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Happy Retirement Smart Guide: Top 5 Problems of Retirement With Best Recommended Solutions

by Dr. C

Everyone has to cross the retirement phase in their life, no matter whom they work for or what profession they are into. Some people also get semi-retired by reducing their workloads. Some even get retired early due to some benefits and advantages attached to it or even due to personal situations.

Here in this guide we have chosen the retirement as our theme and researched various sources and built a report around the top 5 problems facing the retirees and pre-retirees mostly in U.S along with 3 best recommended solutions for each problem that we picked. The problems range from financial planning to Health issues after retirement and Investment diversifications to Taxes and benefits.

Personal Management Smart Guide: Time Management, Work Life Balance, Financial management, Healthy Lifestyle With Best Recommended Tips and Tools

by Dr. C

Real life are full of pressure and annoying problems. When we devoted ourselves into this competitive business world, the only thing we’ve ever get is unhappiness. After hard working all day long, have you ever noticed that you are gradually pushing your family and health away? In the end, despite all the business success, deep inside your heart, the feeling of unhappiness still strongly exits.

Why, because the real element of happy life combines work, family and health balance. It won’t be completed if any piece of balance missing. The Personal Smart Guide is here, trying to provide all the tips and solutions for Top 4 areas you may face in normal daily life. The smart guides we provide are all through the valuable researches from our experts. So, sit tight and buckle up your seat-belt. Let this smart guide change your life and enjoy the real Quintessence of life.

Happy Managers Smart Guide: Top 5 Problems with Best Recommended Solutions

by Dr. C

There are various characteristics associated with every manager. However, timing, place, and situation are some important aspects that each manager should think about when practicing good leadership.

We have performed a long term research in order to identify, and find some solutions, for the most popular 5 issues that are affecting the functionality of managers all over the world. Apart from the fact that we have analyzed each of these issues deeply, we have also created three solutions that we think will help managers overcome these difficulties.

There are high chances for you to find the proper solution to your common problems that you are experiencing at the present moment if you continue to read this book.

Leadership: Superhuman Leadership NOW! – How To Be Confident And Charismatic, Build Rapport And Workplace Morale, Lead And Influence People With Communication … People, Management, Power Rapport Building)

by Mick McPherson

Leadership Superhuman Guide!

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This leadership book contains proven steps and strategies on how to quickly, efficiently, and dramatically enhance your leadership skills and others willingness to follow you and your vision. If you are tired of not receiving the respect you feel you should be given, or you just want to turn yourself into a world class leader and visionary, then this book is for you!

There are a lot of things that a good leader should be. Aside from excelling in his or her field of choice, it is just as important to have excellent interpersonal skills and high emotional quotient in order to deal with people of different personalities. Being persuasive, confident, and flexible are some other traits that a good leader should possess.

This book provides techniques and courses of action for anyone wishing to become a superhuman leader. I hope you take the time to read through the chapters and integrate the insights you’ve gained into your day-to-day affairs.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Examples Of Ordinary People Who Became Superhuman Leaders!
  • How To Be Confident And Charismatic – The Secret Weapon Of Great Leaders
  • Power Building Rapport Strategies For Getting People To Follow You And Your Vision
  • Tips For Increasing Workplace Morale, Or Morale Of Any Organization In Minutes And Enhancing Your Team Building Efforts
  • Techniques For Developing World Class Communication Skills When Speaking In Large Or Small Groups
  • Understanding The Role Body Language Plays And How People Perceive You Based On Your Nonverbal Communication
  • Leading By Example By Showing Your Commitment To Time Management And Excellence
  • Management Principles To Follow When Dealing With Difficult People
  • Using Creativity To Keep Your Leadership Skills Fresh And Not Lose The Attention Of Your Followers
  • 10 Rules To Follow To Increase Your Leadership Presence And The Confidence Others Have In You
  • Much, Much More!

Download Your Copy Today!

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Starting a Small Business – Tricks, Tips and Shortcuts

by John Nanto

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to work for yourself then this book is for you.

In my new book I cover everything you need to know about starting up your own small business and give you pointers from my personal experience that will make sure you get started out on the right track to success!

By starting your business properly, you will not only have a greater possibility of success, you will find that you are able to take advantage of more of what entrepreneurship has to offer.

In “Starting a Small Business” you will discover:

– Starting Your Own Business – understand the reasons that you want to start your own business and you will have greater chance of success!

– How to Choose a Business – discover why the business you choose to go into will determine your success or failure!

– Prepare Others for Your New Business – get this part right and the people around you will give you nothing but their full support!

– How Will the Internet Affect Your Business? – every business is affected by the internet and you will find out how to maximise your benefits!

– Write a Business Plan – use my techniques to write a business plan for success!

– Where Will You Locate Your Business – how to choose where your business is based and located!

– Taking a Look at Financing – make sure you know how your finances are going to work from the start!

– What Is the Structure of Your Business? – discover how to structure your business for big benefits!

– The Business Name – How to Choose It – How to Register It – find out my simple ways to choose the right business name for your new venture!

– Your Tax Identification Number – get this part correct now to avoid big headaches later on!

– Register Your Business for State and/or Local Taxes – I explain the difference and set you on the path to making sure you have this done correctly!

– Licenses and Permits – Does Your Business Need Them? – simple to find out once I show you how!

– What Are Your Responsibilities As an Employer? – this chapter is crucial if you are going to need staff!

– Taking Advantage of What Your Own Business Has To Offer – discover how to personally benefit from running your own business!

and much more…

Operating a business is exciting, fulfilling and offers you opportunities that are not available when you are employed by others.

If you take the time to follow the guidelines that are outlined in this book, it is much more likely that you will land in the 20% of small business owners who continue to enjoy their business for the long-term.

Notes From the Trenches:

by Chris Martineau

small business, business, self help, motivational, self improvement, self employment

Life Hacks for the Aspiring Prodigy: The Ultimate Life Hacking Guide to Stay Ahead of the Masses, Save Time, and Save Money (Time Management)

by Damien Cash

Do you want to keep living life the hard way? No? Then let me help…

Learn the most ingenious lifehacks to increase your productivity, manage your time, save more money, gain mind-melting brain powers, and stay one step ahead of the masses in almost every area of life!

“Life Hacks for the Aspiring Prodigy” is a compendium of over 80 of the most important and valuable life hacks that everybody should know. Ever wanted to get a free university education? Eavesdrop more effectively? What about developing a super-memory or detecting a liar? Well you’ve come to the right place. This book is jam-packed with all the information you need to save money; develop mind-blowing brain powers; manage your time more effectively; and become a seasoned traveler overnight. There’s even a section included on “slightly unethical” hacks so that you can become a successful liar and an expert manipulator. These life hacks are short, sharp, and easy to understand. Not only that, but each section contains bonus tips related to the hacks so that you get even more value out of this information.

So what is life hacking?

A life hack refers to any skill, shortcut, or ingenious trick that increases productivity and efficiency in any area of life.

Make Your Life Easier Today! Here Is A Short Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Travel Hacks: A seasoned traveler learns a lot throughout their journeys. Fortunately for you, you get to learn the “tricks of the trade” while sitting on your butt at home. You’ll learn things such as how to pack your bags like a pro, fly through airport security, and save a ton on gas.
  • Money Hacks: Learn to save money, shop more effectively, get things for cheaper than usual, and even get 0% interest on your debt.
  • Mind Hacks: You would make Einstein jealous with these tricks. Develop a super-memory and even a better immune systemâ??using the power of your mind!
  • Time Hacks: Manage your time better with these time-saving hacks. Increase efficiency and productivity and even get time-saving VIP service at a bar.
  • Body Language Hacks: Become a master at reading people through their body language. Detect liars, persuade more successfully, and more.
  • Food Hacks: Make food taste even better with these cool tricks. Instant smoked tuna? Chilled beer within 10 minutes? Yes Please!
  • Slightly Unethical Hacks: Need I explain? When I mentioned life hacks, I never said anything about not cheating your way through life. Tell better lies and become a successful manipulator!
  • And much, much more!

What are you waiting for? Get more out of life. Get your copy today!

About the Author

Damien Cash is a life hacker, businessman, author, entrepreneur, and a time-traveling ninja with distant family ties to Superman. Mr. Cash has nine sons and seven daughters and dreams of starting his own family football team someday, although he does find his child support fees to be a major responsibility. He takes a light-hearted approach to everything and strongly believes we all need to take charge of our own lives, become our own boss, and “stick it to the Man”.

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How to get Success with LinkedIn?

Information to get success in Career and Business with Professional Socio Site LinkedIn.

Networking for Women: Network Your Way to Your Dream Job (Networking tools Book 1)

by Trisha Johnson

Networking for women: Network Your Way to Your Dream Job

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

When you are completely focused on advancing your career, everything else can seem unimportant. Yet, building new relationships is a vital part of your business success and could improve your career. How do your networking skills measure up?

Any expert will tell you that networking is one of the best ways to advance your career. Networks are a crucial part of recognizing, creating or acting upon business opportunities. Trisha Johnson wrote this book to show women how to use their existing and potential networks to their full potential.

Many women claim that one the most common challenges faced by women in business is â??leveraging opportunities’. Learning to network is the key to capitalizing on those opportunities.

But remember, how you network is just as important as whether you network. This book will teach you to use the ten most effective strategies to make the most of your networks and secure the job you deserve.

Download your copy today!

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What Making Money Taught Me About Money

by Jack Diamond

This book is not your typical guide on what to do with your money. In fact, it is the opposite.

When I write a book, I like to tell a story. If you’re looking for another book that has chapters like, “The 6 Things You Should Do With Your Money Tomorrow,” then you can save yourself the trouble and not buy this book.

Instead, I have stories here that relate to my own personal experience. I’ve found that they’re more interesting to read that way.

I hope you guys enjoy this and it sheds some light on your own money situation.

Helicopter Money: History and Suggestions about the Power to Print Money

by Stanley Ku

We work hard for our money. But do we know how money works? How confidently can we rely on money for our future?

The shocking effects of the power to print money are revealed by looking at the real history of how this power was used, how desirable or disastrous results were brought, and what are being done by central banks today. Among the topics covered:

  • How continuously printing money is in fact a form of tax? Why does this unannounced tax oppress people, especially the poor?
  • Why is the Japanese Yen a unique currency? Why would the previous governor of the Bank of Japan resign even though his term was up in less than a month anyway?
  • What did the rise of Rome have to do with her choice of bronze as money? How come the use of silver money in Rome coincided with her peaking and eventual decline?
  • What monetary scheme did Nazi Germany use to achieve full employment with low inflation? Where did the money for all the tanks and the bombers surprising the world in blitzkrieg come from?
  • How did hyperinflation push Chinese masses into starvation and eventually into Communist revolution, even while the same level of harvests was produced from the land?

Helicopter Money explores the true nature of money: how it works for us as individuals and for the society as a whole. It uncovers how the power to print money has always been used to effect crucial choices of social policy. The power to print money is in fact one of the most important powers any society bestows onto its government. Yet, it is the least understood and the least protected from abuse. A thought-provoking suggestion is made in the book on how this power can be used equitably and sustainably. Incisive, informative, and insightful, this book is sure to appeal to anyone interested in finance, history, or policy debates for social change.

How To Become a Great Business: By Increasing Customer Satisfaction

by Mac Davis

Yes, you have to have marketing and advertising. Yes, you have to have a sales force. However, the one item that is more important than any of these is good customer service.

The quality of the experience your customers have while doing business with your company either directly or indirectly including, marketing, branding, customer support, in-store experience, product design, service, and even through your Web site effects whether or not they will continue to do business with you.

Learn how to have satisfied customers with these tips:

1. What is Customer Satisfaction Really?

2. How to Increase Sales

3. Becoming a Great Brand

4. Connecting Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

5. Listening to the Voice of the Customer

6. Understanding Precisely What the Customer Wants You to Do

7. What Produces Loyal Customers

8. Customer Experience Management

9. Improving Customer Satisfaction with Customer Satisfaction Measurement Programs

10. How Often Should You Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

11. Strategic Objectives of Customer Surveys

12. Hiring Branded Employees or Branding from the Inside Out

13. Putting the Right People In Charge of Taking Action

14. The Use of Mystery Shoppers

Make a living from SEO

by Spiros Seim

Millions of dollars are being spent every day by website owners to increase traffic to their websites. Website owners hire Freelancers through the biggest Freelance workplaces worldwide to do specific actions to increase traffic to their websites.

Most of these services are related to Search Engine Optimization (for short SEO) and they simple enough for anyone to do! Although they are simple, they are high profitable ones since Freelancers make thousands of $$$ per month !

Once you understand how the system works, most of these SEO services will be simple copy paste jobs for you. If you spend very little time and effort, you will be able to provide them and earn about 30-50$ per hour or even more. This guide covers each and every step you need to follow in order to make a living providing simple SEO jobs.

Part 1 includes all the training you need to provide the most popular SEO jobs. Part 2 includes all the marketing tips that will help you dominate the top Freelance Marketplaces like Fiverr and oDesk where you will sell these services.

More Money in your Pocket: Out of the ordinary ways to save and earn more

by Travis Matthew

Do you want to make more and save more money? Of course you do, you aren’t an idiot! Well this book will help make you the envy of all your friends who don’t have two dimes to rub together. In today’s economy you have to to be resourceful and think outside the box and here is the extra leg up you’ll need.

Happy Entrepreneurs Smart Guide: Top 5 Problems with Best Recommended Solutions

by Dr. C

Running a business alone is already an enormous challenge that every entrepreneur must face. Every business is a venture. Entrepreneurs do not exactly know how their business is going to turn out in the long run. Well, there could be only either way, success or failure.

There’s no middle ground. However, entrepreneurs do not let these challenges stop them from realizing their goals for the business. Instead, these even propel them to work even harder and bring out the best in every aspect of their business. Here are the top five problems and their best recommended solutions to face the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. This guide highlights the particular risks and mistakes that most commonly affect growing businesses and outlines what you can do about them.

How to Get that Job: Ace the Interview and Get Hired today (interview, get hired)

by Anthony Worthington

Discover How to Get Hired during that next Job Interview

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Are you tired of going to interview after interview? The constant letdown of not being “qualified enough” for the job or “don’t call us – we’ll call you” can be frustrating, to say the least. This book is here to show you what you need to do to get that next job that you have the interview for tomorrow!

Don’t go into that Job Interview with the same blinders on as every other time before. Take charge, download this book, and get prepared today!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Elements of a High Powered Job Interview
  • Preparing for a Job Interview
  • Verbal Aspects of a Job Interview
  • Non-Verbal Aspects of a Job Interview
  • Formulating Winning Answers
  • Much, much more!

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$2.99! Don’t let the other guy get that job instead tomorrow!

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Online Advertising: Market Like a Pro and Explode Your Business! (Marketing, Advertising)

by Online Business Buddy

Online Advertising

Market Like a Pro and Explode Your Business!

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< h2>

  • Do you wish you knew how to advertise Online?
  • Do you wish you knew how to advertise Online?
  • Would you like to know more ways to advertise your business?
  • Is Business Advertising something you just can’t get a handle on?

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn Online Advertising this book is for you!

This book is action packed full of great idea’s to help you grow your business today!

In this book you will find outâ?¦

  • What is Online Advertising?
    • Using a website to Advertise!
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Creating a newsletter for Advertising
    • Search Engine Advertising
    • And much more!

      • This book also comes with a one page Action plan you can use Immediately to help you start Exploding your Business today!

        Your about to discover all of these things and more with Online Advertising: Market Like a Pro and Explode Your Business!

        You wont find your usual and boring old tips you’ve heard millions of times before. This guide is full of up-to date information, hot of the press and will help you grow your business through Online Advertising Today!

        Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

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Quantum Leap: How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Network Marketing Business: (How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Network Marketing Business)

by Toni Coleman Brown

Network Marketing can be a challenge for anyone who gets involved. There are some basic fundamentals that everyone needs to understand and master in order to become a network marketing success. You can become one of those success stories when you read this book. One recent reader of the book said, “Most people tell us to work your business like a business, but your book actually shows us how to do it.”

This book delivers straight forward and cutting edge advice on how to get to the next level in your network marketing business. The title reveals key secrets and strategies that would have taken you years to absorb on your own. These proven techniques comes from an author that has built her own million-dollar network marketing business unit. This book includes chapters such as:

– How to develop the mindset of a business owner

– How to become a fearless MLM leader

– How to master network marketing fundamentals of selling & recruiting

– How you will wear many hats as a network marketing leader

This book contains these topics and so much more!

About Toni Coleman Brown

Toni Coleman Brown achieved amazing success in network marketing industry when she reached the top of her company. This feat was something that was achieved by only 7 people in the country at that time. Toni decided that the best thing that she could do for her team and others in the MLM industry was to document her success strategies in a book in which others could turn to again and again.

Bonus Gifts Included

Bonuses are included inside of this book. You will have the opportunity to download the audio program I0 Insider Secrets to Network Marketing Success and the book also includes a workbook and bonus chapters by other network marketing leaders.

Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book?

Anyone interested in getting to the next level in their network marketing or MLM company will benefit from this book. Any network marketing leader who is looking for ideas on how to succeed will benefit from this book. Also, any MLM leader who may need topics to train their team will benefit from this book. If you’re struggling and looking for additional ways to learn about your industry, then this book is for you. This book will go down in history as a network marketing classic.

Content Repurposing Made Easy: How to Create More Content in Less Time to Expand Your Reach

by Rebecca Livermore

Everyone says, “Content is King”

But what they don’t say is how much time it takes to create it and how hard it is to do consistently.

Here’s the deal: if you’re not repurposing the content you already have, you’re wasting time, and making the task harder than it needs to be.

If you:

  • Find it difficult to “be everywhere” online
  • Have a hard time coming up with ideas for content
  • Are confused about how to integrate your blog and all of your social media channels
  • Want to know how to outsource some of your content creation without losing your voice
  • Need help developing a content plan. . .
  • then Content Repurposing Made Easy is for YOU!

    Content Repurposing Made Easy will teach you:

  • Why you should bother repurposing
  • How to do a content inventory
  • How to create a content repurposing plan
  • How to repurpose blog posts
  • How to repurpose podcasts
  • How to repurpose webinars
  • How to repurpose content for SlideShare
  • How to outsource content repurposing so that you don’t have to do it all yourself!
  • What are you waiting for?

    Scroll to the top of the page and click on the buy button, and start creating more content in less time so you can expand your reach!

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