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Multiple Streams of Success: Real life stories of faith, hope, success, and overcoming adversity

by Michael Fuchs

REAL LIFE STORIES OF FAITH for the discouraged,
HOPE for the challenged,
SUCCESS for the aspiring, and

Multiple Streams of Success presents the personal accounts of men and women who have triumphed over adversities including: abusive situations, life and death experiences, cocaine dependency, pornography addiction, and physical disabilities.

This book is an anthology of life experiences and encouragement from people of many walks of life who have experienced diverse challenges. Each story is full of hope and advice on making it in any type of circumstance. Tiny crack addicted baby Niki struggled with learning disabilities and partial Cerebral Palsy. Gary faced down a rapist and murderer wanted in multiple states while the thug was attacking Gary’s neighbor.

Pam faced up to her life of crack addiction after her father’s suicide to live through her mother’s cancer and death only to discover she herself had cancer. Don faced years of child abuse at the hands of his birth mother and her boyfriends, finally meeting his birth father at his 18 year old sister’s funeral.

Isaac, a degreed educator, became entangled in a life of drug addiction during the Vietnam era. Michael had a prosperous business and family life until an addiction to Internet porn kept him busy four hours a day.

Medical bills and disability took Ken and his family from a life of Brooks Brothers Suits to driving the car on fumes praying to make it to the next exit of I-4. Al grew up in strict inner city home and became the business end of school bullies.

Olmstead provides suggestions for providing motivation and encouragement to your employees, students, and colleagues by modeling positive behaviors. Mark, as a teenager, survived the misfiring of a gun pressed into his forehead to provide life coaching at a Federal Penitentiary in the largest prison in the US.

Energy and Influence: How to Use Positive Energy to Your Advantage (My Spiritual Backpack: Your Guide To Living In Your Greatness! Book 7)

by Nancy Rose

The amount of negative or positive energy flowing within and around you can have an enormous impact on determining your mood, immune response system, the type of people you attract, the amount of joy or lack of joy you experience, and how your thoughts impact your energy level. This type of energy is often a mysterious concept.

This book is the key to unlocking this mystery. Discover what energy is, how you can control its impact on your life, and how to boost your energy. Remember, every action you take matters. You’ll learn to increase your awareness in the moment so you can redirect your energy in positive ways. By doing this, you can have more control over the energy within and around you.

Energy and Influence provides the simple steps that can increase your positive energy and truly recharge your life. When you understand, redirect, and apply energy in positive ways, you will feel abundance and that anything is possible. This book includes some of Nancy’s life lessons so you can connect on a more personal level. The action steps in this book will empower you to make changes in your life today! Right here, right now. The author has also gathered a collection of quotes to inspire you while you are on your journey to greatness.

Thorns in the Heart: A Christian’s Guide to Dealing with Addiction

by Dr. Steven Stiles

Thorn’s in the Heart, a timeless Christian book on addiction and pain is now available as a Kindle Book! Are you a Christian struggling with addiction? Grief? Pain? From the book’s cover…

Addiction and pain. For most Christian’s they are easier to bury or ignore than deal with. Yet, it’s only a matter of time before many of the things we run from must be faced. But how? In the Christian Kindle book – Thorns in the Heart, Dr. Steven Stiles cites actual cases to expose the physical, emotional and spiritual vulnerability of Christians when they avoid dealing with pain.

But more than just case examples, this book provides those who suffer a path to recovery. It offers steps to recognizing and dealing with pain through topics such as: Addiction, Compulsion and Pain; Pain, Emotions and the Body; Coping with Depression; Co-Dependency and Pain; Pain from God’s Perspective; and Coping with Compulsive Behaviors. Dr. Stiles explains there are no easy answers, but through understanding pain, addiction, and how God wants His people to respond. Christians can begin a journey of new hope and purpose.

Dr. Steven Stiles, a Christian pastor, currently teaches at William Jessup University and Western Seminary in San Jose. A Bethany University professor emeritus, he has taught addiction studies and lectured internationally for over 30 years. He is the author of several print and Kindle book including: Thorns in the Heart: A Christian’s Guide to Dealing with Addiction, Gotchyaa, Recovery for Codependency, and Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles: The True Story of Big Bad Green.

He is the Clinical Director at New Life Community Services in Santa Cruz, California which provides emergency shelter and drug and alcohol treatment. He is a graduate of the American Baptist Seminary of the West (D.Min.) and maintains counselor certification through the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (CADCII).

Simplify and Prioritize: How to Free Yourself from Clutter and Chaos (My Spiritual Backpack: Your Guide To Living In Your Greatness Book 9)

by Nancy Rose

If you live a busy life and you are overcommitted, overwhelmed and are being pulled in too many directions, you are not alone. Most of us are in the same boat; we are living a similar busy lifestyle and feel unhappy, stressed and frustrated. In addition to feeling mentally and emotionally overwhelmed, you may often notice that clutter begins to close in around you because you just don’t have the time or energy to take care of everything.

If you can relate to this example, this book has the solutions to make your life more manageable. You will discover how to simplify, alleviate stress, prioritize what is most important to you, identify time wasters and how to say no, realize what you don’t need, and reduce clutter.

This book will help you organize and prioritize your life so you’ll feel the euphoria that comes with accomplishment and enjoy the things that bring you genuine happiness. The book includes some of Nancy’s life lessons so you can connect on a more personal level. The action steps in this book will empower you to make changes in your life today! Right here, right now. The author has also gathered a collection of quotes to inspire you while you are on your journey to greatness.

The Basics of Chakra Healing in 30 Minutes or Less: Learn about the Chakras and the Aura and how to heal them with meditation, healing crystals, affirmations and aromatherapy for improved health

by Lindsey James

Learn about the Chakras and the Aura: What they are and how to heal them with meditation, healing crystals, affirmations and aromatherapy for improved health and wellbeing

If you are feeling physically or emotionally drained, suffering from physical pain or emotional issues,your Chakras may need healing.

The Basics of Chakra Healing in 30 Minutes or Less explains Chakras and the Aura and includes techniques for healing Chakras with meditation, healing crystals, affirmations and aromatherapy.

When you have finished reading this book, which typically takes 30 minutes or less for most people, you will have a basic understanding of Chakras and the Aura and be ready to start healing your Chakras for improved health and wellbeing.

In The Basics of Chakra Healing in 30 Minutes or Less you will learn:

  • What the Chakras are, with an explanation of the Aura and the seven major Chakras
  • Chakra healing with mediatation
  • Chakra healing with crystals
  • Chakra healing with affirmations
  • Chakra healing with aromatherapy
  • and much more!

Whether you choose meditation, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, affirmations or a combination of techniques, when you take steps to heal your Chakras to keep positive energy flowing through your body it can make a huge difference to your life.

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by Steven Crocker

A note from the author to the editor: I don’t know if you have read the book but it is a much tougher read than “WOES”. It is hard to get through even the first chapters without tearing up at every phrase. It is definitely a reminder for the elect.

I admit it. I am guilty of letting the world get to my base beliefs. That is why Blessings was written. Don’t even know if it should be released. Few besides the elect will even recognize the beauty that is there. But I will release it for the sake of the remnant.

Think of the book as a love poem to the Creator from a remorseful man. A man of repentance. A man who seems reluctant to take what is freely given.


While it is true that blessing can be a hard concept to pin down. Most of the Body of Christ concerns itself, only, with what I term the idea of the “me first” blessing. In other words a definition of blessing as a beneficial thing for which one is grateful. But can’t a blessing also be something that, at first, does not seem as such? A blessing in disguise? An apparent misfortune that results in something good? Since it is apparent that God’s favor and protection for His saints is all encompassing and planned to the split-second shouldn’t every circumstance that we find ourselves in be considered a blessing?

The basis for this book is Proverbs Chapter 28, verse twenty: A faithful man shall abound with blessings:

In these latter days He has gathered His elect and made known the things that my Jesus said in clarity and logic. We have learned the Savior’s actions in heaven as He prepares for His day. We see the signs of His coming. Even so, Lord Jesus, come. We have come to recognize our own particular purpose and our ultimate fate clothed in the glory of Jesus Christ. Everything that was planned, at that day of creation, is going on just as mapped out by Almighty God. Nothing that was not planned by Him has come to pass.

The elect are inhabited by the Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is responsible for the care of our physical and mental weaknesses. In Him is the elect’s ability to have faith and to know in our own spirit that what God’s word says is the truth.

The elect have been since the creation. We have already established that God knew of us before the beginning of time and that we are His creation and none others. Now it is important to understand that before time He hard-wired the elect to become a representation of the person of Jesus Christ. A reflection. He has given us the ability to be an impression that closely resembles Jesus Christ. In that mode we must decrease so that He may increase. The Holy Spirit allows life to shine through His saints. We come the light of the world in the stead of my Jesus. Giving credit where credit is due. Attributing all glory to the Son of God.

This is our calling also, being called before the foundations of the world. We are justified in that calling by the righteousness of Christ. We are glorified in that calling by the glory of Christ. When taken to is natural conclusion Christ shines through us so brightly that the world cannot tell one from the other. Can there be any argument? If God be for us just who can be against us? We are talking about a living God who was willing to become a man and die so that His people might live. Life became death and overcame it. Life became death and then there was Life. In Life is all things and all things are in life ready to be freely given.

This book, (like my other ones) was written to all the ‘elect’ that desire a closer relationship with our Creator. It is my hope and desire that reading them that you will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams.

Steven Crocker. – RIP. 6-2014

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