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Accelerated Language Learning: 23 Language Learning Hacks that Speed up Your Learning

by Nicklas Kingo

Are you feeling stuck with your language learning?

Do you feel like you’re not making enough progress? Or do you want to learn a language on your own and you just don’t know where to start?

In ‘Accelerated Language Learning’ you will learn a series of hacks to speed up your language learning exponentially. Most of the hacks consist of changing some of your habits so they can be leveraged for language learning, so basically you’re growing your skill set effortlessly.

This book also busts a lot of myths pertaining to language learning such as why adults have an easier time learning languages than kids do, and why language learning is a lot easier than the majority of the population thinks.

So if you want to learn how to learn a language without killing yourself scroll up to the top and press download right away!

Get That Job Now: Discover Why Other People Always Get The Jobs You Want…And How You Can Too

by Vicki Theobald

What readers say about Get That Job Now:

“Spot-on tips and profound advice…it’s just exceptional”

“A wonderful resource…absolutely packed with great information”

“If you need a job, then you need this book, it really is that simple”

Could a few simple mistakes be sabotaging your success in getting the job you want?

If you’re sick and tired of not having the job you want…of not being able to earn the money you know you deserve…of being frustrated as opportunities in life pass you by while you’re struggling to make ends meetâ?¦

…then don’t waste another minute struggling alone.

Whether you’ve been fired, retrenched, or you’re just looking for the best jobs in a challenging job market k – there is essential information in this book to help you.

The book provides invaluable insights to help you identify employment opportunities so you can find a job now, not six months from now.

With a writing mix of powerful insights and tactics, compassion, personal development and resolve, this job guide gives you many “a-ha” moments and a plan to follow that can change your life, rapidly.

Here’s a quick preview of just some of the valuable information contained in this book:

– Why some people seem to get the jobs over others effortlessly. Discover how they get the competitive edge – and how you can too

– Three simple steps that will put you ahead of 98% of the competition for any job

– Learn the biggest mistakes many people make when applying for a job (so easy to avoid – but if you don’t, it can blow the whole deal, every time)

– How to get past the gatekeepers who block you from speaking to the manager or decision-maker

– Easy-to-follow examples for handling common situations…that you can use immediately, and anytime you want.

The best jobs and good careers are not just for other people, they are there for you too.

No matter what your education, your personal history and background, what area you came from, your family story, whatever your past hardships…there are strategies and tactics that can help you get your dream job faster…if you know how.

The truth is that the best jobs often don’t go to the smartest, the best-qualified, the people with the best backgrounds – they go to the people who know how to get hired.

Save yourself weeks, months – or even years – of frustration and heartache. Go straight for the best job hunting advice, with a purpose and a plan. Get That Job Now.

Everything You Need To Know About Financial Independence: That They Should Have Taught You In High School

by John C. Borg

Finally, all the financial information that a person needs to get through life, all in one place. If only they taught this stuff in high school, the economy would be in a better position than it is. This information is vital for anyone who dreams of ever reaching financial independence one day!

The Process That Is Life: Live Life By Your Rules

by Martin Sulman

This book is going to explain how life can be viewed as a process, or rather made up of 5 processes and a function. It sets out how to help you become better at managing life’s little quirks and uncertainties. By the way, â??better’ means providing you with the knowledge to know why certain things happen, what you can do about them, and move forward. Underlying this is my firm belief that â??anyone can do anything’.

Good Guides: Writing a Personal Statement for University

by Shirley Good

Congratulations! You are about to apply for a place at university, but, what about that tricky personal statement? What do admission tutors want to know when they read it? This short guide takes you through the process of writing a personal statement that is unique to you, that demonstrates your passion and your determination. It suggests ways you can identify your transferable skills and qualities. It guides you through each section of the personal statement, offering examples and reflective exercises. Don’t leave it until the last minute. Start working on your personal statement today and watch your offers come rolling in.

This guide is also useful for tutors offering university application workshops. The tasks can be used to form the basis of lesson plans.

2 Rational and Logical articles, you should read before you die. words : 7262: M. R. Abdullah

by Mohammed Raj Abdullah

Money is worthless if there is no food. Gold and diamonds is worthless if there is no water. Money should not define us, a billionaire dies and the money could not save himâ?¦

The fact of the matter is it is an honour to be the slave of Allah (the creator)â?¦

IELTS – 50 Vocabulary Tests – 500 Words By Meaning

by Jason Thompson

A great variety of English tests that will help you increase your IELTS test score.

In a few minutes you’ll be able to start practicing and testing your IELTS vocabulary skills in both an effective and pleasant way. You will experience a new and exciting method of increasing your IELTS word power. With this book you will be able to delve into the depths of IELTS vocabulary and explore its diversity and richness. If you use your IELTS Test book the right way, you will become wiser and wealthier too. So read on and enjoy the ride!

Learning IELTS vocabulary words fast is simple but it certainly isn’t easy. There is one single word that describes the secret to improving your IELTS vocabulary: HABITS. Yes, you’ve heard that right. In a few moments you will get access to a tool that helps you develop the habits you need to improve your IELTS word power constantly. Every day of every week.

– More than 50 Tests

– More than 500 Words By Meaning

– Answers support

– Multiple choice

Money Maths with Boogles 2

by Lisa Newton

Boogles the calculator has put together this action packed workbook – full of examples and exercises using maths and money. Maths is the type of skill that will help you throughout your life. Whatsmore, is that so many people are bad at it – that if you start off now, getting to grips with the numbers then you are going to be ahead of the game. Plus, being able to manage and understand money – is another key skill which we often forget starts with being able to read numbers.
Teachers / Parents / carers: You can photocopy the sheets for class exercises / homework / extra practice. To find out more about Boogles, and play the Maths game, visit:

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