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From Muhammed to Burj Khalifa: A Crash Course in 2,000 Years of Middle East History

by Michael Rank

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2) Free 2-book boxed set: “The History of Alexander the Great” and “Mythology Stories: Tales from Norse, Old German, Hindu, and Egyptian Mythology.”


Veteran journalist and Ottoman historian Michael Rank brings you a concise history of 2,000 years of Middle Eastern war, peace, religious upstarts, and social breakdowns in this exciting new book.

To most Westerners the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict appear utterly bewildering. Palestinians want to bomb Israelis that force them at gunpoint to live in restricted parts of the country. Arab leaders are furious about this situation and want Israelis “wiped off the map” and their land given back to Palestinians, even though the real estate of the Holy Land looks something like rural Utah. And nearly all the world’s leaders see fit to chime in on this dispute over the two tiny lands.

To untangle the modern Middle East conflict and the 2,000 years behind it, this book is divided into 25 concise chapters. Each one is devoted to a major theme in Middle East history, such as the beginning of Islam, the Crusades, Genghis Khan, and the beginning of Israel in 1948. They can be read in a few minutes, giving you a fast overview of the issues and help you to understand Middle East current events.

By the end you will know as much about Middle East history and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as you would after a year-long college course. You will also sound highly knowledgeable about world affairs to your friends and associates.

If you want to understand this part of the world completely in as short a time as possible, then “From Muhammed to Burj Khalifa” is for you!

IMAGES ENCYCLOPEDIA: The Permanence of Symbolic Functions

by Allan Wesler

breakthrough in understanding the iconic images and symbols from the beginning
of present mankind until the present day, from one template in the mind called
the Snake Ring Story.

Let the Bible Speak, Not Religion

by Milo Butler

It is a fact that confusion exists on a huge scale when it comes to Bible matters. Why is that the case? Didn’t God have a single purpose in mind when He had it written? The answer of course is yes. So why, then, do we have so much disagreement about what it states?

What is written in this new book by Butler gives a clear answer to that question and many others. It is different from what many religions teach but certainly makes more sense than what they ply to their followers. Try and read this book without preconceived notions (very difficult) and see if it offers something more palatable than much of the nonsense taught by religion in general. It may just surprise you and change your religious perspective, perhaps even changing your life. Within the pages of this book is information only from the Bible and not what churches teach. It is most definitely different but makes a whole heap of sense, unlike much of crazy religion.

What is the book of Revelation all about? Who is Babylon the Great and the Two Witnesses? These are only two of the questions answered. There is much, much more to be discovered inside, so if you are seeking solid answers to Bible questions, step inside.

Remembering September 11 – Peace and hope after 911

by Frank Ar

Our lives have been touched and changed by 9/11. This book is my small contribution to give breath back to hope, peace and joyful living. We cannot change what happened that day, we cannot change the fatalities. What we can do, here and now, together, is to ensure that truth, hope, love and peace live on; we can ensure that truth, hope, love and peace are not going to be fatalities. We owe this to the people who perished in 9/11, to the innocent people born on that tragic day. We owe it to ourselves.
September 11 changed the way I looked at the World. I was in Boston, and just for a lucky series of events, I delayed my flight to NYC from Boston Logan airport. In the tenth anniversary of 9/11, I decided to put together this book, to remember the victims and the heroes of September 11th. And also all the people whose lives were touched. May flowers blossom from a tragedy.

9/11 was a tragic event. It took lives, but it cannot take our hope and peace away. Unless we allow it to do so. Feel free to use AmAre as one of the approaches you have available for cultivating a joyful life, for the benefit of all beings. To make peace blossom, so hatred will dry-up.

Peace and metta,


Auschwitz: A Short History

by Ben Stevens

‘…What was Auschwitz like? It was like Dante’s Inferno, that was what it was like. Only it was worse – much worse…’

Antoni Dobrowolski, Auschwitz survivor (1904 – 2012).

An overview of one of Nazi Germany’s most notorious death camps. 



by M Rayhan

This e-book compiles lesser-known intriguing information on History. It is highly inspired by Wikipedia, Wisegeek and other online and library publications. The main purpose of this literature is to be educational while entertaining at the same time. There are a lot of interesting facts in this book some of which might actually change the way you knew the past.

All the facts in this book were carefully researched before publishing. This is not a tradition top 10 list or top 25 list. This book has been written mainly to educate you about 25 most interesting facts in each section and also in a format ideal for the knowledge hungry people who like it short and compressed. I hope this book will serve its purpose and make you eager to learn more about your surroundings.

Table of contents:

25 Strangest Medical Cures And Remedies From The Past

25 Frustrating Mysteries That Were Eventually Solved

25 Biggest And Most Embarrassing Mistakes Ever Made

25 Of The Bloodiest And Most Disastrous Massacres In United States History

25 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About World War II

25 World War II Heroes Who Put Their Lives On The Line

25 Battles That Changed The World

25 Worst Acts Of Terrorism Ever Committed

25 Most Gruesome Methods Of Execution Ever

11. 25 Interesting Things You Did Not Know About World War I

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