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One Night with a Billionaire

by J. S. Scott

My name is Hope Sinclair, and I’m a liar. I’ve deceived everyone, including my own brothers, in an effort to hide what I do and who I really am. It’s not that I don’t want to be honest, but I really have no choice.

I thought I was strong, that I was doing fine, until I saw Jason Sutherland last New Year’s Eve, and he stripped me bare in more ways than one. Jason is everything I want, but a man I can never have. We’ve known each other most of our lives, but I’ve avoided him since I turned eighteen because I know he’s dangerous to me, to my façade.

Turns outâ?¦I was right. After our night together last New Year’s Eve, I haven’t been able to forget him, or the way he set my body on fire. I crave Jason like an addictive drug now, that fateful night haunting me still.

Is my One Night With a Billionaire going to be my downfallâ?¦or my salvation?

**This is a prequel novella to Billionaire Unmasked, Jason and Hope’s book in The Billionaire’s Obsession series.**

18+ only.

Tattoo My Heart (Heroes of Seaside Point, Book 1)

by Mia Dymond

It all began with a sixth shot of Tequila …

Independent, carefree Annessa Dupree knows she has a knack for attracting trouble but doesn’t realize her true talent until she witnesses a wedding day murder. Armed with the terrible secret, running home is her only option.

Sheriff Casey McIntyre has loved Annessa since the tender age of twelve, trouble and all. Hell-bent on mending past differences between them, he welcomes her home with open arms.

When Annessa is forced to reveal the real reason for her return, Casey must save her life while earning her trust.

Rain Shadow Book 1: The Barringer Brothers

by Tess Oliver

Rain Shadow Book 2 Now Available!Rain Shadow Book 3 Coming August 20th “I am on my knees begging for the next in the series and I think when it’s over you will be too.” -Xavier’s Book Reviews

“This book was just out of this world!!! I mean…. Just blew me away!!!” -We Like it Big Book Blog

Luke Barringer finds himself in the desert near death, unsure of his name and with no recollection of his past. As the hot sun bears down on him, his will to live slips away, but he can’t close his eyes. Sleep is the enemy and now it seems he has found his own slice of hell. But through the mist of his agony, a girl’s soft voice drifts over him and the sound of it draws him away from the darkness.

While riding her horse, Evangeline “Angel” Sharpe finds a man bloodied and beaten. Despite knowing that she’ll be in trouble for bringing him to the Bedlam MC compound, she takes him home to tend his wounds. While the handsome stranger heals, Angel finds herself falling for him. As the mystery of his past is revealed, she helps him struggle with the truth, a truth that will lead to his true identity . . . an identity that could destroy Angel’s world.

Warning- This title contains strong language, alcohol use, violence, and sexual situations.

Rain Shadow Book 1 of 5

The Barringer Brothers Series

Approximately 40,000 words.

April of Enchantment (Sweetly Contemporary Collection)

by Jennifer Blake

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Room for Love…

Laura Nichols is no amateur at historical preservation, and the elegant 19th-century Louisiana mansion, Crapemyrtle, promises to be the perfect showcase for her talent. After her first infuriating meeting with its handsome new owner, Justin Roman, she’s determined to prove the house can be both breathtaking and ready in time for his wedding. But if he doesn’t trust her abilities, why does he give her the final say on any changes to be made, even over his fiancée’s objections and growing jealousy?

As the wedding date approaches and the mansion nears completion, can Laura bear the thought that she will never live in it with Justin…?

Category-length novel.
(Originally published under the pen name Maxine Patrick).


by Jamie Klaire

Corrupted, Part 1

This series unfolds over eight volumes, and will be bundled for those who don’t like series.

Temptation leads to corruption when Megan meets Caleb. Fresh out of a relationship, the last thing Megan is looking for is her Prince Charming. In fact, Megan doesn’t trust charming, at all. Charming men are ones you run from, not to.

But Caleb gets under Megan’s skin, and before long she finds herself in deep, slowly corrupted by Caleb’s erotic pull. When Megan gets invited to a swinger’s club, by friends who swear it’s just like any other club, only hotter, she decides that the only way she’ll go is with Caleb right by her side. Will their new relationship survive a night of temptation?

Note- This story was previously published under a different title and pen name. I’m consolidating all pen names into this one, please ‘look inside’ to be sure you haven’t already read this title. Also, parts of this series were used in some of my short stories. Some character names and scenes were used in other shorts before I consolidated pen names.

Genre- Contemporary Erotic Romance, New Adult Romance

An Impetuous Season, a Non-Western Western Novella

by Denise Domning

This novella was originally published in a collection entitled “Cherished Love.”

Verity Standiford’s youthful indiscretion has ruined her. In fact, she’s so ruined that even a man who’s no man at all abandons her at the altar despite the sizeable fortune her father offered as a dowry. With nothing except constant shame and spinsterhood in her future, Verity agrees to journey with her mother to America and the Kansas Frontier where her younger brother and rakehell Johnnie is supposed to be running a ranch. But when they arrive they find instead that the only thing Johnnie’s managed to achieve is a local girl’s pregnancy–and he’s being forced into marriage at the end of a shotgun by the girl’s uncle.

Seth Adamson would be a bitter man if he had the time to indulge in it. The War between the States has not only stripped his family of their wealth, he never achieved the Harvard law degree he expected. Then, his brother died and left him, a single man and former saddle tramp, with two girls, one a wayward teen. It isn’t until he meets Verity that hope for a future returns. And when a prairie fire nearly kills them he realizes that he wants no future without this unusual woman.


by Leanne Davis

Jason Malone has spent his life being denied by his family. His father, the respected mayor of his hometown, has all but ignored his existence, while his drug-addicted mother has always caused him more harm than good. After being unjustly imprisoned for crimes that lead back to his absentee family, he is finally starting to get his life back together again.

Until the day his estranged brother’s fiancée walks into his life and changes everything.

Christine Andrews is the dutiful daughter of a rich and powerful family, engaged to Trent Gallagher, her father’s right hand man, and poised to join her father and Trent in running the empire her father has built. Until Christine discovers the existence of Jason Malone and suddenly she begins to doubt everything around her, including her fiancé.

Christine becomes caught in a power struggle between the two brothers, but she soon realizes there is far more at stake than her heart, when one night everything is altered forever…

**WARNING: Recommended for readers 18+ due to strong language, sexual situations, and mature content matter.**

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