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HearthLand: Hearts Come Home (Episode 9)

by Chautona Havig

HearthLand is a serial novel released in several chapter episodes.

Taking a step back in time-deliberately.

After a trip to Walden Farm and an afternoon talking to Chad and Willow Tesdall, Ralph Myner caught a vision for what life could be like. Against the advice of his nephew, Ralph sinks his entire retirement account into an incredibly risky venture.

Harlan Walker thinks his uncle has gone crazy. With the project in motion, all he can do is try to find people to invest their time, money, and even their lives into Ralph’s project before the man ends up broke and without means to survive.

People come from all walks of life as they embrace a new world-the world of HearthLand.

Episode 9: With the advent of Christmas, Ralph discovers just how destructive teething puppies can be, that his nephew has probably been watching one too many sappy Christmas movies–much to his delight–and that trailers make fascinating tree houses.

Harlan finds himself sparking romance in one area of his life and quenching it in another. Kim is torn between delight and dismay as the conductor of their orchestra goes on a rampage, and Annie might just be home for Christmas–but does she know it?

When You’ve Been Blessed (Feels Like Heaven)

by Adrienne Thompson

Chosen by Shades of Romance Magazine as one of their 2012 eBooks of the month.

What’s a woman of God to do when everything, even her faith, begins to fall apart?

Gospel star Tonya Langford-Hill revels in her role as First Lady of her husband’s church and is proud to be the wife of one of the most successful pastors in Central Arkansas. When an unexpected revelation sends shock waves through her life and her marriage, she finds herself on the edge of losing everything that ever mattered to her. Will Tonya regain her faith and accept the blessings of love that eventually come flowing her way?


I stepped out of the car and walked up to the white-washed stone building. Etched into the glass entry door was an illustration of Kwame Kane, sitting Indian-style with his eyes closed. His hands were clasped in front of him. He wore an Arabian tunic and a turban. Underneath the logo were the words, “Swami Productions”. I rolled my eyes and thought, so this man is gonna produce a gospel album, huh?

I followed a young intern through the building to a small waiting area. He assured me that Mr. Kane would be right with me and then left me to wait alone. I sat on a sofa and took in my surroundings: plush white carpet, old Hollywood-style white cloth couches and chairs, mirrored tables, platinum and gold album plaques and framed magazine covers lining the walls. It wasn’t flashy or gaudy as I’d expected. On the contrary, it was rather elegant.

I sat there for a few moments and then picked up a magazine and began to thumb through it. I sat there long enough to read through three magazines, check my messages and emails on my phone and use the restroom twice. I was fast losing my patience with Mr. Kwame Kane. After all, it was him who wanted to work with me. I pulled out my phone and dialed Palmer’s number.

“Tonya! How’s it going?”

“Well, it’s going great if the company wanted me to be able to describe Mr. Kane’s lobby in detail.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that this guy is so darned busy that he had an intern greet me and stash me in his lobby. I’ve been here for hours and I’ve yet to meet him. You can just tell A&R or whoever else at the label that I don’t care how they feel about this guy, I’m not gonna sit here and be treated like this!” I was into a full-on rant.

“Okay, okay, calm down. Let me check into this.”

“Yeah, you better check into this. I flew all the way here, to some little fishy-smelling town that I didn’t even know existed, and for what? To sit in the lobby like I’m on an audition? I already have a record deal, or doesn’t Mr. Kwame â??The Swami’ Kane know this? I’m not some young desperate girl willing to take any and everything for a shot. I’m a legend. I have earned some respect!” I could feel my temper and the volume of my voice rising.

“Tonya, just take it easy and let me check on this.”

“Take it easy? How canâ??” I was interrupted by a tap on my shoulder. I spun around with a frown and was face to face with none other than Mr. Kwame Kane.

Playing with Fire (A Ted White Mystery #2)

by Raymond Spitzer

Someone has been burning buildings in Ajo, Arizona for months. Then, inexplicably, Ted White’s apartment is firebombed and he begins receiving anonymous email threats. Whoever this arsonist is has targeted Ajo band director and community choir leader Ted White.

Detective Sandy Sandino has been investigating potential suspects: an alcoholic construction work who tried running Ted over with his motorcycle; a drifter with a mysterious past; a high school senior just released from juvenile detention. And what about the new football coach with a winning record, hired without a background check? Coach Cesar Cruz just seems too good to be true.

Ted and Sandy unite in an effort to stop the arsonist before the little border town is burned to the ground.

A Sugarcreek Amish Romance (Unlimited Version) Part 1 of 10 (Amish of Sugarcreek Romance Unlimited Series)

by Anna Fisher


Begin reading for FREE with Kindle Unlimited — How do you keep a friendship alive when your best friend is courting with the man you love?

Mary Studer has been in love with Willis Troyer ever since she started running on the same path that Willis and David walk along every Sunday. The only problem is that her best friend Sarah, who she would do anything for, has loved Willis for much longer, and Mary wouldn’t dare betray her.

This is Part 1 of 10 of the Amish of Sugarcreek Romance Unlimited Series.

If you do not have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, we recommend buying the non-serialized version (ALL THREE INSTALLMENTS for only $2.99) by searching for


Another Great Addition To The Amish Romance Genre, Pick Up Your Copy Today.

Heatherwood: The Call (A Romance Fantasy Series, Book 1) (Heatherwood Series)

by Zoe Matthews

“Heatherwood: The Call” is the first book that will be part of a multiple sweet romance series that will follow Kiara’s newly chosen life with a kind and handsome sorcerer, her family and friends, as they try to save her village from an evil sorcerer.

Look for book 2 to be released in mid August, 2014!!!

In “The Call,” Kiara has lived in in a Heatherwood, a small village in Ireland, her entire life. Her village is ruled by a kind and very handsome sorcerer, Lord Ardan, who has been lord and ruler for almost an entire century. One of the privileges the ruler of a village has is to choose a wife from among 12 mortal maidens. He chooses his bride during an important village ceremony. Kiara has no desire to be part of this ceremony because she desperately wants to marry for love,and can someone really fall in love a sorcerer?

But one day she inadvertently overhears some information and she learns her village is in danger from an evil sorcerer. Because of this and other circumstances, Kiara decides to volunteer to be part of the “Choosing of the Bride Ceremony” so she can get this information to Lord Ardan to help save her village.

As Kiara prepares herself for this important ceremony for her village, she also learns that it is important to prepare for her future and become the person she was born to become. She also learns that a deep connection can happen with the right person, even if he is a sorcerer.

Those Violet Eyes: Endurance

by Jean L Kuhnke

1887 At her mother’s death bed, eighteen year old Grace learns the truth about her father and why he hated her. With her mother gone, Grace and little brother Andrew were in grave danger. With the help of her mother’s friends, they are whisked off to a Montana Ranch where they hope to start a new life. Bounty hunters are dispatched and their nightmare begins again.

Across the Black Water and Beyond

by Vidas Dior

A short story of salvation and temptation. A young man finds himself in a strange world where he has only his wits to survive. Travel with him as he discovers his inner strength through inner and outer struggles.

From the Four Winds

by Steven Anderson

Jared Crandall’s life seems as broken as the Utah landscape surrounding him. With the Great Quake having shattered roads throughout the country and isolating him in his cabin, Jared assumes he will die alone. But Keith Martin, his old LDS missionary companion, finds him, arriving on an unusual motorcycle called the XEB. Keith brings a letter from Church headquarters asking Jared to serve again as his companionâ??to cross a desolate country where anarchy prevails and to fulfill a mission whose purpose is unclear. A call Jared cannot refuse.

In Moab, Jared and Keith join the citizens making a stand against an army of gadsâ??the nickname the locals have coined for those criminals who wear the tattoos of broken chains. A woman named Arsala Taggart fights with the two companions. Young and beautiful with a warrior’s mentality, Arsala is determined to protect her town from the marauders. The gads overwhelm the area with an armed tank, leaving little hope for the community. The XEB is the only option to stop the coming massacre.

After facing the gads in Utah, Jared and the others prepare for the end of the world on the ground known as Adam-ondi-Ahman, the land spoken of by prophets and sung about in song since the beginning of time. It is a sacred place where fate has gathered thousandsâ??all who have blown to their destiny by the four winds.

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