Free historical fiction Kindle books for 18 Aug 14

Forgotten (The Judas Rose Trilogy Book 1)

by Jacquelyn Lorin

Secrets so dangerous her mind chose to forget.

Secrets so important he must find them out.

In the dense wilds of Confederate territory Jillian Sinclair wakes in the arms of a stranger with no memory of her own to count on. Is this dangerous looking and quite capable Union major the husband their compromising situation implies? Can she ignore the undeniable attraction between them? Should she trust him? Or should she run?

After six harrowing days of chasing down his prisoner in the Louisiana wilds, Cole Garret is in no mood to challenge her on this new ruse she is playing. As long as he isn’t having to put up with her fiery defiance she can have her little pretense over her feigned memory loss. She can have her pretended misunderstanding about their matrimonial state too. Once they are back on Union soil, they can be done with her seductive little spy games, then they can get back to the important matter of her interrogations and the deadly conspiracy she is involved with. It’s only six days back to Baton Rouge. How difficult can it be?

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