the discussions; Atheists who are missing some rebukes might find some answers they can use in their own discussions; and religious believers, who have the seed of inquiry in their minds who might reject my views at first but they will keep on reading IF they can identify their own silent questions among the pages.

Here’s what’s inside

  • Atheism – Questions and Misconceptions
  • Atheism vs Satanism
  • God Was Here?
  • Mixing Science with God
  • Adding â??Super’ to the â??Natural’
  • Good People Go to Hell
  • But The Bible Says …
  • Random Declarations
  • Manifesto

Enjoy the second volume of the series â?¦

As the debates continue â?¦

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