Free sports Kindle books for 17 Aug 14

Get Real! A Practical Approach to Personal Safety

by David Saboe

This no-nonsense book will give the tools you need to ensure your personal safety regardless of your physical ability and skill level. Real self-defense begins long before a physical confrontation takes place and this book will take you through the full self-defense lifecycle.

After reading this book, you will be able to put in place strategies to significantly reduce the chances of predators, criminals, and bullies targeting you. You will also learn de-escalation techniques and understand how to defeat tactics used by aggressors.

The author will share with you his knowledge of the full spectrum of self-defense – from preventing violence and victimization, to dealing with a physical confrontation, to the legal aftermath of the incident. You will understand how to use boundaries to prevent an attack and how to identify and use improvised weapons to improve your odds of success.

By implementing the strategies in this book, you will set up a series of filters designed to defeat predators and bullies before they can use force against you and give you the knowledge you need to protect yourself.

The Steps Along The Way

by Eric Simpson

A motivational sports book written about sports figures from around the world including atheletes, sportscasters, coaches, agents, owners, team doctors, and locker room staff, about the challenges a youth athlete will encounter in the pursuit of professional sports. The book covers the sacrifices, dedication, and heartbreaks that come in the challenge of becoming a PRO, additionally talking about the importance of education, not just as a back-up plan, but as a valid life plan.

Success at Golf

by R Smith

Success at Golf!

Persons who love golf will tell you that it is both challenging to the mind and to the body. But if you love it! Nothing will ever stop you from indulging in the sport, whether you are a spectator or on the field of play.

The game of clubs and ball is won by the person who makes the least strike with the golf clubs by hitting the ball into a specific number of holes. Persons who want to enter the sport and play at a professional level must learn to focus and to achieve mastery of the sport. We cannot ignore those who see golf as a great recreational and healthy lifestyle change. But whether golf is played for recreational reasons or at a professional level we cannot underscore the importance of proper gears. Also, you would be amazed at the impact of knowing the rules of the game, knowing about fairway and the putting green. Learn how to build your swing and to establish your swing plane the right way. How does one roll the ball efficiently into the hole once it reaches the green? You need to also learn chipping and pitching if you wish to succeed at golf.

As you progress with golf, having knowledge of the common pitfalls are extremely important so that you do not repeat the mistakes� 

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