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Healing Leaky Gut – The Smart Way: Taking your life back through Nutrition and Healthy Living

by Sage Howard

A day by day guide to overcoming the root of all diseases, Leaky Gut Syndrome. Written by someone who naturally healed her own leaky gut and has helped hundreds of others do the same, this guide is proven, tested, and exactly what you need to get your life back.

This book details exactly what Leaky Gut is, its causes, symptoms, and most importantly, the exact healing protocol. This includes the necessary diet, supplements and lifestyle changes required to heal Leaky Gut quickly, completely and permanently. Being formatted in a day by day style, the guide is guaranteed to be easy to follow and understand.

As an added bonus, this book also includes a detailed segment on healing Candida naturally.

Other bonuses included in the book are:

1. The Healthy Living Cookbook, containing 30 recipes for the Leaky Gut healing protocol

2. A Supplement Guide that details the brands and amounts of supplements you need to heal

3. 15-Week Meal Planner that correlates with the recipes provided

4. A Shopping List with unknown foods you can eat while healing

This book is easily the most comprehensive and simple to follow guide to healing Leaky Gut Syndrome. Being written by someone who healed her own Leaky Gut, this guide truly is the best and easiest way to heal your Leaky Gut. The time is now; take your life back.

Overcoming Insecurity, Jealousy and Anxiety in Relationships: Proven Ways of Dealing With Insecurities, Anxiety and Jealousy (Stop Being Insecure, Relationship Anxiety, Relationship Jealousy Book 4)

by Ryan Help

Everything you need to overcome relationship insecurity, jealousy or anxiety is in this book. These are proven ways of dealing with insecurities, phobias and jealousy that work.

When you are finished with this Kindle book about relationships you will:

  • Know how to deal with your partner’s or your feelings of jealousy
  • Understand why you feel insecure in who you are and how to not let your insecurities ruin your intimate relationships
  • Be able to identify what the causes of your relationship anxieties are
  • Know how to clear out the old relationship baggage that causes you to feel anxious in intimate relationships
  • Be equipped for overcoming anxiety, insecurity and jealousy in any situation that occurs in your life

Tips From The Kindle Book on Overcoming Jealousy

One of the greatest sources of insecurity and frustration is our tendency to try and change things that we don’t have any control over. We end up feeling inadequate and jealous of people who are able to perform better, and those who are in the position to control situations we can’t. In the end, we just give ourselves even more problems and issues to deal with. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is that you cannot control other people; you can only control your own destiny. It’s time you let go of the imaginary control you have of those around you, and to take real control of your own life…

List the positive things about the people you are jealous of. Now, you may feel a good amount of bitterness towards them but realize that 99% of the time, it is the jealousy talking. There may be a lot of good things about these people that you haven’t taken the time to know, so this should be your first step. Change your image of them into something positive…

Ideas From The Kindle Book On Relationship Anxiety

One of the ways to get rid of the fear of being rejected or abandoned is by learning how to be content with who you are. If your self-worth is based only on loving yourself, then how other people treat you won’t have much of an effect…

With regards to loving yourself, the way to start building a foundation for loving yourself is through accepting yourself just as you are. You didn’t make yourself. You didn’t choose to have blue or brown eyes. You didn’t decide who your parents would be. You had no control over how you were raised.

I like to live my life by the following statement: “I didn’t create myself; therefore, I am just who I am.” Nonetheless, there are things I can do to make myself a better person and many of them I will be sharing with you in this book…

A Few Tips From The Kindle Book On Overcoming Insecurity

You’ve got to figure out how to love yourself. If you are constantly criticizing yourself and setting your standards so high that you feel like a failure, you’ve got to stop this.

Being happy is an inside job. You cannot look to other people to make you feel loved or even happy. Accept yourself exactly as you are – flaws and all.

Surround yourself with people who are winners and not whiners. Stay close to friends who will encourage you to be yourself and who celebrate all of your gifts and talents.

Avoid letting the opinions of others cause you to spiral downwards into emotional darkness. Not everything that everyone says about you is the truth. In other words, you don’t have to feel the weight of everything people say about you. Be true to yourself by understanding who you are…

You must learn how to look at what someone says about you and decide if it is true or not. You have to be in charge of your emotions.

Get the book now while it is being offered at an introductory price.

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The Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

by Kellie B. Anderson

So, you want to lose weight? Whether you’re an aspiring athlete who needs to shed the pounds or you are simply looking to revamp your physical state, beginning and sticking to a diet is more than a little intimidating. Many have tried diets and failed, and the sheer volume of different diets out there can be very confusing. Adding to that, it’s quite tough to avoid some of the tastiest food out there. We all know that many of the meals that can be so good can also be so bad! The favorite foods we enjoy indulging in also come with a ton of calories, and aren’t as healthy as we wish they would be.

As such, this book seeks to help you. In it, we aim to lay out the specifics of one particular diet called the ketogenic diet. It sounds like quite a mouthful, but this diet is actually one of the few diets that actually works. Unlike others who promote their diets, we don’t wish to force this diet on you. This isn’t one of your run-of-the-mill “miracle diets” that galls flat on its face a few months in. We present the science behind the diet, how to implement it, and both the benefits and consequences in order to provide with a clear mindset and reasonable expectations. This will help you make the decision to take the plunge and commit to this diet. Otherwise, you can move on to something more in line with your goals, or a diet that you are more comfortable doing.

The ketogenic Diet is a great Atkins diet that provides quite dramatic results without putting your body under the stress that other crash diets do. The ketogenic diet’s ultimate goal is to provide effective weight loss by letting you achieve your optimum ketosis. We’ll get to the specifics in the later chapters, don’t you worry! From a general overview, the details of this diet may surprise you. A high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet, it may seem counterintuitive at first. However, ketogenic diets have been gaining in popularity within the fitness community as an effective way to get lean and see results quickly. Although the high fat content of the diet may seem counter-intuitive with most diet logic, it is actually an extremely effective way to get lean quickly because it essentially resets what your body uses as its primary source of fuel. This book will provide you with a quick overview of the ketogenic diet, its history and medical basis, benefits as well as some quick and easy considerations and tips when applying the diet yourself.

My Essential Oil and Herbal Recipes: Affordable and Natural Homemade Remedies That Really Work: Take care of your body, it will take care of you (grandma … herbal remedies, essential oil bible)

by Marie Perrot

You will discover how to prepare simple, natural and very cheap homemade remedies

Today only, get this Amazon book for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’ll find clear and simple instructions on how to make your own safe and effective Home Remedies with essential oils and herbals.

I’ll show you how to easily make many natural home remedies. This little guide is a compilation of recipes I used for me and I shared with my friends. I was so successful that I decided to share my recipes with you. Nothing should stand between you and your wellbeing. You are unique and precious and you ought to take care of yourself.


Download “My Essential Oil and Herbal Recipes” for only $0.99 instead of $2.99 and get started right away and without spending a ton of money and a ton of time searching for recipes on the web.

Learn how to use essential oils for health, beauty, home and natural remedies.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Cure your problems of venous circulation
  • Treat your cellulite problems
  • Weight loss
  • Relieve constipation and stomach pain
  • detox
  • Make your own beauty masks
  • Make a Relaxing Bath
  • And many other remedies

“Take care of your body, it will take care of you”

Scroll up and grab a copy today!

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Your Mind and How to Use it: A Manual of Practical Psychology

by William Walker Atkinson

William Walker Atkinson was an American attorney and writer. Atkinson was one of the pioneers of the New Thought movement in the 19th century. This edition of Atkinson’s Your Mind and How to Use it: A Manual of Practical Psychology includes a table of contents.

Beginners Guide To Knitting Scarves (Knitting For Beginners)

by Sandra Harris

Learn How To Knit Beautiful Scarves

With This Book You Will Learn:

1. Scarf knitting basics such as sizing and how to determine your gauge
2. How to select the proper scarf for each occasion and season
3. How to choose the correct yarns and needles for knitting your Scarves
4. Scarf Cast-on techniques
5. How to read scarf knitting patterns
6. Binding off your scarf
7. How to block your scarf
8. How to transition from scarves to simple shawls
9. This book also includes 9 scarf patterns for you to complete (Ribbed Scarf, Seed Stitch Scarf, Cabled Scarf and Lace Scarves).

Get started knitting a wonderful scarf and shawl today!

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“How to Knit Socks For Beginners”
“Knit Stitches For Beginners”
“Beginners Guide To Knitting Scarves”

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Unstoppable Confidence

To achieve unstoppable confidence one must be happy to the ultimate level.  However, to get there you need to overcome the ultimate constant in life change.  No matter the situation the choice to be confidence is being happy.  One of the ways in which you can achieve happiness is having a grateful attitude. Discover the process of positive attitude, how to always look for positivity in everything.  Learn about your inner creativity. Choices and the decisions made is what affect life. Do you know that you can have power through people?  Be an optimist.  Optimism is always the best path to travel. Learn about the laws of attraction and mapping out your life, from the origin, who you are to self improvement and success.  Read about the key to a better life.  Get your starter guide on self improvement and your five minute daily program as well as your seven days program on stress management.  Know how to unlock yourself improvement power and look at the motivations tipos from A to Z.  Find out your daily allowance for relaxation and the importance of improving self and the 5000 years medical secrets reveal.  Continue spinning the pages and learn how to grow spiritually and become a true leader who has unstoppable confidence.

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