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Law of Attraction Secrets: 100 Powerful Affirmations For Instant Manifestations

by Nathan Powers

Learn 100 Powerful Affirmations That Will Allow You To Manifest Anything In Your Life Instantly!

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You’re about to discover this highly effective strategy to using the most powerful force in the universe to INSTANTLY create the life of your dreams! Are you ready for radical change in your life? Ready for better relationships? Abundance and Prosperity? Did you know that you can have whatever you affirm manifested in your life instantly? This groundbreaking book will get you started with 100 affirmations that you can use in any situation to receive instant manifestation. Start reconditioning your mind TODAY to make things be as you want them, despite how things are right now. The Secret to Manifestation also teaches you proven strategies for how to create solid, workable affirmations for your everyday life so that truly in any situation, you can find a way to manifest instantly.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • 100 Proven Affirmations to Change Any aspect of your life INSTANTLY!!
  • How To Instantly Create Wealth and Prosperity
  • <

  • How You Can Create Amazing Relationships with Friends, Family and Co-workers
  • How To Use Affirmations to Find Your Soul Mate
  • li>What do to when you have negative thoughts, stress or worry

  • How To Create Powerful Affirmations for other parts of your life you want to Master Instantly
  • Much, much more!

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Law of Attraction and Money The Ultimate Guide to Manifesting the Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity You Want Effortlessly!

by Nathan Powers

The Ultimate Guide For Manifesting Money In Your Life Instantly

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Are you finally ready to live the life of your dreams? Are you ready to have the kind of money, wealth, abundance and prosperity that can not only change your life, but the lives of the generations that will come after you? If so, you’ve found the right place. Because of the powerful law of attraction, anyone can access the abundance of the universe — but not everyone knows how.

Why? Because it’s hard? No, manifesting the money you want does not have to be hard at all, but there is a process to it. Not everyone does it because not everyone is willing to demolish and destroy their limiting beliefs. Not everyone is willing to BELIEVE that wealth is available for them. They believe that since their parent’s didn’t have money or their family didn’t have money or since none of their friends have money that they won’t either. They just accept it as fact and leave their personal wealth on the table.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. If you follow the principles and strategies in this book, you CAN attract and create all of the money and abundance you need. All it takes is your commitment. All it takes is your drive, your focus, your passion.

Discover all you need to live the wildly abundant, prosperous and fun filled life you want TODAY!

Download your copy today!

Take action today and download “The Law Of Attraction and Money” for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

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Zen Buddhism: Understanding the Buddha’s Teachings of Zen (Zen Inspiration, Zen Spirit, Zen mindset, Zen philosophy, Zen lifestyle)

by Sudayu Hans

Zen Buddhism: Understanding the Buddha’s Teachings of Zen

Zen is an alternative way of seeing things, a different perspective. For example, there is the usual way of seeing a tree and then there is another way, the Zen way of seeing a tree. Zen is a state of consciousness. It seems to me that most people are far from Zen. However a lack of insight into it is no proof that it does not exist. It is only because of not being aware and not trying to find Zen that it does not reveal itself.

Some of the ways the seeker can find Zen are by meditating, thinking and reading. Words can be used to guide the seeker to it. I would describe the usual way of seeing things as conceptual and the Zen way as non-conceptual. Being in Zen is like no longer being locked up in a cage.

What you will discover from this book:

– What is Zen Buddhism?

– A Little Bit of History

– Teachings of Zen

– How to Achieve the Zen Spirit and Mindset

– How to Live the Zen Lifestyle

– A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

– Meditation Techniques

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Amélia’s Tales – Série 1 (Amélia Diz)

by Rachel Fernandez

Book based on the blog says Amelia, author of Rachel Fernandez, Brazilian already held several jobs in the communications field.

Today, communications researcher from the University of São Paulo, created the character Amelia would represent a part of the women in the current modern society.

Amelia works a lot, and did not have much time to devote to the study because it was never a big fan of these nerdices. However, as is femininista, loves telling stories to friends, and listen to stories extremely complex and worthy of a true dossier.

Strong opinion, likes to express his ideas be it via social networks, community discussions, meetings with friends and even book. Amelia is a representation of the independent woman who is not afraid to go after their goals. Even with the modern stuff today, is also concerned with relationships and do not understand for what reason the current relationships are shorter than the time of their grandparents.

States out there that would love to have lived in the 50s, because at that time, relationships were better. Old loves clothes and is passionate about period films.

Amelia says is an inspiration to women today, who are dedicated both to work, the quest for independence, the delay in family formation in many cases and in constant search of the alpha male.

Tales of Amelia – Series 1

Dump The Cache: A Unique Perspective On The Question Of Unanswered Prayer

by James Paris

How To See Answers To Your Prayers!

In this bible study with a difference, Bestselling author James Paris provides a fascinating alternative solution to the question of unanswered prayer.

Not content to believe that the ‘problem’ is a simple matter of little faith or inherent sin, or ‘God’s timing,’ Or any one of a million excuses, James reveals a solution and an intriguing concept that you may never have thought of before, even though it has been staring us all in the face for the last couple of decades!

Outrageous as it may seem, is the creator actually giving us a clue via our computers? Could it be that the answer is much simpler than we thought and that we have been our own worst enemy regarding unanswered prayer?

These are the questions, and the answers are definitely something to think about!

Like any study of the bible, or even church sermon; the rules are simple – it should make you mad, glad, or sad – but it should make you something!

James invites you to comment via Amazon or his own blog page at

How Racism Hurts the Racist

by Emmanuel Ebah

This book cogently demonstrates that in a scenario where racism is manifested, the person who carries out the act of racism, would ultimately be more hurt than the person or persons, whom racism is directed at. Therefore, by unleashing acts of racism towards others, the racist is assembling a perfect recipe for unspeakable self-injury. This apparent paradox arises from the fact that there is a certain natural law that regulates our conduct towards others, with the highest degree of immutability and infallibility. This law is self-enforcing; and always achieves its results with the highest degree of rigour. This law is given various names, in different traditions. Nonetheless, irrespective of pluralism of nomenclature, its timeless and universal mandate sweeps across the entire humanity, with the highest degree of rigour and perfection. This law can be called the law of retribution, the law of cause and effect, the law of compensation, restorative justice, the law of as you sow, so shall you reap; the law of action and reaction; the law of what goes around comes around; just to mention a few. Now, if I unleash acts of racism towards a certain race or races; after I depart from this world by way of death, I will be reborn in the race that I terribly hated in my last life; and suffer the highest degree of racism and injustice. This is because, experience is an excellent way by which the human soul learns lessons. By being subjected to a situation where a previously racist soul experiences an unbearable degree of racism and injustice, that soul can better appreciate the terrible pain that its acts of racism exerted upon its victims in the past. This way, the soul would automatically realise that racism is by no means desirable; and would automatically avoid being a racist in due course. For instance, the people who bought slaves from around the world; had been reborn in terrible slavish circumstances; where they suffer from racism, torture and injustice; even as they treated other humans as profit-generating objects, by engaging in deeds of slavery. If I am a dealer in arms or a manufacturer of highly destructive weapons, then I generate my profit in times of war or conflict, when parties acquire arms from me, in order to slaughter vast numbers of people. Imagine those who sell arms to killers such as Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al-Shabab in Somalia, Al-Qaeda; terrorists of Benghazi in Eastern Libya; the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan; ISSIS in Northern Iraq; the terrorists of Eastern Ukraine; the Italian Mafia in Sicily; Drug Cartels in Latin American. All these arm dealers and arm manufacturers would be reborn in war thorn countries, where they would be plagued by the most petrifying degree of misery and bloodbath. The arms Boko Haram is utilising to unleash human carnage in Nigeria, are bought from a certain arms’ dealer or arms’ manufacturer. The same is true of other rebel groups and terrorists factions around the world. Therefore, the arms dealer is a classical enemy of world peace and human happiness; because he has opted to deal in destructive products, which trigger the most vicious spiral of bloodbath and anguish. Arms are not acquired from a different planet such as mars or Venus. They are manufactured and trafficked among us. Thus, this world is terribly duplicitous; whereby those who preach peace are the same ones who sponsor war. The arms’ manufacturer or dealer is not willing to die; yet, he is aware that his products are designed to unleash the most despicable form of bloodbath. The Racist is very unwilling to be a victim of racism; yet, he or she unleashes the same to others. Therefore, the law of retribution is there to restore the inverted mentality of these individuals; who are fully aware that their deeds and operations are vicious to others; but knowingly choose to execute such torturous transactions. Racists are reborn into circumstances of grave suffering, terrifying racism and horrendous injustice.

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